‘Heartbeat’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending: What Makes Woo Hyeol Appear Again?

Woo Hyeol discovered the harsh truth that In Hae had to be sacrificed if he wanted to live and become a human, and that’s why he decided to give up on his wish. Previously, in Heartbeat, Woo Hyeol got trapped by Lee Man Hwi, as he had promised to do so for Do Sik. However, Woo Hyeol escaped thanks to his friends and also rescued the men Man Hwi had kidnapped to feed on their blood. One of the captives turned out to be Hae’s father, who was believed to be dead. Woo Hyeol had been trying to find him as a goodbye gift to In Hae, and he got what he wanted. After clearing up the misunderstanding between In Hae and her father and reuniting them, Woo Hyeol disappeared from the mansion with no intention to return.


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What Rumor Does Hae Won Spread?

Hae and Woo Hyeol’s friends have been searching for him, but he is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Do Sik finds out that Man Hwi has kept humans captive and fed on their blood. Do Sik is obviously shocked by it and cancels his deal with Man Hwi right away. Man Hwi is already frustrated as nothing is going his way, and he puts the blame on Hae Won because she’s the one who ordered him to get rid of Hae’s father. Do Sik knows how obsessed Hae Won is with the mansion, but he is surprised that Hae Won got help from a vampire to get the work done. Do Sik and Hae Won haven’t been on good terms since Do Sik ruined Hae Won’s plan to get the mansion, and she gets more agitated when he makes these false claims against her. Hae Won doesn’t have any idea that Man Hwi is a vampire or what he did with Hae’s father and others. However, Hae Won still hasn’t stopped and is adamant about getting the mansion. She has spread rumors among the neighbors that the mansion is haunted by vicious vampires. The neighbors are desperate for the redevelopment of their neighborhood, and if the rumor turns out to be true, it could become an obstacle. They don’t believe in those rumors, but some of them find Woo Hyeol strange, and that increases their suspicion.


Despite the suspicion, the neighbors try to get In Hae to sign the redevelopment form, but she gets to meet her father instead. In Hae’s father was kidnapped while trying to protect the mansion, and he doesn’t want In Hae to go through trouble like him. He is aware that his daughter is attached to Woo Hyeol and is upset with his disappearance, but he tells her that maybe it is a good thing and that she should move on. However, Hae is adamant about finding Woo Hyeol because she doesn’t want him to die alone and is going to keep the mansion as long as he is alive. On the other hand, Man Hwi has had enough humiliation from both Do Sik and Hae Won and blames Woo Hyeol as the root of all of his problems. They have been enemies for centuries, and he is still waiting to get his revenge, but not anymore. He wants to end Woo Hyeol with his own hands.

Why Does Man Hwi Attack In Hae?

Do Sik also feels that In Hae should sell the mansion rather than ask for trouble for herself, but In Hae won’t listen to anyone. She is still searching for Woo Hyeol, even though Woo Hyeol’s vampire friends haven’t been able to find him. On the other hand, Man Hwi is on his way to the mansion to capture Woo Hyeol, and he is not going to spare anyone who gets in his way. He informs Do Sik that he is going to hand Woo Hyeol to him dead, and this time, he won’t have to go back empty-handed. Hae’s father sees him walking toward their house and gets scared out of his wits. He rushes to his room to hide, and In Hae has to face Man Hwi alone. Hae has never seen Man Hwi before and doesn’t know that he is the vampire who kidnapped her father. However, she senses the danger soon enough when he asks her about Woo Hyeol. When she mentions that she has no idea about Woo Hyeol’s whereabouts, Man Hwi attacks her to force her to reveal his location. He won’t believe In Hae, but as In Hae gets into danger, Woo Hyeol senses it and shows himself to protect her.


Hae and Woo Hyeol’s friends are happy with his return but also mad at him for leaving them worried. Hae confronts Woo Hyeol about the unfortunate situation of her being unable to give him her blood. Before In Hae could say anything, Woo Hyeol told her that he has lived long enough and doesn’t regret dying, especially when he has her by his side in his last moments. He mentions the same to In Hae’s father and requests that he not sell the mansion because he wants to spend his final moments in it with In Hae. The lunar eclipse is just a few days away, and so is Woo Hyeol’s final day on earth. Everyone is worried about him leaving and is preparing themselves for that day.

While Woo Hyeol was fighting with Man Hwi, a neighbor saw them, and now she is sure that the rumor is true. She gathers all the neighbors, and they decide to check if Woo Hyeol is really a vampire. Though Woo Hyeol doesn’t have long left, troubles won’t leave his back. Heartbeat Episode 15 ends as Do Sik goes to Woo Hyeol with his silver and hawthorn dagger. He knows Woo Hyeol is going to die and worries that he might kill In Hae to survive. He doesn’t trust him and decides to take matters into his own hands. However, he gets stuck in a dilemma when Hae finds him holding a dagger. Hae has no idea about his secret and has never seen this other side of him.


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