Which ‘Heartstopper’ Character Makes You Scream “Literally Me”?

The new season of Heartstopper is easily bingeable in one afternoon. The show definitely has a tendency to leave a huge hole in your heart after the positive impact and relationship goals it shoves in your face. In the short 4.5 hours, you want to keep revisiting your favorite moments because there’s something so comforting about each of them. There’s also something so wholesome about the friendships on the show that, at some point, you wish you were a part of them, or you want to have such a friend circle for yourself (you definitely need to be part of those group hugs). So, let us help push you deeper into your misery and give you the perfect guide to picking your twin or soulmate from the characters of Heartstopper. Whether it be the protective older sister or the overly possessive friend, there’s somebody you can relate to.


Nick Nelson: the golden retriever

Nick is the best at hugs, and his personality is the literal image of a frolicking golden retriever. He’s larger than all his friends, which may explain why he’s the favorite to give those bear hugs. The sportsman of the group, Nick gives the impression of a “pure heterosexual”, but there are so many sides to him that people are blind towards. Nick’s gentle with everybody, but especially gentle with Charlie, and very observant. Nick notices when something is wrong and is able to catch on pretty quickly to people’s worries. He notices Charlie doesn’t eat very well; he picks up on the fact that there’s something wrong when Darcy doesn’t show up to prom even though Tara doesn’t admit it to anyone; and he notices when Tao and Elle are having difficulty putting their feelings out for each other. He’s that comforting character that everyone needs in their life to just feel the warm and gooey feelings.

Charlie Spring: good at everything

Charlie’s the kind of student that everyone likes but is also jealous of because he’s good at everything he does and, at the same time, the nicest kid in the class. Even after being terribly bullied, he always puts others first and worries more about other people’s feelings than his own. He’s the glue that bonds all his friends together and always looks out for everybody. Charlie is a loud introvert because when he’s with his people, he’s most at ease. He has a penchant for video games and a very competitive spirit. Charlie wants to be liked by everybody and tends to get sad when things don’t go his way. But his friends and Nick are always there to bring him back to the moment. He also loves little gestures like buying gifts for a 2-month anniversary or simply spending a day with his best friends.


Isaac: the bookworm

Isaac is the quiet and shy one of the group. He relies on his books for everything. Wherever he is, you’ll see his nose buried in a book. Isaac loves to observe and has very romantic ideas about the world. He wants everyone around him to have the best time. Isaac is a little bit different from the rest of his friends, and he realizes this more often in season 2, but by the end of it, he also quickly picks up on what those differences are. Isaac is the diplomat among his friends and hates when people fight. He’s quick to see when there are differences and coolly slips away to let people solve their issues. Although Isaac looks like he takes a backseat when someone looks at the group from the outside, he’s a very integral part of Charlie’s friends circle, and the group would quickly fall apart without him.

Tao Xu: The protective one

Tao is the kind of friend who feels FOMO when his friends hang out without him. He’s obsessed with indie movies and has a special “make a fool of yourself” dance that makes him look extra cool. Tao’s got a great personal sense of style, which really comes out in season 2, and he loves to make grand gestures. He’s very quick to judge people, as we saw with Nick, but he also warms up to them when he’s sure his friends won’t be hurt. Tao is especially protective of Charlie, his best friend from elementary school, but he can’t stand to see any of his friends hurt. He’s loud about his love for his friends to the point that it may get annoying to some, but that’s what makes him extra special. For Tao, friendship comes before all else.


Elle Argent: the kind one

Apart from having a heart of gold, Elle stands out in the crowd because of her charisma and her physical beauty. She’s the artist of the group and is very goal-driven. She already knows exactly what she wants and is steadfast when it comes to her big dreams. Elle finds it hard to make friends at first, but as soon as anyone is acquainted with her, they know she’s an incredible person. Elle has gone through a lot at a very young age, but she’s brave and strong because of it. She keeps her friends grounded and never lets things get out of hand while fighting with each other.

Tara Jones: the popular one

Another one in the Paris squad who is good at everything, Tara is sweet; she’s aspirational, and everybody wants to either be her or be with her. On the outside, she gives the impression of confidence, but on the inside, she’s very insecure and tends to think a lot about what other people have to say. She plays the clarinet and loves to dance. Tara has a very cheerful personality and loves to be around her friends.


Darcy Olsson: the weird one

We call her the weird one in the most endearing way. Darcy is so confident in her own skin and has no inhibitions about expressing herself at such a young age. She’s extremely welcoming and tends to warm up to anyone very quickly. Her gaydar is strong, and she loves to play Cupid. Darcy is a little bit naive and sees the world with rose-tinted glasses, but at the same time, her home life is quite difficult, and she never lets anyone see that.

Tori Spring: The Silent Killer

Tori is barely in the show, but whenever she’s on screen, she’s cracking us up or making a really important point to Charlie. She’s very protective of her younger brother and will do everything she can to keep him out of harm’s way. Tori is also extremely introverted and likes to keep to herself and make all the observations in the world.


Imogen: the ally

Okay, Imogen’s personality is not an ally, but after that call back in season 2, we had to at least mention it. Imogen is sweet and naive, a little bit oblivious to the world around her, but she’s very open to learning. She has to go through certain experiences herself to really understand how things are, and she will never rely on the words of other people. Imogen is smart and caring, and she tends to like anyone who is nice to her. She’s also very confused, and rightfully so, because she’s still very young.

These were tidbits about the main characters of Heartstopper. Let us know which character feels most relatable to you and why!


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