‘Inkabi’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: Is The Governor Dead?

A Netflix original thriller film, Inkabi, revolves around a hitman-turned-taxi driver, Frank, who tries to protect a murder witness, Lucy, from a dangerous group of people. Lucy is dealing with her own personal problems that led her to witness this unfortunate event, but while she’s on the run, Frank remains by her side as her protector. However, as Frank rescues Lucy, they become bonded with a promise until Lucy returns the favor. Let’s discuss the storyline of Inkabi to see if Lucy will be able to pay off her debt to Frank, her protector.


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Inkabi opened with some Zulu hitmen having a conversation among themselves, and we saw one of them getting prepared to go on a mission. Their target was an elderly white guy who seemed to be an underworld criminal. The scene shifted to Lucy’s story, as we saw her in a hurry to reach her workplace. She took a cab, but as she realized that she was going to be late for work, she got out of the car without even paying the cab driver the actual fare. The cab driver was furious, but before he could do anything, Lucy ran away. She reached a casino bar, where she worked as a casino staffer, but her employer was mad at her for being so late. Lucy was an addict, and despite having serious problems with drugs, she hadn’t abandoned her habit. The next day was a big day for Lucy, as she would have to attend the hearing for her daughter Angela’s custody. As Lucy had always been an addict, the court didn’t let her have custody of her daughter, which broke her heart. On her way back home, she ran into the same cab driver, Frank, whom she didn’t pay earlier. Frank realized that Lucy had been going through a tough time, so they spent some time together to talk about their sorrows. As Lucy opened up to him, they both became good friends.


However, Lucy was still heartbroken, and one night, at the casino, she found a way to have some fun in her life. She’d been trying to be sober, but her sadness didn’t allow her to get clean. She was approached by the white guy who had been targeted by the Zulu hitmen. The old guy flaunted his money in front of Lucy, who thought she could use some of it to distract herself from the pain. She got high with the guy and had a one-night stand with him. But in the middle of the night, when she woke up and walked downstairs, she found a guy breaking into the house and killing the old guy by strangling him to death. The hitman found Lucy as well and went after her to get rid of any eyewitnesses, but Lucy managed to escape with her life. 

How Did Lucy Become A Witness? 

Lucy contacted Frank right away, as she had nowhere else to turn, but before Frank arrived on the spot, the assassin found Lucy and tried to shoot her. Lucy was injured and lost consciousness. The assassin found her body in a car park, and to make sure that she would die, he pulled out a big spear to stab her to death, but before that, Frank showed up, holding him at gunpoint. From the conversation that Frank had with the assassin, it was revealed that the two of them knew each other very well. Frank used to be a hitman or inkabi as well, but after a tragic accident, he chose to leave this life and wanted to start afresh as a cab driver. However, the assassin tried to convince Frank by reminding him of the Hitman Code of Ethics. They couldn’t harm each other no matter what happened, so Frank had to let the assassin go, which suggested that he was still a hitman and hadn’t left his past behind.


Frank took Lucy to his apartment to keep her protected, but Lucy didn’t want to become a burden for him, so she decided to escape. She left a thank-you note for Frank and went back to her house, but there she was once again attacked by the assassin. However, she managed to run away, evading capture, and Frank once again saved her life. 

Who Was The Governor?

As advised by Frank, Lucy went to the police station to describe the murder scene she had witnessed before her eyes, but she found that the police inspectors were also in the pocket of a powerful man who had hired the assassin to kill the old white guy. Lucy managed to escape and survived, but in the meantime, the killer found her daughter Angela and kidnapped her to lure Lucy into his trap. Lucy tried her best to rescue her daughter but failed in her efforts. Her daughter was not actually the target of the assassin, or his employer. So those corrupt officers associated with the killer ended up capturing Lucy and took her to a place where they could kill her. The cops pulled their guns out to kill Lucy, but suddenly one of them received a call from their boss, the Governor, who instructed them not to kill her. The Governor asked them to bring Lucy to her, and they complied with his command.


What Happened To Lucy?

Meanwhile, Frank returned to his village and met with his other fellow hitmen, whom he had once left behind. One of them explained to him who the governor was, telling him about his connections with the underworld and so on. The governor might have harbored some deep-seated animosity towards Frank, and that’s why he held Lucy captive to lure him to his trap. Frank was all set to rescue Lucy from the governor’s grasp, and so he practiced his hitman skills to fight him back. Finally, in the concluding scene of this film, we saw Frank locate the place where the governor had kept Lucy. After a massive confrontation between Frank and the governor, Frank was almost defeated as the governor held him at gunpoint. However, as he was just about to pull the trigger, Lucy managed to grab the gun and shoot him to death to protect Frank and repay her debt. But tragically, one of the remaining members of the governor’s gang managed to get up and shoot Lucy to death. Frank killed the man to take his revenge and attempted to save Lucy’s life, but Lucy asked him to take care of Angela and took her final breath in his arms.

In Inkabi‘s ending, we saw Angela calling one of those Zulu hitmen her grandfather, and it was hinted that, after Lucy’s death, she was brought to this village, where these hitmen had been taking care of her. One of those hitmen was narrating her a story and telling her about the ethical codes of being a hitman, foreshadowing that Angela might become one of them someday in the future. 


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