‘Hijack’ Episode 6 Review/Recap: Is Captain Robin Allen Dead?

If the previous episode of Hijack was a little bit of a dud, it’s probably because the series had in its arsenal the latest episode, which absolutely knocked it out of the park with its thrilling turn of events. The hijackers had threatened to do further damage if the authorities didn’t release Edgar Janssen and John Bailey-Brown. Sam was running out of breathing space, as the plane was just a couple of hours away from its destination, and the situation on the flight was dangerously close to getting out of hand. Stuart had lost his brother Lewis, and he could wreak havoc if he lost his composure. Sam knew that and had to come up with a way to minimize the damage. This episode finally showed us the dreaded criminals Edgar and John, to secure whose freedom the plane had been hijacked, apparently. The real shocker came at the end; and it’s just so unsettling that it will make your head spin and will definitely make you question the direction in which the series is heading. Here is a recap of Hijack episode 6:


 Spoilers Ahead

Why Did The Authorities Release Edgar And John?

The short answer is that they had no other choice. Having seen the gory images of Neela and Abdullah’s corpses, the Home Minister was convinced of the hijackers’ intent. He realized they would not stop until Edgar and John were released. But he just couldn’t let the criminals go scot-free, so a plan was devised. Edgar and John were released in a vehicle to which a GPS tracker was attached. They were being tracked by Zahra’s team. The plan was to nab them if they tried to flee the country. Danny and the others probably came back after their turbulent meeting with Stuart’s mother and were put on the case of tailing Edgar and John’s car. It was an intelligent plan, but Edgar was no amateur. He knew the vehicle was being tracked, and seeing Danny’s team following him, he decided to send the authorities a message.


How Did Sam Save Deevia’s Life?

After Edgar saw Danny’s car, he stopped and handed Danny his mobile. He had warned the officers before leaving the prison that there would be consequences if he was followed in any manner. Seeing the procession following him, Edgar messaged Stuart. The message was crystal clear: kill a passenger and send a photo of the corpse to him. It would teach the authorities a lesson for disobeying Edgar. They did not comply with his commands, and now they would have to live with the fact that because of their disobedience, an innocent person ended up dead.

Stuart, who had lost his brother, was already under intense psychological pressure. When he got Edgar’s message to take out another passenger, he just went for a random kill. Deevia, one of the air hostesses, was the nearest one to the cockpit, so he dragged her in and began to strangle her mercilessly. Sam suspected that Stuart was up to no good and barged into the cockpit. He requested that Stuart let Deevia go. Stuart was actually helpless at this point and blurted out his predicament to Sam. Edgar needed a photograph of a dead passenger, and Stuart was in no position to refuse. Sam saw his volatile emotional state, calmed him down, and gave him a way out of the problem. Sam reminded him that Stuart had already shot the woman earlier, and her corpse was rotting in the washroom. Sam told Stuart to click a photo of her and send it to Edgar. How would Edgar know if the woman was dead long before he messaged Stuart? Sam convinced Stuart that he didn’t really have to kill Deevia. Stuart didn’t really want to kill her, and after hearing Sam’s rationale, he finally let her go.


How Does Sam Stop Stuart From Taking Another Life?

The situation was getting flipped on its head. The hijackers were acting like helpless figures trying to get away from the mayhem of the hijacking. Stuart was on the verge of a violent nervous breakdown. Sam saved Deevia’s life and gave Stuart some time to relax. Things were getting extremely complicated. Back in London, Zahra told Danny to stand down and let the drone and the GPS help track Edgar’s vehicle. Edgar and John were on their way to flee the country, or so it seemed. The Home Ministry had the army ready to catch the criminals at the nearest airport.

Apart from the threat of another dead passenger, there was something sinister going on that involved a journalist named Felix. A man named Devlin called him and blackmailed him into sharing the news of KA29’s hijacking. The reason behind this blackmail was to crash the airline’s stocks and benefit the airline’s rival. How did Devlin, probably an alias, know about the hijacking? Maybe he is the man behind it all. The people at Collingwood Hall were busy tracking Edgar, and suddenly they saw the news of the hijacking had been made public. Now the entire country would know, and after having a dead passenger on hand, the strategy was to avoid losing another passenger. Louise tried to make Neil, the home minister, understand that tailing Edgar would lead to further deaths, but he went ahead with the plan of letting the officials arrest Edgar and John when they arrived at the airport. Except that the arrested men were simply lookalikes of Edgar and John. They had switched cars in a forest when the drone couldn’t see the real Edgar and John. Edgar then messaged Stuart to execute another prisoner.


Fortunately, Sam had already sensed that Stuart was bound to receive another message commanding him to kill, which is why he had passed the message of “shaking things up” around. Almost all passengers were ready to fight the hijackers if they came to take another lamb to the slaughter. Sam attacked Stuart when he was about to shoot a poor woman, and this is when a lady got up from her seat and shot the lead pilot Robin in cold blood and occupied his seat in the cockpit. Sam couldn’t believe what had happened. Here he was tackling Stuart, and when he couldn’t expect things to get worse, Robin was dead. Who was this woman? Why did she shoot Robin? The episode ended without giving us any clues. Sam must have thought that he had saved the woman’s life, but maybe his attack on Stuart led to Robin’s death. Everything had gone south, both on the flight and on the ground. Edgar and John had deceived Zahra, and their whereabouts were not known. The news of the hijacking was now public, and the lead pilot was dead.

Is the mysterious woman who shot Robin a covert hijacker? Is she connected to Devlin, who blackmailed Felix to break the news of the hijacking? The last episode will reveal all the secrets. At the end of this episode, the only silver lining seemed to be that Sam’s son had managed to call the police while the hitmen were waiting for Sam’s ex-wife Marsha to show up. Maybe they will be arrested, and through them, the mystery of the hijacking will finally be solved. This episode clearly showed that whatever speculation one might have, it can be proved wrong. Let’s just hope Sam deals with this harrowing twist because that is the only way the show will calm down the viewer’s nerves.

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If the previous episode of Hijack was a little bit of a dud, it's probably because the series had in its arsenal the latest episode, which absolutely knocked it out of the park with its thrilling turn of events. 'Hijack' Episode 6 Review/Recap: Is Captain Robin Allen Dead?