‘Heartbeat’ Episodes 3 & 4 Recap And Ending: Why Does Woo Hyeol Think In Hae Is Hae Sun?

Woo Hyeol, the ages-old vampire, wished to be a human and finally got a solution after waiting for more than a century. Previously, in Heartbeat, Woo Hyeol woke up from his long sleep only a day before completing the 100 years needed to turn into a human. Now, he is neither a human nor a vampire. He has lost almost all of the abilities of a vampire. He is not strong anymore, and he can’t fly either. He doesn’t crave blood, but drinking blood still temporarily gives him his abilities. Master Yang Nam, who had given Woo Hyeol the solution to turn into a human, told him to keep an eye on In Hae, who opened his coffin, because she could be his way to becoming a full human.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Woo Hyeol Afraid Of In Hae?

In Hae’s landlord attacks her after she chases him for her deposit money that he stole, and Woo Hyeol senses that she is in danger. He doesn’t understand how it is happening, but he needs to save her first. Woo Hyeol has just had a glass of blood that Yang Nam gave him and is more powerful than a human. After seeing how he defeats the landlord easily, In Hae believes that he is definitely not a human. She is worried that he might hurt her too since she has not treated him right since she met him, but Woo Hyeol assures her that she is safe with him. While their conversation is going on, the landlord tries to run away but gets caught by the police. While In Hae goes to the police station, Woo Hyeol goes shopping with In Hae’s card and maxes it out. In Hae returns home to find out that Woo Hyeol spent all of her savings on useless things. Woo Hyeol doesn’t understand that the world has changed and that it is not as easy to get money as it was in the old times. In Hae tells him to return or sell all the items and get her money back, or she threatens him with selling his mansion. The mansion is important to Woo Hyeol because he is waiting for his lover to return there for him. He believes that she will find that place because it used to be their hideout. Woo Hyeol didn’t go into a deep sleep without thinking about the future, and he kept a box filled with gold under his coffin. However, it is no longer there, and Woo Hyeol doesn’t have anything to pay In Hae back with.

Woo Hyeol tries to sell an expensive coat he bought, and the buyer turns out to be his old friend, Sang Hae. He is happy to finally find his old friend but suspects that he stole his gold. Sang Hae swears that he didn’t do it, and he helps Woo Hyeol find a job. Woo Hyeol doesn’t understand why In Hae is so obsessed with money, but after failing at multiple part-time jobs, he gets what In Hae meant when she says money is the most important thing to her. Meanwhile, In Hae’s college friend, Do Sik, is still wondering if In Hae really has a new house to move into and goes to check on her. He helps her with moving her belongings and also sees the mansion she is living in. In Hae doesn’t want him to get involved in her life, but Do Sik is tenacious. He even meets Woo Hyeol at the mansion, and In Hae has to make up lies to hide Woo Hyeol’s real identity. Woo Hyeol is already a burden to her financially, and now she also has to make sure that he doesn’t get caught. She has no reason to keep his secret, but she is still worried that someone might find out about it. However, Woo Hyeol listens to her well, and she can keep him in control. Sang Hae told Woo Hyeol that humans these days are more dangerous than vampires, and that’s why Woo Hyeol behaves well around In Hae. He knows how to change with the times, and he is also scared that In Hae will sell his mansion.

What Is The Curse On Do Sik’s Family?

Woo Hyeol is the first to know whenever danger is coming toward In Hae, and this time, he saves her once again before the chandelier almost falls on her. In the process, In Hae gets slightly hurt, and her lips start bleeding. Woo Hyeol smells fresh human blood for the first time in a long time, and he bites In Hae’s lips, unable to fight his urge. In Hae is shocked and flustered, but Woo Hyeol won’t let her go because he sees a vision. He sees Hae Sun, his lover, which confuses him and makes him wonder if In Hae is his reincarnated lover. In Hae pushes him away, and Woo Hyeol keeps looking at her face, trying to find a similarity between her and Hae Sun, but doesn’t find any—neither in looks nor in her personality. Hae Sun was kind and gentle, and In Hae is completely the opposite of that. Woo Hyeol goes to his friends after In Hae kicks him out, but his friends insist he goes back and clear up the misunderstanding with In Hae if he doesn’t want to lose his mansion. They wonder how scary In Hae can be if a vampire is so scared of her. Woo Hyeol walks back home hesitantly and tries to tell In Hae that the lip bite wasn’t romantic or sexual because he can’t feel those feelings, but she just accuses him of being bloodthirsty. Woo Hyeol apologizes to In Hae despite her rude words because he was at fault in the first place. Meanwhile, Do Sik also has a secret that makes him uncomfortable and anxious. He has inherited a book of vampire records, and his father has asked him to break the curse on their family. Every man in Do Sik’s family has died of a heart attack before they even turn 40, and that seems to be the curse related to that book.

Woo Hyeol has understood by now that money matters the most to In Hae, and that’s why she has also asked him to get a job if he wants to be treated as a human and not a vampire. Coincidentally, he gets a job as a janitor at the same high school where In Hae works as a nurse. In Hae gets surprised when she sees him and asks him to quit the job because she thinks that Woo Hyeol won’t be able to control himself as students get hurt and bleed all the time while playing. Woo Hyeol doesn’t feel the irresistible urge to drink blood anymore, but seeing it still excites him, making his fangs come out. When he sees ox blood at a butcher shop near his mansion, his fangs come out, and a kid sees it. He enters the shop to not look suspicious, but his conversation with the shop owner makes him look more suspicious than he imagines. He doesn’t know that his mansion is notorious in the neighborhood for being haunted, as it has been vacant for many years. Moreover, the redevelopment of the neighborhood has been halted because the mansion owner has refused to sell it. The butcher shop owner wonders why the owner sold the mansion now.

As Heartbeat Episode 4 ends, it leaves behind many questions and opens new mysteries. Master Yang Nam previously told Woo Hyeol that In Hae could be his pathway to becoming human again, but now he tells him that In Hae’s blood is like poison to him. Woo Hyeol still feels as if In Hae is Hae Sun, and he can’t understand why Yang Nam is saying she is dangerous. On the other hand, Do Sik welcomes his colleague from abroad, President Na, who looks exactly like Hae Sun. Woo Hyeol, In Hae, Do Sik, and now President Na eare connected in some way to each other.

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