‘Heartbeat’ Episodes 13 And 14 Recap And Ending: Why Does Woo Hyeol Disappear?

In Heartbeat Episode 12, after In Hae confessed her feelings to Woo Hyeol, Woo Hyeol accepted his feelings too, toward her and decided to let go of his obsession with Hae Sun. However, Hae Won, who has developed feelings for Woo Hyeol in the meantime, didn’t like it. She can’t lose Woo Hyeol to In Hae and would do anything to separate them. On the other hand, Do Sik has joined hands with Man Hwi to trap Woo Hyeol. Do Sik needs a half-vampire’s blood to break the curse on his family. Woo Hyeol has no idea what is going on behind his back, as he has other concerns. He thought he could become human easily, but Master Yang Nam brings him out of his fantasy by revealing that In Hae has to die if he wants that dream to come true.


Spoilers Ahead

How Does Man Hwi Trap Woo Hyeol?

While trying to fight an intruder, In Hae gets hurt, and Woo Hyeol gets the urge to bite her after seeing the blood. Do Sik sees and pushes him away, but Woo Hyeol keeps feeling guilty about it. Now, he knows that In Hae can die if he sucks the blood out of her, and he almost did it. Do Sik is worried about In Hae and won’t even tell Woo Hyeol what hospital he has taken her to. He calls Woo Hyeol a monster, which makes Woo Hyeol even more depressed. He tries to find comfort in his friends, but he can’t tell anyone about the secret yet. His friends won’t be happy after hearing that he is going to die soon because he can’t become a human anymore. Meanwhile, In Hae wakes up and asks about Woo Hyeol first. Do Sik doesn’t like it and tries to convince her that Woo Hyeol is a dangerous person and she shouldn’t stay close to him anymore. Do Sik worries about In Hae and thinks that she is blindly in love with Woo Hyeol, whose only intention is to hurt her. In Hae doesn’t think the same, and no one can convince her that Woo Hyeol will ever hurt her. She had never expressed her feelings for Woo Hyeol to anyone else, but she tells Do Sik what Woo Hyeol means to her and how much she trusts him.


Woo Hyeol has been searching for In Hae’s father because he doesn’t want In Hae to become lonely again after he dies. He asks his friends for help and finds out that they are already searching for him because they suspect that he stole Woo Hyeol’s gold that he had kept hidden in the basement. In Hae’s father disappeared years ago, and according to a neighbor, she had seen a man getting dragged out of the mansion and forced into a car but didn’t report it because she was afraid that it would decrease housing prices. Woo Hyeol decides to hand out pamphlets to find a trace of him, but, as expected, it doesn’t help much. Meanwhile, Hae Won visits the guesthouse, only to hand over the contract termination notice to In Hae.

Hae Won is withdrawing her investment in the guesthouse and also demanding a penalty from In Hae for the breach of contract. She claims that In Hae kept it a secret that vampires had been staying in the mansion, which caused trust issues. Hae Won knows that In Hae can’t pay her the amount, so she asks her to leave the mansion and go to Woo Hyeol instead. However, In Hae would do anything rather than give up on the mansion or Woo Hyeol. Woo Hyeol has been searching for In Hae’s father without a break, and he gets a call from someone regarding the same. Woo Hyeol goes to meet the caller and gets trapped by Man Hwi before he understands what’s happening. Man Hwi has promised Do Sik he’ll bring Woo Hyeol to him and has trapped Woo Hyeol easily. Woo Hyeol is caged in the basement of Man Hwi’s house, along with the humans that Man Hwi has kidnapped over the years.


What Happens To In Hae’s Father?

Man Hwi has informed Do Sik that he has caught Woo Hyeol for him and that he should get him soon. Woo Hyeol has no way to escape, as he has lost most of his powers. However, his friend, Rose, who had been keeping an eye on Man Hwi’s suspicious activities, brings Sang Hae and Dong Seop with her to help Woo Hyeol out. They catch Man Hwi red-handed, but Man Hwi escapes as he is the most powerful vampire among them since he has been feeding on human blood. Woo Hyeol releases the trapped humans as well, and to his shock, one of them turns out to be In Hae’s father. Hae’s father recognizes Woo Hyeol after hearing his name and introduces himself. Woo Hyeol tells him about everything that has happened so far, including In Hae.

In Hae’s father doesn’t know how to face her after so long and requests that Woo Hyeol not tell her about the kidnapping, as he thinks that In Hae would be too shocked and scared after hearing it. Woo Hyeol does as he says and only brings him home without telling In Hae how he found him. In Hae missed her father, but she isn’t happy when he is finally in front of her. She resents him for abandoning her and tells him to go back because she doesn’t need him anymore. In Hae’s father already felt guilty, but now he feels more ashamed after seeing In Hae’s reaction. Woo Hyeol assures him that In Hae will soon forgive him because, after all, they are family.


Do Sik had reached Man Hwi’s house to get Woo Hyeol, but all of them had disappeared by then. Do Sik has seen Man Hwi’s basement, and obviously, it makes him wonder if he is dealing with the wrong person. Do Sik is a man of values and usually thinks before engaging with people. However, he is desperate right now, and Man Hwi is the only person who can help him. Do Sik even helps In Hae by paying the penalty to Hae Won and getting on Hae Won’s bad side. Hae Won is his old business partner, but he sacrifices that relationship just because he can’t see In Hae in trouble. Hae Won is not going to sit still and accept defeat. She holds a grudge against In Hae, and taking Woo Hyeol from her is all that she wants.

Do Sik took away one of In Hae’s worries, but she is still upset about her father’s return and doesn’t know how to behave around him. She believes that he abandoned her, but the truth was bound to come out someday, and so it does when she overhears her father talking with Woo Hyeol. She understands that her father was kidnapped by Man Hwi for the ownership of the mansion, and he had been feeding on his blood until now, but he still didn’t give up the mansion. Heartbeat Episode 14 ends with In Hae getting one more shock after hearing the truth about her father’s disappearance. Woo Hyeol collapses in front of her, but he still refuses to tell her the truth. However, he disappears the next day, and his friends have no choice but to tell In Hae the truth. Woo Hyeol only has time until the next full moon day to become a human, which is only a few days away. He can’t sacrifice In Hae, so he’s decided to disappear before In Hae urges him to take her blood.


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