‘Girls’ Play’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: What Happened To Maha Finally?

The finale of the show Girls’ Play was totally unexpected and really caught viewers by surprise. The series premiere didn’t give us any hints that such a dramatic turn of events would happen at the Vivarium Hotel. But as the story unfolded, it became clear that there was a lot of hidden history and complex layers beneath the surface. Girls’ Play really messes with your mind and makes you think about how far someone might go for love or revenge and how messed up someone’s mind can be. It also shows how complicated people can be, with all their different motives and emotions. The main focus of the drama is on the love triangle between Layal, Jad, and Maha. Maha’s friends supporting her evil plan to make Layal look like a crazy person who’s hallucinating things adds another layer of darkness to the story. Their actions are not just awful but also criminal. It’s a gripping series that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Jad And Layal Break Up? 

Jad and Layal broke up because Jad was manipulated by Maha into believing that Layal wasn’t worth being with. Despite Layal’s troubled family situation, Jad chose to stay with her. Jad, feeling trapped, confessed to Maha that he would have left Layal if not for her difficult circumstances at home. This revelation broke Layal’s heart, as she realized that Jad wasn’t genuinely interested in being with her. The situation worsened when Layal went to a bar to calm herself down, only to be attacked by two men who molested her and filmed the incident. Maha orchestrated this attack and sent the video to Jad, who humiliated Layal and ended their relationship, saying that he hated her. But little did Jad know that Maha had manipulated him against Layal and orchestrated the entire situation to break them up. 


How Did Jad Die? 

Girls’ Play episode 4 begins with a disturbing scene as the road leading to the Vivarium Hotel is covered in blood, with a goat’s head hanging at the gate. This frightens everyone, making them feel like they’re in a horror movie rather than at a bachelorette party. Sally and Layal try to reassure everyone, saying that it’s just a prank and that these kinds of things happen in villages. Forgetting all this, they focused on the bachelorette party. They played a game called Ouija, which lets them communicate with spirits. At first, the girls were skeptical, but Sally convinced them to give it a shot. When they asked about the spirit’s name, it spelled out “Mohab.” Then they asked if Jad and Maha would be a happy married couple, to which the spirit replied, “Crime.” Immediately, the lights turned off, and everyone started screaming and shouting, feeling something ominous was afoot. The hotel’s power was out, everything was dark, things were scattered, and even the door locks were broken. Fares came and told everyone that there was heavy wind, which caused the power cut, and assured everyone that everything was okay. This made Layal furious, as people kept on telling him everything was normal when nothing was.

The next morning, when Layal went to meet Fares at his cabin, something strange happened. She saw that the whole cabin looked different, with different furniture placed all around. When she asked Fares about it, he said the cabin looked like this from the beginning. Maybe Layal is hallucinating things, as she is preoccupied with everything that has been going on in the hotel. This made her wonder if she was going insane. Also, when Sally showed them a video where her aunt helped people connect with their deceased family members in her cult, Layal was shocked to see that Fares was part of that cult, which terrified her. Shortly after, the hotel started making loud noises, with lights flickering on and off, causing panic among everyone. Layal went to Fares’ cabin and took a gun with her for protection. While Layal was patrolling the hotel with the gun, she saw someone approaching them. Unaware that it was Jad, Layal warned the person that she might shoot him. Despite her warning, Jad continued to approach, as he wanted to surprise her. Layal, feeling threatened, fired the gun, hitting Jad, who fell to the ground. They rushed to him, only to discover that it was Jad, causing them to scream and cry in horror. Maha and Layal took Jad to the hospital in a car, but tragically, he was losing a lot of blood. Layal tried to calm him down, but Maha, distracted by their conversation, didn’t pay attention to the road, resulting in an accident. Sadly, Jad didn’t make it to the hospital in time and passed away. 


Why Did The Police Accuse Layal Of The Murder? 

The police accused Layal of murder because they found evidence suggesting that Layal had a history of mental illness, including hallucinations and delusions. Layal’s friends revealed that she often accused Jad and Maha of being together, creating scenarios in her head where they were involved romantically, even though they denied it. Layal also claimed to feel the presence of a figure following her, although she couldn’t see them. Despite concerns from Jad and others, Layal never sought medical help for her mental health issues. Additionally, Layal disappeared for ten years after school, during which time she had no contact with her friends. When she reappeared for the bachelorette party, her friends knew little about her except that she had a YouTube channel about solving mysteries. Layal had mentioned a person named Fares whom she spent time with at a nearby cottage, but her friends denied Fares’ existence, leading the investigator to suspect Layal’s mental state. The situation became more suspicious when it was revealed that Layal had messaged Jad to invite him to the bachelorette party, contradicting her claim that she didn’t do so. Combining all these, the police concluded that Layal was the prime suspect in Jad’s murder. They believed Layal had lured Jad to the party, killed him with a weapon, and had no place to run from the accusations against her. Therefore, the police advised Layal to seek legal representation.

How Did Layal Find Out About Fares’ True Identity? 

Layal knew that no one would believe her, so she escaped from the hospital and made a live video on social media, pleading with everyone to patiently wait for her to reveal the truth. Layal remembered a girl named Sally at the bachelorette party who worked at a theater group. She speculated that Fares and Auntie Noura, who were part of the cult at the Vivarium Hotel, might also be actors trying to drive her mad. Stopping at a nearby cafe, Layal borrowed a laptop and discovered that both Fares and Auntie Noura were theater actors whose real names were Adam and Tanya. She took the help of a driver to call Adam, posing as a movie producer and offering him a big movie opportunity. Adam agreed to meet him, and Layal recorded the conversation as proof. The next day, when Fares, aka Adam, arrived for the casting call, Layal confronted him, revealing that she knew everything about how he had manipulated her. Fares admitted that he loved her genuinely, but he explained that everything was scripted for a reality TV show, orchestrated by Maha, Sally, and their group. He had played a role in their scheme, unaware of Layal’s personal history with them. Realizing the truth, Layal returned to the hotel with Fares. As she stood before the blood-soaked carpet where Jad had died, Layal recalled hearing another gunshot before she fired, noticing a bullet hole in the wall. She realized that Maha must have been the one who actually killed Jad and framed her for the murder. Maha’s jealousy had driven her to cause the accident on the way to the hospital, especially after hearing Jad call Layal “Loulou.”


What Happened To Maha Finally? 

Layal decided to confront Maha about the crimes, so she livestreamed her visit to Maha’s home. To Layal’s surprise, Maha remained calm upon seeing her, almost as if she had been expecting Layal. Layal questioned Maha about why she had killed Jad and attempted to ruin both their lives. Maha made a shocking revelation, admitting that Jad had discovered Maha’s role in orchestrating Layal’s molestation, as Maha had hired people and those individuals had confessed their crime to Jad. So before their bachelorette party, Jad told Maha that he couldn’t marry her as she was a criminal and demanded that Maha call Layal and apologize. This angered Maha deeply, as she realized Jad still had feelings for Layal despite everything. Maha devised a plan to stage a horror drama at the Vivarium Hotel, knowing Layal’s interest in such content for her YouTube channel. She believed that if she could murder Jad in front of Layal, it would not only ruin Layal’s life but also allow her to falsely accuse Layal of the crime. Layal was shocked by how evil Maha was and the extent to which her friends and the hired actors had helped her in this scheme. She couldn’t believe that everything had been a big lie. Maha also admitted to hiring people to follow Layal, hoping to make her seem crazy so Jad would break up with her. The people watching the live stream couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Alerted by the livestream, the Detectives reached the location and arrested Maha, bringing an end to her malicious schemes. 

During Girls’ Play‘s ending, Layal and Fares visit Jad’s grave, where Layal expresses her everlasting love and remembrance for him. Those involved in the scheme are expected to be arrested and held accountable for their actions. Layal decides to take a break from the chaos of social media and moves to a peaceful place outside the city. The investigator offers Layal a job to solve crimes with their team and tries to convince her to consider this opportunity. She goes on a date with Fares, also known as Adam, as she tries to move forward with her life. Meanwhile, Layal receives a message on her phone, indicating a new mission to solve crimes, suggesting that she may have accepted the offer to join the police team and continue solving real-life mysteries. Girls’ Play ending showcases Layal’s journey towards healing and finding purpose in using her skills to help solve crimes.

Sutanuka Banerjee
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