‘Griselda’ Episode 5 Recap Summary: Did Rivi Kill Chucho?

In the fourth episode of Griselda, the godmother Griselda was devastated to witness Arturo’s death in front of her eyes, but she couldn’t speak against it as she was extremely terrified of the Ochoas. Griselda accepted the fact that she couldn’t gain control over the entire drug market in Miami, but her hunger for power gradually made her paranoid. When she learned about the task force CENTAC investigating her operation, she became extremely paranoid, realizing that she had a police informant in her gang. In the fifth episode of Griselda, a paranoid and drunk Griselda decided to take out all of her employees to save her neck from the police; however, she came back to her senses the next morning when she finally sobered up.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Did Griselda Suspect As An Informant?

CENTAC started amassing resources and funding to properly investigate the drug business conducted by Griselda. They were about to raid Griselda’s stash house, but Griselda managed to cause a distraction by initiating a scandal regarding the investigator, Diaz. As Diaz was out of the task force, June and another investigator took charge and kept an eye over Griselda’s business through an informant. June tried to communicate with Carmen, Griselda’s best friend, through whom she intended to get intel on Griselda’s movements, but initially Carmen chose not to betray her best friend.

Meanwhile, Griselda and Dario married, and their child, Michael Corleone, was born. Griselda was still not over the fact that Rafa killed her most trusted friend and employee, Arturo, so she didn’t trust Rafa at all. Rafa, on the other hand, brought a new partner, John Roberts, into the business, but Griselda refused to welcome him to her team. She was aware of the police chasing her, so she couldn’t feel any relief until she was able to get a hold of the snitch in her gang. Initially, she believed it might be John Roberts, but she couldn’t find any evidence to confirm her suspicions. 

Did Griselda Attack Carmen?

CENTAC, led by June Hawkins, managed to track down one of the stash houses of Griselda and perform a raid. This piece of information was enough to shake Griselda’s confidence, and now she believed that she couldn’t consider June Hawkins an easy opponent who’d give up on her investigation. Rivi began to work as a hitman for Griselda, who relied on him, but her budding friendship with Rivi disturbed Dario. Rivi was also very attracted to Griselda, but she never let him cross the boundaries between them. One night, at Griselda’s place, she held a big party for her husband Dario’s birthday, but as Griselda had CENTAC on her mind, she couldn’t shake her feelings that someone from her gang was snitching upon her. Previously, she had also sent Rivi and Chucho to kill all eight of her employees, whom she suspected to be rats. Griselda was at the peak of her erratic and violent behavior, and she was unable to control this madness. Even at the party, a drunk and intoxicated Griselda got extremely paranoid and started believing everyone around her was betraying her trust. She went insane and started pointing guns at her business partners. As John Roberts was also there, Griselda was furious about him and asked him to strip drown and bark like a dog. She also made some bizarre commands to other people, but later Dario stopped her. Dario asked her to keep quiet, but Griselda began to suspect that Dario was the informant. Dario couldn’t believe that his wife could accuse him of being a snitch, but he still tried to calm her down. Enraged by this situation, Griselda couldn’t tame her anger and shot at Dario’s car to unleash her wrath.

Not only that, but she couldn’t even trust Carmen any longer. As she came to find out Carmen had been involved with June Hawkins, she tried to strangle her best friend, but Dario once again intervened to stop his wife. Carmen left the place, knowing that Griselda wasn’t in her right mind. Griselda was difficult to handle at the moment, so Dario gave up and put her in a room until she managed to sober up by morning. Griselda, however, couldn’t sleep properly because someone from her gang was snitching on her and eating her from within.

Did Rivi Kill Chucho?

Meanwhile, Dixon, Griselda’s son, was caught up in a messed-up situation at a disco bar. As some guy hit his girlfriend, Dixon shot him, and the shootout at the bar caught the attention of the police, who began to chase Dixon. Dixon ended up at Chucho’s house and asked him to hide his gun and take the blame. However, Chucho straight up refused to take the blame, asking Dixon to leave. Having nowhere to turn, Dixon ended up confessing his crime to his mother, Griselda, who was intoxicated and not even in her proper mindset. All she could think about was the informant in her gang, so when her son confided in her, she believed Chucho was the main culprit. Therefore, without thinking straight, Griselda ordered Rivi to take Chucho out. Rivi couldn’t bring himself to take him out initially, but he later agreed to follow the boss’s commands. The next day, Rivi tried to kill Chucho by shooting at him while he was in his car driving, but later he realized that he had failed to kill Chucho, and instead of him, he had killed his son. Rivi called Griselda in the morning, telling her about his failure to kill Chucho, but Griselda didn’t get upset about it. As she had sobered herself up, she realized how paranoid she had been the previous night. She was relieved that Chucho was still alive, even though she had made a hasty decision. The fifth episode of Griselda concluded with Carmen deciding to betray her best friend’s trust, knowing that despite her loyalty, Griselda was just one step away from killing her. Therefore, to get police protection and save herself from arrest, Carmen decided to tell the cops everything about Griselda’s business, which marked the beginning of Griselda’s end.

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