‘Hard Broken’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What To Expect Next From Netflix Lebanese Show?

The brand-new Lebanese Netflix original Hard Broken is all about good looks and drama. There is nothing in the screenplay that has made the show interesting or engaging so far. It is a tale of a murder and the investigation that followed, which allowed the police to dig deep into the relationship the victim shared with her family and friends.


Season one had Adam and Lana reveal their role in murdering Yasmine. They also frame Dr. Youseff for crossing the line by having an affair with Yasmine, his colleague and business partner. Yasmine was married to Adam, while Lana is still married to Dr. Youseff. The two of them were deeply affected by their partners’ actions, which made them take such drastic steps. Lana and Adam think they carried out a perfect crime that will never be traced back to them because there was no witness to Yasmine’s murder except Adam.

Adam and Lana have their disagreements in the first season. Adam did not appreciate Lana going behind his back to represent his mother’s partner. This will probably cause trouble in their friendship. Adam follows Lana, who heads to meet Saad, who helped them execute the plan to kill Yasmine with finesse. By the looks of it, Adam was not informed about this. He wanted to know why Saad and Yasmine never got along. Saad refuses to share this, but it seems there is more to what transpired between Yasmine and Saad in the past than was presented to the viewers.


Dr. Youseff was petrified to be given a death sentence by the court for his alleged role in the murder of Dr. Yasmine. It is revealed that the two of them had had an affair going on for a while, and the murder weapon was also found at the apartment where he and Yasmine discreetly met. Youseff had no option but to follow procedure. He knows he is innocent, but he can only allow the law to take its course unless he has the evidence to prove otherwise. Until then, he will have to come to terms with the death sentence that awaits him. The police also came across a large vital information, which they missed out on during the initial investigation. The officer points out that if it was Youseff who murdered Yasmine, how is it possible that Adam could not recognize the voice of one of his oldest friends? This gives the investigation a new angle that involves Adam, who might get questioned again.

Netflix and the makers have not revealed if Hard Broken will have a season two. Since the first season ended at a point where the investigation seemed to be taking a drastic turn, we assume the makers have left a lot of story for the next season. This article is filled with speculation and plot points we assume the makers will explore. Hopefully, the second season will be more logical and plot-oriented this time.


Adam will have a lot on his plate in the second season. His arc will begin with him taking care of his only daughter, Sarah. Adam has been a good father so far, even though he was a toxic husband. Adam and Lana are hoping they close all trails that could lead the police to them. They forgot to consider Youseff being a close friend of Adam as well. Adam will most likely come under the radar of the police investigation for not recognising Youseff’s voice at the scene of the crime. There is a chance Adam will flounder, and he will be further investigated. So far, Adam is not a suspect because everyone assumed he was the victim of the freak attack by Youseff. Adam will have a lot to lose if any of his lies are caught. If he goes down, he will make sure to bring down Lana as well. Lana was the one who set in motion the revenge plan to get back at her spouse and Adam’s. We hope Adam gets questioned for his role in repeatedly gaslighting and emotionally abusing Yasmine. We hope the writers can project the fact that women deserve a sorted man rather than a partner who does not know how to deal with their painful emotional baggage. The overwhelming arc of normalizing Adam’s toxic behavior should be rectified.

Adam will also find a way to deal with his mother, Sherine, instead of always yelling at her to leave him and his daughter alone. Now that Lana has taken up Sherine’s partner’s case, we hope to see some decent interaction between the son and the mother. Sherine will probably come around and speak about her predicament as a young mother and what made her cheat on Adam’s father. He will most likely allow her to be a part of his life, especially to take care of his daughter. Adam might realize Sarah needs a female figure in her life.


Adam was also attracted to the maid at home; we expect to see an affair brewing between the two. He will most likely marry her for the sake of Sarah, not love. Knowing the nature of the show, this relationship could turn toxic as well. Adam might get arrested in Yasmine’s murder case if the police find any hard-core evidence against him.

Lana, on the other hand, is a lawyer just like Adam, but she turns out to be smarter and more logical than he is. She will probably turn her back on Adam to prepare a case that will only incarcerate him. Lana will try to prove that Adam was a jealous husband who hired a gunman to kill Yasmine and injure himself. Adam being a controlling spouse is something that all the friends knew about.


He cannot prove that to be false because there are witnesses to his outbursts. Lana will also try to rope in Saad to make the case stronger. Saad will again try to understand the situation at hand and play his cards accordingly. He might support Adam because of the friendship they share. But it is their shared history with Yasmine that might cause a problem for Adam more than Saad. There is a possibility that Saad might get accused as well because he was a prime suspect right from the beginning. Saad was involved in the murder, but if the investigation teams gather strong evidence, the three of them will be in trouble.

Dr. Youseff might get exonerated in the next season for the crime he never committed. If the show ends with season two, the man will forever feel remorseful for pursuing Yasmine and letting the affair go on for a long time, which eventually led to her death. There will be no end to the dramatics and over-the-top theatrics that we saw in the first season. It will be interesting to see what role  Surayya will play in the next installment as she trudges as a messenger and the person who holds secrets about Yasmine. There will probably be more flashbacks involving her and Yasmine to understand the kind of dynamics they have been sharing for all these years. Hard Broken will remind everyone of the Latin telenovela, and we expect big revelations as the second season reaches its culmination. I look forward to watching some good-looking people in fashionable clothes throughout season two and finding some plot in it.


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