‘From’ Season 2, Episode 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Boyd After His Return?

The second season of MGM+’s mystery sci-fi series From established new stakes in its first episode as a bus full of people arrive at the town, who get entangled in utter confusion when Donna and her associates try to convince them about the reality of the town. Boyd found a mysterious, skeletal person bound by chains after escaping from a dry well, where he ended up after going through a faraway tree. Jim Matthews went to his house, fearing that his wife Tabbitha had been stuck under the rubble in the basement, and with the help of town barkeep Tom and two bus passengers, they started digging through the rubble. However, the house collapses right on top of them, and although one of the bus passengers gets rescued from the rubble, Jim, Tom, and the second passenger get stuck inside. Donna, Kenny, Fatima, and Ellis had a hard time controlling the passengers and taking them inside the diner to save them from the nocturnal monsters, and as a result, they had to abandon their rescue operation as the daylight receded.

Spoilers Ahead

Where Are Victor And Tabitha?

In the previous episode, viewers saw Victor and Tabitha getting out of the underground maze where the monsters rest during the daytime and looking for an escape route through the wilderness before nightfall. Victor takes Tabitha to his secret hideout, inside the trailer of a semi-truck, where he has a significant amount of his belongings stashed away. Tabitha asks him about the boy in white who advised him previously to escape through underground tunnels. Victor tells him what he previously told Ethan: that the boy is his friend whom he met when he was a kid, who has been missing for a long time and appeared once again after Jade and Matthew’s family showed up. As Victor has presumably lived in the town since his childhood, Tabitha asks him how he arrived in the town in the first place, but Victor refuses to answer.

What Did The Mysterious Person Say To Boyd?

As Boyd cautiously approaches the mysterious, emaciated figure, the latter reminds him about keeping his word by shooting him to death. Boyd sees a number of skeletons of other people who had been tied in the same manner and gets confused. The figure remarks that neither the town nor the creatures are the worst parts of the place; both of them are just the tip of a far more sinister iceberg. The figure, who cannot remember how long he has been trapped like this, introduces himself as Martin, and from a tattoo on his forearm, Boyd deduces he is an ex-marine. Martin repeatedly urges Boyd to leave before ‘they’ come, but the latter isn’t willing to leave without rescuing Martin from the place.

Martin remarks that their time is limited up to the point where the music stops, and Boyd sees a music box playing in the middle of the room. He manages to break free from one of the shackles, and all of a sudden, Martin remarks whether he thinks his wife, Abby, was right about being trapped in a dream. The statement shocks Boyd, who still tries to free Martin from the shackles. All of a sudden, Martin starts getting dizzy. Boyd holds him and notices things moving right under his skin. The music stops, Martin states that they are out of time, and he makes a bloody injury on Boyd’s arm, stating his blood is now Boyd’s blood. He then faints. A confused Boyd makes way for the exit and ends up in the wilderness at night. With the room, the entire building magically turned to ruins. A dog approaches Boyd and shows him the way out of the wilderness, and he spots the truck where, unbeknownst to him, Victor and Tabitha are hiding.

What Is Happening In The Town And Under The Rubble?

At the town, Donna and Kenny try to simplify the situation for the newcomers, to no avail. Mari, Kristi’s fiancée, seems crestfallen, thinking Kristi abandoned her as she had disappeared for six months. Kristi tries her best to bring Mari up to speed with the shenanigans of the town.

Ellis and his girlfriend Fatima desperately try to bring the fleeing passengers to the police station to protect them from the nocturnal monsters but fail to do so. Instead, they had to witness the unassuming newcomers get mangled to death by the monsters. An elderly couple sought refuge in the bus but unfortunately alerted a monster to their presence and met a gruesome fate as well. At the diner, amidst utter chaos, the newcomer who previously helped Tim dig through the rubble tries to hold Kenny hostage and escape but gets dissuaded by Donna. A newcomer couple, Brian and Kelly, take shelter in a house in the township, and when they hear a knock at the door, Brian unassumingly opens it, and their respective fates remain unknown.

Inside the rubble, the newcomer named Brick starts to panic, and Jim and Tom try to calm him down. The pressure from the rubble becomes too much to bear for Brick, who collapses at the end and dies. To make matters worse, their earlier noise has already attracted monsters who attack and kill Tom, and Jim has to remain silent without answering his cries for help for his own survival. Julie hears the screams coming out of the rubble and gets extremely restless to get to her father, whom Donna somehow calms down.

What Happened To Boyd After His Return?

At Victor’s hideout, the conversation between Victor and Tabitha moves towards Victor’s past once again, as he reveals that he was accompanied by his mother when he first came to the town. Their chat is cut short when a loud thumping is heard outside, and Boyd enters the trailer with a talisman with him. As they are about to shut the door, Elgin, the teenager from the first episode who suffered from seizures and had a premonition about the town, comes running toward them after witnessing the monsters in action and getting chased by them. None among Boyd, Tabitha, and Victor knew about the newcomer bus passengers; therefore, Boyd acted apprehensive toward Elgin at first. However, after ensuring Elgin isn’t among the shapeshifting monsters, Boyd allows him to enter.

Inside the hideout, Victor asks Boyd about his mission and whether he succeeded—questions Boyd prefers to avoid. Boyd questions Victor about his drawings, to which Victor states he draws whatever he sees so that even if his memory fails, the drawings will work as a reminder. He also mentions that he previously thought everything was a dream, but ‘the pictures remembered.’ Daylight creeps in, and people start coming out of their hideouts. Julie and the rest of the townsfolk, the newcomers, discover that Jim is still alive, and they start cleaning the debris to rescue him. The bus driver, who so far has been extremely skeptical about the entire thing, finds out about the disemboweled bodies of the elderly couple inside the bus, and a horrific realization dawns upon her. Tabitha learns about their house getting collapsed in Elgin and rushes off to town anxiously. Boyd notices the same kind of movements under his skin that afflicted Martin as well, and a meaningful gaze from Victor implies that he knows something about it too. The episode ends with Victor closing down the door of the trailer and joining the rest of the team to move back toward the town.

The second episode of the second season of From raises another set of questions, and the viewers are still somewhat clueless about the central mystery. Who is Martin, why did he infect Boyd with his peculiar affliction, and whether that is a curse or blessing in disguise remains to be seen. Martin’s symptoms looked similar to Sara’s, who was hearing the voices that directed her to do heinous things. Speaking of Sara, in season two, we have yet to see her, and we don’t know yet where she ended up after following Boyd into the faraway tree. Boyd commands a significant presence in the town, being the denizens’ unofficial leader figure, and therefore it will be interesting to see whether his recent encounter provides him with abilities that can help the townsfolk put an end to this nightmare. Victor’s story had the potential to be the biggest game-changer since the first season, and along with Ethan, the duo knows way more than clueless townsfolk give them credit for. For the upcoming episodes, we will be eager to see how the quest motif unfurls the mystery surrounding the town and a proper exploration through the way directed by Ethan and Victor.

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