‘Wrong Side Of The Tracks’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Series Recap: Is Irene Dead Or Alive?

A Netflix original Spanish thriller, Wrong Side of the Tracks recently released its third season, in which we get to see the grumpy old protagonist of the story, Tirso, once again trying to get his own family through a series of problems. In the previous two seasons, Tirso and his granddaughter Irene were introduced, and we witnessed how, through all the difficulties, Irene managed to be with the love of her life, Nelson. Ezekiel, a corrupt policeman, turned into an honest person who got fatally shot by a group of criminals, but in this latest season, Ezekiel made his comeback. Nelson and Irene were past their relationship issues, and the two of them are finally together. However, Tirso faced another problem in his personal life when his ex-wife, Maricarmen, returned to Entrevias. A punk turned gangster, Nata, didn’t leave Tirso and his family so easily, while another corrupt police officer, Romero, became a strong opponent of Nata. Let’s see how things surrounding Tirso and his family unfolded in this third season of Wrong Side of the Tracks.


Spoilers Ahead

How did Nata die?

Wrong Side of the Tracks season 3 opened with a pregnant Irene staying with Nelson at Tirso’s place, while Tirso stumbled upon Maricarmen, who returned to Entrevias to establish her own foundation in the neighborhood. Frustrated by Tirso’s intolerable habits and stubbornness, Mari Carmen had left him and their children to travel the whole world, but now she wanted to build her own foundation to help the youth of this neighborhood get engaged with curricular activities so that crime and corruption could be lowered in this community. Maricarmen, aka Maica, hired Nelson for her project, and Tirso didn’t have a say in this because at least Maica wanted to do something good for this neighborhood. Jimena, who had initially held grudges against her mother, eventually forgave her.


Meanwhile, Ezekiel woke up from coma and pretended that he had developed dementia so that Nata’s gang would leave him alone. Ezekiel secretly started meeting with a woman named Dulce, whom he had previously helped escape the neighborhood. Dulce’s sights were set on Nata’s gang, as she desperately wanted to get Nata out of the picture so that she could lead the gang. Ezekiel didn’t want to help her in this, but Dulce had no one but him, whom she called her family.

What happened to Mica’s foundation?

In the previous season, when Amanda killed Salgado, she faced a prison sentence for the murder, so the Ministry of Interior, Juan, assigned Antonio Romero the responsibility of supervising Entrevias. Romero was not an honest inspector; rather, he just wanted to get into politics through Juan. He also had an affiliation with the gang of Gypsy Village, whose leader was Uncle Rafael. In order to portray himself as the savior of this neighborhood, Romero orchestrated an attack on Maica’s foundation and incited a fight between Maica and Nata’s gang who already had a deep-seated animosity against Tirso and his family. Romero’s plan was to appear there as a hero who would save Maica from the fire, but before him, Ezekiel showed up there and saved Maica. After Ezekiel stole the spotlight from Romero, he was reappointed as a police officer in the precinct by Juan. Maica was on the verge of giving up on the foundation and wanted to leave the country once again, but her family remained a great source of support and strength in her life. They helped Maica rebuild her foundation and renovate it.


Meanwhile, Nata was still after Ezekiel, as she wasn’t yet done taking her revenge, so she planned an attack and captured Ezekiel. However, before she could kill him, Tirso came to rescue Ezekiel and shot Nata to death in an act of self-defense. But Nata’s death shook Tirso to the core, as he had never imagined he would kill anyone. He tried to meet with Nata’s grandmother in order to apologize, but he made things worse for himself. Nata’s cousin, Tente, was after Tirso to avenge his sister’s death, but Tirso realized that Tente was just a young boy with enough reason to get violent, so he didn’t try to protect himself anymore. He thought he might deserve death, so he didn’t take any precautions; however, it was Maica who came to his aid and believed that with care and patience, Tente could develop into a better person. So she tried to counsel him by making him engage in the therapeutic activities at her foundation. Initially hesitant, Tente finally put aside his motive to kill Tirso and thought that he could do better than just selling drugs and killing people.

How did Romero get arrested?

Dulce and Ezekiel shared a very complicated on-and-off friendship throughout this season. Sometimes she tried to turn against Ezekiel while she also wanted to protect him. Actually, Ezekiel had been associated with crime for so many years, so now he wanted to stay away from all of it, but Dulce’s ambition skyrocketed, especially when Nata was gone. She took over Nata’s gang and opened her own stash house of drugs in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Romero wanted Uncle Rafael’s assistance to rise in power, so he promised to supply them with all the illegal weapons from the police warehouse. Not only that, previously in season 2, ever since Nelson killed one of the gang’s men, Rafael wanted to get a hold of him. So, he tasked Romero with kidnapping Nelson, which Romero did successfully, but Tirso wasn’t aware of Romero’s involvement in it. He still suspected Ezekiel and didn’t have any idea that it was Romero who not only kidnapped Nelson but also wanted to grab all those illegal weapons. Romero wanted to take revenge on Ezekiel who had stolen his limelight, so he framed Ezekiel for drug possession and sent one of their cops, Linares to arrest him. However, Ezekiel and Linares got into a brawl, and Ezekiel ended up killing the latter. Romero began his investigation as he suspected Ezekiel’s hand in Linares’s murder, but as he lacked strong evidence against him, he once again tried to produce evidence so that Ezekiel would be put behind bars forever. It was later, when Tirso came to find out about Romero, that he decided to protect Ezekiel. Romero, in between, made deals with Dulce in order to arrest and kill Ezekiel, but even though Dulce agreed to help him catch Ezekiel, she never wanted him dead. So she told Ezekiel about her meeting with Romero, and Ezekiel followed her to where she met the policeman. Ezekiel witnessed and took a picture of Dulce handing her gun to Romero.


However, there was no one in law enforcement who could be trusted at this point. As Amanda was still in prison, it became difficult for her to make some decisions. Tirso and Ezekiel decided to help her get out of jail. As Ezekiel was once again inside the police department, he erased all the evidence against her to set her free. As Amanda was out of jail, she held her position in the authority. Ezekiel gave her a picture of Romero’s involvement in the weapon dealings. Amanda was initially suspicious of Ezekiel, but now that she possessed strong evidence against Romero, she arrested him. 

Did Amanda and Jimena end up together?

After Nelson’s kidnapping, Rafael’s gang initially set him free, considering he was young, and asked him to leave the neighborhood as soon as possible, but Nelson remained hidden in Entrevias. After one of Rafael’s men spotted Nelson, they kidnapped him once again and brought him to the Gypsy Village. Maica, Jimena, and Gladys went to apologize to Rafael so that he would spare their son, but Rafael was determined to kill him. Finally, Maica stepped forward to talk about her goal of making Entrevias a better place for everyone in the neighborhood. Impressed by Maica’s words, Rafael set Nelson free once again, this time without any condition.

Tente had really changed into a better person, but his past association with Nata’s gang became an obstacle in his way. Dulce wouldn’t leave Tente so easily, so when Tente was about to leave the city to give his life and career a fresh start, on his way he got killed by Dulce’s men. Tirso and Maica saw hope in Tente, but the hope was short-lived as the young guy got the ultimate punishment, which he didn’t deserve at all.

Amanda and Jimena resumed their relationship after the former got out of jail, and now they plan to get married. However, Jimena was more worried about Irene and Nelson’s marriage. Irene had given birth to her son, Victor, and now her family wanted to see her settle down with Nelson, but Irene had bigger dreams, and she wanted to resume her dance practice once again. She got a chance to perform as a dancer in Paris; for that, she would have to leave Entrevias. Nelson had initially faced difficulties accepting that Irene would leave the neighborhood, but he eventually prioritized her dreams. Irene didn’t want to get married so soon and wanted to plant her feet before she could start a family. So she approached her mother, Jimena, to get married to Amanda. Amanda and Jimena finally tied the knot, but a tragic incident once again disrupted their peace.


What happened to Amanda And Irene?

Romero didn’t remain in prison for a long time. In prison, he managed to kill Juan, and he got out of jail. He knew Ezekiel was the man behind his arrest, so he was hellbent on taking his revenge by killing Ezekiel. Ezekiel, on the other hand, attended Amanda and Jimena’s wedding, where Romero showed up and pointed his gun at him. Tirso tried to stop Romero, but he had already lost his mind and fired a bullet at Ezekiel. However, to protect Ezekiel, Amanda got in between and got shot in the chest. But we are uncertain if Amanda could survive or if she’d take her last breath on the day of her wedding.

Meanwhile, when everything was happening inside the wedding hall, Irene was out after she got a call from Paris. The dance training company had called her to inform her that she didn’t need to move to Paris for her dreams as she could continue her practice in Madrid, where another branch of this company would be opening soon. Irene was more than happy and excited to break the news to her family, but Romero, who had failed to kill Ezekiel, grabbed Irene to take his revenge on Tirso.


During Wrong Side Of The Tracks Season 3’s ending, Tirso found Irene in Romero’s capture, and he felt extremely threatened. Romero asked Tirso to put his gun down; otherwise, he’d kill the girl. Having no choice left, Tirso put his gun down, and Romero let Irene go. However, Irene didn’t want to leave her grandfather, so when Romero attempted to shoot Tirso, Irene came to his rescue and got shot in the chest. Romero escaped the scene, while Irene lost her consciousness in Tirso’s arms. Tirso was devastated, as he didn’t yet know if there was any hope for Irene to survive. We’ll probably get to know about her survival in the upcoming season of Wrong Side of the Tracks.

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