‘Hide’ K-Drama Episode 3 Recap: Why Did Chief Ma Blackmail Mun-Yeong?

Hide episode 3 finally reveals Seong Jae’s reality to us. The way he helped Chief Ma with money laundering, eventually landing in a mess, has been highlighted here. Jin Wu also has a secret motive behind trying to find Seong Jae, which will eventually be revealed the more we see his actions. Despite having a convoluted plot, the events in Hide are quite intriguing and leave scope for multiple speculations. Will Mun-yeong find out the truth about her husband? Why was Chief Ma threatening Mun-yeong? Did Seong Jae’s mother know that he was alive? Let’s find the answers to these questions! 


Spoilers Ahead

What Did Mun-Yeong Find Out About Seong Jae?

After Seong Jae shot Jin Wu, Mun-yeong approached to help him, and she was told that it was her husband who had shot at him. Later, when Lieutenant Baek questioned Jin Wu about the culprit, he didn’t say a word about it. When Mun-yeong dug further into the case, she found out the foundation of the Haean Village and the Geumshin Corporation made a deal to provide houses to needy people. Mun-yeong dug out the information that Hwang Tae Su lived there and was enrolled with CEO Cha’s recommendations. Similarly, Mr. Oh Yeong Shik was also enrolled in the same way. She also found out that Oh had lent his name to a burner account and that the police were looking for him. 


Why Did Lieutenant Baek Think Mun-Yeong Was At Fault?

A lot of debt collectors had arrived at Seong Jae’s office to collect what they were owed. Unable to handle the chaos, Ms. Go called the cops to manage the situation. Later, when Seong Jae’s father arrived at the office, he said that he would be the guarantor and would pay off all their debts. He also advised Mun-yeong to drop her idea of collecting the insurance money, as that wouldn’t be easy. She was, however, determined to dig further into Seong Jae’s death, as she believed that he had left a suicide note on purpose and sent it to the office. 

Later, Mun-yeong realized that a man had snuck into her home, and she immediately called the cops. Lieutenant Baek, however, started suspecting her and said that she had recently been at the center of a lot of troubles. He also said that maybe she was claiming that her husband’s death wasn’t suicide so that she could get her hands on his life insurance money (as she could collect it if it was proven to be an accident). He also hinted that maybe her husband’s death was a crime of passion, and that is when Mun-yeong got furious and punched him hard in the face (a delightful moment!). 


What Information Did Jin Wu Give Mun-Yeong?

Later, when Jin Wu came to meet Mun-yeong for the key to his motorcycle, she asked him the reason why he didn’t let anyone know that Seong Jae was alive and why he had dug into Kim’s death. He said that by the time he reached Kim, she had already died. Mun-yeong said that before her death, Kim had told her that Chief Ma was the culprit in the Haran Village Murder case. 

He also said that he was searching for Hwang Tae Su, whom he had once found in a drunken state and taken back to his home. The next day, when he went to meet him, he was not there, and his name couldn’t even be found in the records of any hospital. When he lodged a missing person’s report, even they hadn’t helped him much. One day, after Tae Su had gone missing, Jin Wu saw Seong Jae and had been seeking him to find answers. He said that her husband, Seong Jae, had switched places with Hwang Tae Su. 


Why Did Chief Ma Blackmail Mun-Yeong?

When Mun-yeong came back home, she realized that Chief Ma was already there. He had found a box full of cash and said that her husband took 7 billion won from him, but he had just gotten back 500 million. He had been demanding 6.5 billion won from her and threatened to harm her daughter if she failed to give it to him.

Mun-yeong found out that Seong Jae had created accounts for the homeless, sponsored by the Chawoong Foundation, and that he wanted to support them from the foundation fund. Mr. Gyu further informed her that out of the people who had received foundation support, 13 of them were supported by her husband. When she got the lists, he saw that Choi Beom Jun and Kim Wu Shik were also on the list. She went back home and found a contract fee worth 7 billion won and realized that this amount was the same that Chief Ma had been claiming. She immediately went to meet Chief Ma and showed him the contract. She said that he had been laundering money under the facade of the Chawoong Foundation. She added that the money that Seong Jae had taken from him was not his own money but was from a mysterious ghost company. He had deposited some 7 billion won in a fake homeless person’s account as a construction fees, which was a common money laundering tactic. Mun-yeong told Chief Ma that she would spill everything about his crimes if he tried to threaten to harm her daughter again. Chief Ma, however, tried to counterattack, saying that it was Kim that Seong Jae had been representing and that no blame would come upon him, but deep down he knew that if Mun-yeong opened her mouth, he would be in grave danger. 

What Had Happened To Seong Jae?

Later, Mun-yeong met Jin Wu and said that maybe Seong Jae used Hwang Tae Su and others to make burner accounts to launder money. Jin Wu gave her Tae Su’s transaction histories and said that he had been taking out cash from just one branch. He further said that there was a business that helped people who had issues registering phones in their own names, and Seong Jae had introduced it to Tae Su as well, saying that he needed a way to reach Tae Su. Currently, Seong Jae has gone there and purchased a new number under Tae Su’s name, and the number is still active. When Mun-yeong tried calling the number, nobody picked up the call. Meanwhile, she had also gotten a DNA test done on the dead body that everyone had been thinking of as Seong Jae’s. When the reports came, it was revealed that the body was not her husband’s, and when she reached out to Seong Jae’s mother, it was evident that she already knew all about it. Mun-yeong told her that the Chawoong Foundation sponsored Jin Wu and that he was quite close to her. She requested her mother-in-law let her meet Seong Jae, but when she refused, Mun-yeong threatened to tell all about her secrets to Seong Jae’s father. After finally getting Seong Jae’s address from her, she went to meet him. 

What Will Happen Next?

The fourth episode of Hide will show a real confrontation between Mun-yeong and her husband (whom she had once thought to have died). She will seek answers from him, and hence, the plot will get a lot clearer to us as the real motives of the characters will be revealed! However, the revengeful Chief Ma won’t stop tormenting her and her family and will surely come back for his money. 


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