‘Full Circle’ Episode 2 Review/Recap: What Is The Meaning Of ‘Full Circle’?

The first episode of Full Circle set the story up for the viewers to get a grasp of what the Guyanese syndicate is up to. Their men botched up the kidnapping, and they don’t know it yet. Jared is safe and sound for now, but his family is concerned about the boy who got kidnapped, their safety, and the money. The mafia was targeting Chef Jeff, and his family was not sure why they were after his money. The second episode will draw more conclusions on this and provide details about the family as well.


Spoilers Ahead

Saving Nicky

The Browne family has taken it upon themselves to save Nicky out of guilt and pay the kidnappers. The family has enough capital, and they could withdraw on behalf of Jeff from the casinos as well. The family is disturbed by what happened, and they’d never felt the threat of danger so close to home. They would want to do the right thing as the boy, Nicky, is gravely injured.


They do not abandon Nicky because they feel it could just as easily have been their son instead. They would gain nothing from saving Nicky, but it feels like not helping the boy would haunt their conscience. Jared is moved to an isolated farmhouse by Joey. If the kidnappers ever learned of Nicky’s identity, they would not hesitate to kill him and hunt for Jared once again. The family is worried, but they are acting smartly instead of panicking.

Xavier And Louis Are In Trouble

Xavier is caught by Aked calling Mel. Out of fear of being persecuted, he lets Mel know that nothing is going to happen at Washington Square Park. Xavier is afraid because he does not want to rub off on his employers the wrong way, and if he is caught snitching, they will immediately get rid of him. He, Natalia, and Louis are confused about how to get out of this mess because all they see are obstacles in front of them. The kids are ridden with guilt. They wanted a safe life in America. It turns out that there are only going to be hardships and difficult decisions to make. With Xavier choosing not to be an informant, Natalia and Louis might do the job instead in the upcoming episodes.


Mel’s Obsession

Mel is irked by the fact that Xavier walked out on her, and she is unable to come to terms with him changing mind. Her instinct is forcing her to head to Washington Square Park, but her girlfriend asks her to act logically. Mel’s reason for this obsession is not revealed yet, but she wants to break every rule to make sure the Guyanese Mafia is brought down. Even though her boss specifically asks her to stay put, Mel goes out, risking her life and her relationship.

Her character and the narrative is becoming predictable because of her obsessive nature. Mel should have stood down when she was asked to because she was probably not ready to fathom what she might discover. In such cases, especially in the mafia crime genre, the clean cop always ends up with some hard-core evidence, and they will be forced to get rid of it. Her habit of overstepping her boundaries will most likely cost her her job and maybe even her life.


Does Derek Reach Nicky In Time To Save Him? What Is The Meaning Of ‘Full Circle’?

With Derek on his way to drop the money off at exactly 1:11 AM at Washington Square Park, his phone battery is about to die, and it is his only way to keep in touch with the kidnappers and his wife, Sam. The couple and the rest of the family are terrified, and rightly so, because they do not want the blood of Nicky’s death on their hands. Derek and Sam are very grounded people because they are going out of their way to save a stranger. They could have just not responded to the kidnapper’s call once Jared was back, but they did. The fast-paced narrative helps in creating tension because there is a sense of urgency.

Meanwhile, there is a conflict between Garmen and Aked regarding the kidnapping and change of plans. Garmen intends to take charge of the syndicate after Savitri, while Aked, who is Savitri’s family, is expecting to be assigned bigger roles, and he starts issuing orders in the hope that the entire operation takes place as per his plans. The constant clashes between the two showcase how unorganized the whole mafia is. There is no sense of hierarchy in it, which could become the reason for their downfall. Garmen also managed to get hold of Mel’s contact details and kill a guy who is with Aked in the minivan. It was Garmen’s way of letting him know there was a rat in his group. Garmen’s power games force Savitri to keep him at bay.

The subplot from here is baffling because too many storylines are concluding at the same time, and it is difficult to follow them, especially in the climactic portions. Savitri is trying to form a circle of rice with Quincy’s photograph placed in the middle. Meanwhile, their man is at the park, creating a circle with white chalk powder in which Xavier and Louis must stand still at 1:11 AM. Derek is relentlessly ordered by the kidnappers to reach the park near the circle at the same time. There is a ritual in progress started by Savitri, and being at the said point would help the mafia complete it. No exact reason has been given for any of this happening, and what has the kidnapping got to do with it?

Derek reaches the spot at the said time, and he finds nobody. The man sprinted around the park to make sure Nicky did not suffer because of him. The money is taken away by the casino executives who were tailing Derek. The climax of this episode is jumbled because there are no answers to any of the subplots. There is a shot of the bag filled with money being placed on the white circle, Savitri finishing the circle of rice, and Xavier and Louis waiting inside the circle at exactly 1:11 AM.


The episode ends with multiple narratives concluding rather inconsistently. Savitri reveals that their family was under a curse, which led to Quincy’s death. But she saw his death as a good omen, for it made her aware of the curse that’s befallen their family, and the ritual executed around the circle at 1:11 AM would help them break it. Garmen is flabbergasted by this revelation because he expected something better from the matriarch, Savitri, but she is busy indulging in superstitions to sustain the business and the syndicate. Savitri’s behavior is an indication that maybe she is not fit to take over. The audience was also intrigued by the belief system of the Guyanese. Garmen might be the only person who does not believe it and will not encourage it.

Derek reaches home only to be wracked with guilt because he is not sure if the kid survived, and the thought of Jared being in Nicky’s place terrifies him. The only conclusion that can be drawn from this is that the Browne family will not stop at this. They’re going to pursue the kidnappers and bring back Nicky.


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The second episode draws more conclusions on this and provide details about the family as well.'Full Circle' Episode 2 Review/Recap: What Is The Meaning Of 'Full Circle'?