‘Griselda’ Episode 4 Recap Summary: Who Killed Arturo?

In the third episode of Griselda, Godmother Griselda Blanco strengthened her position as an emerging drug lord, but being a woman, her potential was questioned multiple times in the male-dominated drug market of Miami. Griselda’s business partner, German Panesso, betrayed her by choosing Papo Mejia’s side. Meanwhile, a Colombian drug cartel clan named the Ochoas decided to take over Griselda’s drug operation, but she wasn’t ready to team up with them. Instead, she demanded to take charge of the business, with no boss to answer to. Therefore, in the fourth episode of the series, Griselda sought to take revenge on the drug dealers who betrayed her trust. Let’s see how that pans out.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Griselda Take Her Revenge?

In episode 4, Griselda hatched a plan to get back control of her drug operation from Rafa and the Ochoas, so she joined hands with the Cuban immigrants, the Marielitos, with whom she created a huge army of men. They first targeted German Panesso, who had betrayed Griselda by humiliating her in front of other drug dealers, especially Rafa Salazar. Therefore, as instructed by Griselda, Dario went to kill Panesso and shot him to death in a public place. Chucho and one of the Marielitos, Rigo, went to kill Papo at his home. They bombed his house, but unfortunately, Papo survived the explosion and fled the scene.


Meanwhile, an anti-narcotic task force, CENTAC, was launched with Raul Diaz and June Hawkins in charge. June had a hunch that a female drug lord was behind these killings that recently took place in Miami, but having no strong evidence or a clue who she might be, June didn’t proceed with the investigation. 

After murdering almost half of the men in the drug business, Griselda met with Rafa, who let her know that the explosion at Papo’s place had only killed Papo’s father, while Papo was still alive, which was still a major concern. So, Rafa asked Griselda to leave Miami; otherwise, Papo could return anytime to take his revenge on her.


How Did Papo Mejia Die?

Griselda knew that Papo could strike back at any time, so she moved away from her mansion in Miami, but Dario thought he would be able to protect the rest of their men from Papo. As he hurriedly came back to the mansion to take Isabel, Carla, and Rigo back, he found their mansion set ablaze and their decapitated bodies lying on the ground. Dario was devastated by the scene and told Griselda about their loss. It further enraged Griselda, who decided to avenge their deaths by hunting Papo down. Meanwhile, the police came to the murder scene, and seeing a tattoo on a dead body, June realized that these people were Marielitos. Rigo’s grieving mother, Esmeralda, came to meet Griselda, who vowed that she’d seek revenge and kill the people who did this to Rigo.

Griselda gathered a large army of Marielitos and promised them that she’d make them rich if they stood by her side. Griselda managed to get huge manpower, with the help of which she began to steal drugs from the Ochoas, but Dario warned her that so much hunger for power would eventually make her insane. To take her revenge, Griselda sent her men to track down the assassin who had killed Rigo, and to take the matter into her own hands, she even went to the assassin’s place to take him out. She initially struggled to take the drastic step of chopping his head off, but later she managed to kill him by shooting him multiple times. The violence was causing a lot of change in Griselda’s psyche, but she didn’t express that outwardly. After killing that assassin, she couldn’t even face her kids and puked in the washroom. She had always been a mere housewife, whose dreams and hopes were to make a family, but circumstances changed her personality, making her go from a nurturing woman to a ferocious murderer.


Griselda got her drugs back from Rafa, but out of fury, she burned them all. Finally, she gave Miguelito instructions to kill Papo. Miguelito tracked down Papo and went to the airport to kill him, which he did by chopping his head off.

Who Killed Arturo?

Griselda had wanted to speak to Rafa because she wasn’t content with her drug operation, but now she wanted to take over the entire city. Dario warned her repeatedly that she was growing extremely greedy, but Griselda didn’t even care about what Dario tried to tell her. Meanwhile, Griselda was pregnant with Dario’s child. On the other hand, the police became certain that there was a female drug dealer involved in the drug business, and June’s sole mission was to catch her.


In the concluding scenes of Griselda season 1, Griselda once again spoke with Rafa, who drew the line as Griselda’s demands were excessively high. Now she wanted to talk to the Ochoa leader, Fabio Ochoa, and intended to deal with her directly to take control of Miami’s entire drug business. However, Fabio Ochoa wasn’t the kind of laid-back person who’d easily give Griselda what she demanded. As per Griselda’s demand, Rafa set up a meeting with Fabio Ochoa and invited Griselda over. Griselda arrived there, taking Arturo with her, having no idea what was going to happen to her. As she set foot in the place and met Fabio, things began to take a dark turn. Fabio appreciated Griselda’s methods in business and her fighter spirit, but he wasn’t ready to give up his reign over Miami. As Griselda wanted to speak out, Rafa put a bullet in Arturo’s head, killing him. Helpless, Griselda couldn’t even utter a word as she realized that she couldn’t just straight-up mess with a powerful figure like Fabio Ochoa or his partner Rafa Salazar, because neither of them could be trusted at all. However, Griselda didn’t seem like someone who’d let Rafa get away with Arturo’s murder, so probably in the upcoming episodes, we may expect Griselda to take her revenge on Rafa as well as the Ochoas.

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