‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 4 Theories: Will Dulce Become Entrevias’ Boss?

The Netflix original thriller Wrong Side of the Tracks is back with its third season, revolving around Tirso, a grumpy, stubborn old man who wanted to protect his granddaughter, Irene, and the rest of his family from the crime and corruption of their neighborhood. In the previous two seasons, a lot of interesting developments led us to speculate what might happen in the third season of the show. Even though we believed a fatally shot Ezekiel might not be able to make it in the ending of the second season, he turned out to be very alive in this latest season, where we saw him recovering from his injuries and waking up from his coma. Now, let’s take a look at some interesting events in this season and speculate on what we can expect from the fourth installment of the show.


Spoilers Ahead

Will Dulce become the ultimate boss of Entrevias?

Dulce, a newly introduced character in the series, is a close friend to Ezekiel, whom she could call her only family. Dulce was ambitious, as she desperately wanted to take over Nata’s drug-peddling gang, but Nata was powerful and as cunning as she was. However, when Tirso unexpectedly shot Nata to death, it gave Dulce an opportunity to take over her gang. Dulce asserted the authority of the criminal gang, while Antonio Romero, the corrupt police officer, wanted to strike a deal with her. Romero told Dulce that he’d just let her run her business smoothly if she’d help him catch Ezekiel. Dulce thought if Romero arrested Ezekiel, she’d be free from anyone’s authority, but she could have never imagined that Romero had plans to kill Ezekiel in cold blood. Meantime, Ezekiel was also aware that Romero was hellbent on framing him for Linares’s murder, so Ezekiel followed Dulce and witnessed her handing Romero a gun. Through Dulce, Ezekiel was able to collect proof that Romero also had affiliations with criminal gangs. Ezekiel took a photo of Romero grabbing the gun, which further led to his arrest. After Dulce became a new threat to Entrevias and probably a criminal in the eyes of the law, in the upcoming season, we might expect her to rise to power and operate the business that was once owned by Nata. Now, it’s up to Dulce to decide how brutally she wants to run her business. 


What happened to Amanda?

In the previous season, we saw Amanda shooting Salgado to protect Tirso, but after that, she had to face the consequences of her actions. She was subsequently imprisoned and is awaiting her trial. In the trial, the prosecution couldn’t find strong evidence against her, so Amanda was finally out of jail. Ezekiel, who knew only Amanda would be the honest police officer everyone in the neighborhood needed, erased all the evidence against her from the police department. However, Amanda’s return brought joy and surprise into Jimena’s life. Jimena and Amanda, after all the obstacles, decided to marry each other. In the final episode of the third season, the two finally exchanged vows and tied the knot. However, a tragedy took place in Tirso’s family once again. When a furious Romero came to kill Ezekiel, he accidentally shot Amanda in the chest, causing her to fall to the ground. Now, it’s a staggering concern whether Amanda will survive or not. As we didn’t see her die, we may expect her to return in the fourth season, where she might recover from her injuries and resume her married life with Jimena.

Will Irene survive?

Irene and Nelson faced a lot and finally managed to be together. They became parents of their first child, Victor, who brought hope into their lives. But Irene wasn’t yet ready to get married because she wanted to pursue her dream, which was to become a dancer. Nelson initially didn’t want to lose Irene due to her pursuit, but he eventually prioritized her choices and understood that Irene should be free to be her own person. Irene got a chance to learn dancing at a dance company in Paris, so she’d have to leave Entrevias right after Jimena and Amanda’s marriage, but her excitement was short-lived when an enraged Antonio Romero crashed their wedding gathering. As he failed to kill Ezekiel, he grabbed Irene and threatened to kill her if Tirso wouldn’t surrender. Having no choice left, when Tirso surrendered himself, Romero attempted to shoot him to take his revenge, but Irene stepped in between and got severely shot by Romero. The way she had been shot in the chest, it didn’t seem like she would survive, but in the upcoming season, we might see her return as she’s one of the protagonists of the series. In the upcoming season of the show, we might see her in a comatose state, just like Ezekiel, and expect that she will manage to survive. 


What happened to Romero?

Antonio Romero, a corrupt policeman, is now a kidnapper and fugitive who didn’t remain in jail for too long. He killed Juan, the Minister of Interior, and got out of prison only to take revenge on Ezekiel and Tirso, the two men responsible for putting him behind bars. After he accidentally shot Irene and was unable to kill either Tirso or Ezekiel, he escaped, probably returning with a more sinister plan. Probably, Romero would remain in a hideout, and the Gypsy Village gang might assist him with this. But if season 4 of Wrong Side of the Tracks arrives, we can expect Romero to return as one of the major antagonists of the show. As he isn’t yet done with his revenge plot, he might try once again to kill Tirso and Ezekiel in the upcoming season 4.

Is Nata’s chapter finished?

Nata was unlucky in her romantic relationship with Nelson, as he had never loved anyone except for Irene. So Nata had always been an enemy of Tirso’s family. She had her grudges against Ezekiel as well, because he had ditched her gang by snitching on them, so Nata could never forgive Ezekiel for his treachery. In this season, when Nata was about to take her revenge by killing Ezekiel, Tirso came to his rescue and shot Nata to death. Though it was an accident and Tirso acted in self-defense, Nata’s cousin, Tente, wasn’t able to forgive Tirso for killing his sister. But later, Tirso grew as a person and wanted to change his lifestyle in order to be a good man. He was about to leave Entrevias, but Dulce and her gang, who didn’t want anyone to claim ownership of the gang, killed Tente on his way. As both Nata and Tente are out of the picture, we can tell that Nata’s chapter is completely finished in the third season of the show. We would not expect her to come back in the forthcoming seasons. 


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