Irene In ‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 3: Is Irene Dead?

A Spanish Netflix thriller, Wrong Side of the Tracks has released its third installment after two gripping seasons. Wrong Side of the Tracks has introduced Tirao Abantos and his granddaughter Irene, as well as many other interesting characters. But Irene has always been at the center of the story. Throughout the previous two seasons, Irene had struggled a lot to be with her beloved Nelson, but she found herself battling with too many obstacles on her way. Even Tirso was initially reluctant to let Irene be with her punk boyfriend, but in order to value his granddaughter’s desires, he finally gave her permission to be with her lover.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens Between Irene And Nelson?

Irene was adopted by Tirso’s daughter Jimena, who has always taken care of her, but she failed to understand that Irene sometimes felt out of place in this family. Irene never felt very comfortable around other members of her family, so she made friends who ended up getting involved with drug-dealing gangs. One of them was Nelson, a punk kid who was associated with drug trafficking. Frustrated by Jimena’s rules and regulations, Irene decided to leave the house with her boyfriend and decided to earn a lot of money by selling some drugs, but they got caught in the act. Tirso stepped in to take care of his granddaughter and strictly forbade Nelson to come and meet with Irene. In the meantime, it was revealed that Irene was pregnant with Nelson’s child, and she wanted to keep it.


Irene was the apple of Tirso’s eye, so Tirso made sure that she never felt mistreated in his home, but in the midst of all that, Tirso neglected to see that Irene desperately wanted to be with Nelson, who was the father of her unborn child. Trying to distract herself, Irene desired to pursue her dreams of dancing and asked her grandpa to take her to the dance classes where she could get training, but after a few classes, the teachers asked her to consider her health first because she shouldn’t dance during her pregnancy, which might cause miscarriage. Irene was devastated as she had to stop coming to classes because of her child, but meanwhile, Tirso and Jimena got to learn that Irene had been pregnant for a while and she’d been keeping the information from them. Tirso and Jimena discussed it, and together, they decided to do what would bring peace and happiness into Irene’s life.

Meanwhile, Nelson, who had grown apart from Irene for some time, had developed a relationship with Nata, a punk who turned into a fierce gang leader. As Nelson learned about Irene’s pregnancy, he cut his ties with Nata, which angered her, but as Nata was sympathetic towards Nelson and her unborn child, she chose not to take revenge on him or his family. 


Did Irene Give Birth To Her Child?

In the third season of Wrong Side of the Tracks, Nelson is eventually allowed in Tirso’s house, as we see him taking care of Irene during her last trimester. Irene found her family, especially her mother, standing by her side to give her the comfort and love she deserved. She even got to be with Nelson, the love of her life, who gave his undivided attention to her, but even during this time, Irene had to face a lot of pain. Her pregnancy was complicated, and during this time, a corrupt police officer, Romero, created a messed-up scene by setting Maica’s foundation on fire. As Tirso was out there looking into the matter, Irene had severe labor pain, which caused her to lose consciousness and fall to the floor. When Nelson and Jimena walked into the room, they found Irene in such a state and took her to the hospital. Irene survived, and she gave birth to her baby son, Viktor, but the child was premature and had complications, so the doctors put the newborn in the NICU. Irene was almost on the verge of losing all her hope, but eventually, good news came as she learned her child had survived and recovered from his illness. 

What Happened To Irene? Will She Survive?

After childbirth, Irene didn’t jump into her decision to get married to Nelson, as she had her dreams and desires put before everything. It upset Nelson a little bit, as he had difficulties accepting that Irene might leave the neighborhood to pursue her dreams, but Irene was determined that she’d go for her dreams to become a dancer. She even contacted a dance company, and for training, she’d have to move to Paris. As she decided not to marry soon, Nelson and Irene got into an argument, but eventually, Nelson realized that he should also prioritize Irene’s demands and needs, so he decided to leave his controlling behavior behind. Irene and Nelson were once again together, but in the meantime, another tragedy struck her family.


On the day when Amanda and Jimena got married, Irene received a call from the dance company in Paris. She was excited to pick up the call, so she went outside of the hall. It was surprisingly good news for her when she learned that the dance company would soon be opening a branch in Madrid, so she wouldn’t have to move to Paris to follow her dreams. Irene would not have to leave the city and would also enjoy her passion while being with Nelson and her child. However, the excitement was short-lived for Irene when she was captured by a maniacal and angry Romero, who wanted to take revenge on Tirso and Ezekiel. As he had previously failed to kill Ezekiel, he wanted to kill Tirso, so in order to make him surrender himself, Romero captured Irene and threatened to kill her. Tirso, who had no other option left, thinking that Irene’s life was in danger, put down his gun. Romero didn’t intend to hurt Irene, as his main animosity with Tirso was, so he left Irene, let her go, and pointed his gun right back at Tirso. As he pulled the trigger, attempting to kill the old man, Irene stepped in between them in order to protect her grandpa. Romero’s bullets fatally injured Irene, who lost her consciousness in her grandpa’s arms, saying that she was scared.

The ending of Season 3 of Wrong Side of the Tracks didn’t clarify if Irene would survive or take her last breath in her grandpa’s arms. So, probably, to find that answer, we’d have to wait for Netflix to release the fourth installment of the series

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