‘From’ Season 2 Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: Did Boyd Manage To Escape From The Well?

After leaving the fates of major characters dangling with a cliffhanger of an ending in the finale of the first season, MGM’s “From” has returned with its second season, which has raised more questions than it’s answered. In the final episode of the first season, we saw Boyd and Sara venturing further into the wilderness to find an escape route for the residents of the hellish town, and as the duo reached the farthest point, they spotted a lighthouse. With worsening weather and lessening daylight, they became concerned about shelter, and the mysterious boy dressed in white communicated with Sara and asked both of them to seek refuge inside a faraway tree. Boyd enters and gets transported to a deep drywell in an unknown location. Meanwhile, at the Matthews household in town, Tabitha searches through the hole in the basement and ends up at the lowest level after it collapses further. Victor appears in the underground location, which according to him, is the resting place for the monstrous creatures that hunt at night and takes Tabitha with him to reach the exit route. Jim and Jade, along with the rest of the residents of the town, managed to build a tower to transmit signals to the outer world, but Jim received an ominous warning from the other side about his wife, which sent him hurtling back toward their home. The season ended with a bus full of passengers arriving at the town, and the first episode of the new season picks up directly from where the previous season ended.

Spoilers Ahead

Starting From Square One

The episode begins with Sheriff Boyd traversing through the town, ringing the bell as a warning sign for receding daylight, but the town seems to be empty. Boyd’s Parkinson’s condition starts acting up as his hand shakes, and as a downpour starts, Boyd wakes up from the dream. He is still stuck inside the drywell. Despite trying his best to climb out of the well by supporting himself through the walls, he fails, and his cry for help goes in vain as well.

In town, the bus slowly moves through the main street, and a passenger, Elgin, starts getting anxious and asks to stop and turn the bus around. As co-passengers try to restrain him, he vomits on one of them and almost passes out. The bus stops right in front of the town’s diner. The unassuming passengers get out of the bus and wait while a pediatric nurse, who is also one of the passengers, tends to Elgin.

In the colony house, things get messed up while townsfolk get busy securing the transmitter equipment from the downpour. Julie had noticed her father rushing towards their home, and she, too, followed suit. The news about a bus full of people arriving at the town spreads fast, and Kenny and Donna lead some townsfolk to handle the upcoming situation with the bus passengers. Julie arrives at their house and checks up on his father, Jim, who assumes Tabitha is stuck inside the collapsed basement. Tom, the barkeep, arrives to assist and seeks help from two of the bus passengers to remove the debris clogging the giant hole leading to the basement. The four try their best to find a way out to rescue Tabitha. In the colony house, Jade keeps hallucinating about the peculiar symbol, and after knowing from Ethan that Victor might have a significant role to play in the entire ‘quest,’ he rummages through Victor’s stuff in his room to search for new clues regarding the entire scenario.

Where Do Victor And Tabitha End Up?

Meanwhile, Victor leads Tabitha through an underground maze that covers the entire underground area of the township. By the way, Tabitha gets freaked out seeing the number of monsters sleeping across the labyrinth, but Victor somehow manages to calm down as they move further inside. A creepy-looking puppet, which Jade saw during his earlier hallucination, is shown to be inside the underground labyrinth, which spooks Victor all of a sudden, and he descends into a childlike state, weeping and unwilling to move any further. Tabitha manages to calm him down, and they keep moving forward. However, they once again stop after hitting a dead end, and seeing all the monsters, Victor suddenly starts getting traumatic bouts. Tabitha notices a water trail and discovers a tunnel leading to the surface world. The monsters start getting awakened, and the duo somehow manages to get outside in the wilderness and try to find their way back into town.

What Happened To Jim And Tom? What Happened To The Bus Passengers?

As Jim, Tom, and the other two bus passengers who volunteered to assist go on their way to carefully clear up the debris, the entire house collapses right on top of them all of a sudden. Julie, Ellis, and other townsfolk present there watch in shock and quickly start their rescue mission. One of the passengers was successfully rescued and didn’t suffer any injury, while the other one lay unconscious under the rubble. Jim and Tom are conscious but can’t manage to break free due to the rubble pinning them down. At the same time, Elgin starts having seizures in front of the diner. In the meantime, Donna tries to convince the bus driver about the situation regarding the town—being stuck in a spatial paradox that gets infested by vicious monsters at night—all of which seem like crazy rambling to the driver, who is unwilling to stay at the town any longer. Kenny tries his best to calm the bus passengers down.

Kristi arrives on the scene to help Kenny and Donna and sees a familiar face among the passengers. The woman with whom she was engaged and romantically involved before getting stuck in this godforsaken town turns out to be the pediatric nurse. In a tearful reunion, they embrace each other.

As the sunlight starts receding, Jim asks Julie and Donna to stop the rescue mission for now, as it will take them way longer to carefully remove the broken pieces of the house to not risk further collapse, which they can’t afford at this point in time. Donna somehow convinces Julie that the stuck ones have a chance of survival as long as they don’t attract the monsters. However, the bus driver is unwilling to heed her words, which prompts Donna to bring out her shotgun and shoot the tires of the bus, sending some of the passengers freaking out and rushing away inside the town while Kenny escorts the rest of them inside the diner.

Did Boyd Manage To Escape From The Well?

After losing any sort of hope of escaping from the drywell, Boyd hears a faint voice from above, which asks him whether he is ‘real’ or not. Boyd answers positively, and the voice agrees to help him in exchange for something which is not specified at the moment. The unseen person throws a rope inside the well, which Boyd uses to climb up. To his horror, he sees, in a room that seems to be from a bygone era, a bare-bodied, almost skeletal man tied to a wall. Alarmed, Boyd points his gun at him, and the episode ends with the man urging Boyd to kill him.

The first episode intensifies the mystery regarding the entire situation regarding the town and answers very little about the probable cause or connections between each of the events. Victor and Tabitha discovering an entrance to the underground resting place of the monstrous creatures might help the townsfolk search for a way to deal with the threat by concealing the entrances or possibly by killing one, and future episodes might build on that. Victor’s overall knowledge about the place and his connection with past events are surely keys to unlocking the mystery that Jade might be able to discover. In the second episode, we might get an idea about the entire vicinity as Boyd discovers where he ended up. The next episode is likely to show where Sara is and what her and Victor’s supposed roles are in the overarching narrative. Most importantly, the importance of the newly introduced characters will be significant, and at the same time, it can be predicted that not all of the bus passengers are going to survive till the end.

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