‘Freddy’ Ending, Explained: What Happens To Dr. Freddy Ginwala And Kainaz?

Love can make one achieve heights of success or lead one to depths of despair. It depends on the kind of love one receives and the kind one gives in return. Love is giving, and it also forgives at times. But what happens when one is discarded under the false promise of love? Now, that can definitely lead to a great deal of pain and a feeling of betrayal. What happens when love turns to obsession, and that obsession turns to hatred? What do people do when they are betrayed in love, or rather, what can they do in the face of betrayal? If this is what you have been wondering as well, then Kartik Aryan’s “Freddy” might give you a few answers.


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‘Freddy’ Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

There are some movies that come and go, and then there are some that leave you thinking long after they have ended. Kartik Aryan starrer “Freddy” is one of those movies. Directed by Shashanka Ghosh, this psychological thriller tells the story of Dr. Freddy Ginwala, a well-known dentist in the suburban Mumbai region. He is shy, introverted, and has been unsuccessful at romance. He meets his dates at the same cafe and has the same order. This makes him the butt of jokes amongst the staff and regulars at the cafe. The first half of the movie details Freddy’s missed encounters with women and how he eventually falls in love with a girl. He sees the girl at a wedding and finds out that she is married. He attempts to talk to the girl, but her husband, Rustom, gets overly jealous and punches Freddy. The girl visits Freddy at his clinic the next day and mentions that her name is Kainaz Irani. Freddy, who is infatuated with Kainaz, begins to stalk her. The two eventually start an affair as well. Freddy is head over heels in love with Kainaz. Kainaz is in an abusive marriage with her husband, Rustom, who regularly assaults her for the slightest of inconveniences. Freddy makes up his mind that Rustom’s abuse will only stop with Rustom’s death. Kainaz does not initially support the idea but soon gives in. Freddy lays out the plan and executes it smoothly. He kills Rustom and goes away for a week to his family’s farmhouse in Karjat. But when Freddy returns, he finds Kainaz in the arms of another man. That is when all the pieces of the puzzle fit, and he finds out that he was just used by Kainaz to get her husband, Rustom, out of the way.


In the second half of the movie, we see that Freddy is angered and hurt by Kainaz’s betrayal. He makes up his mind to exact revenge on her and her boyfriend, Raymond Nariman. Kainaz has photographic evidence against Freddy from the time he used to stalk her outside her house. Freddy chalks up a plan and visits Kainaz’s house when she is not around. He added dishwashing liquid to the face wash bottle, which would trigger Kainaz’s allergies after its use. He also adds sleeping medication to their food. When the couple comes back home and eats the food, they fall under its influence and go to sleep. Later, Freddy visits Kainaz’s home and erases the photos from Raymond’s phone. He also sends a text to himself from Kainaz’s phone, which would cement the suspicion towards Kainaz for her husband’s murder. All this while, Freddy had been asking Kainaz and Raymond to issue an apology to him, but they never did. Freddy went on to take his revenge and turn the tables in regard to Rustom’s murder.

When Freddy is out on a walk with Persis aunty at Marine Drive, he mentions that he is not scared of pain anymore. This one statement is proof enough to tell the audience that the shy and scared personality that Freddy had is now all gone. He can get brutal if anyone wrongs him. Kainaz and Freddy’s cat-and-mouse chase continues to the point where Raymond takes away Freddy’s pet turtle Hardy and kills him. Killing Hardy is the last straw for Freddy. Freddy grows into a hardened human after hearing about Hardy’s death. He also digs up a grave for Hardy and buries Hardy’s belongings.


Freddy makes up his mind to end the game once and for all. It would only happen with another death. He decides to kill Kainaz and Raymond. He cancels his patient appointments and makes a plan to go to his Karjat farmhouse once again. He also invites Kainaz and Raymond there. When the couple arrives at the farmhouse, Freddy is already armed with a gun. When Kainaz spots the gun, she takes it and fires at Freddy, but the gun is empty. Freddy, Raymond, and Kainaz engage in a fistfight, and the couple is rendered unconscious by Freddy. When the two wake up, they find themselves tied to the patient’s chair, their mouths wide open with the retainers attached. Freddy comes into the room dressed in doctor’s scrubs and brings his apparatus along. He is cold and calm in his demeanor. He artfully brings out the tools that he uses to heal the patients but uses them to inflict pain upon Raymond and Kainaz. He pulls out their teeth and leaves them in immense pain. He kills Raymond first and buries him in the backyard of his farmhouse. Next, he turns to Kainaz. He pulls out all her teeth to make her feel physical pain. She is still alive but in great pain and barely conscious enough to register what is happening around her. Freddy picks her up and puts her in a grave next to Raymond’s. He buries her while she is still alive. The movie ends with Freddy lying between Raymond and Kainaz’s graves in the backyard of his family’s farmhouse. The scene is a call back to the time when Freddy began taking his revenge and slept between then-unconscious Raymond and Kainaz on their bed at their home.

‘Freddy’ Ending Explained – What Happens To Dr. Freddy Ginwala?

After killing Rustom, Freddy moves to his family’s farmhouse for a week. When he gets there, he goes to the balcony and breaks out into a psychotic dance number. He is jubilant at the prospect of finally fully reuniting with Kainaz and having happiness back in his life. Freddy is a person who isn’t very expressive or vocal about his thoughts. Dance for long has been considered a very strong form of expression, and Freddy dancing his heart out after killing Rustom signals a change in his personality. The dance could be reminiscent of Joaquin Phoenix’s dance in the movie “Joker,” when Joker breaks into a dance at the stairs, signaling a change from a man with a laughing disorder to a man against society. In a way, Freddy’s dance also signals the change from him being a man laughed at by society to him finally being accepted into it, for he thinks he would marry Kainaz and gain the respect he has come to lose.


The movie ends on a sort of cliffhanger where we see that the police find out that Raymond and Kainaz have left the city with a suitcase in tow. The police think that the duo has run away. But they are far from the truth. In the eyes of the law, Freddy is clear of any charges in Rustom’s murder case. And now, in regards to Kainaz and Raymond’s disappearance, he would likely be cleared of any suspicion as well. He is a respected doctor in the locality, and the police don’t have the slightest suspicion about him. Freddy is smart. He broke out of his shell and turned into a person who was very cold-blooded.

Freddy’s pet Hardy was his closest friend. Hardy’s death took away the last shred of warmth Freddy had in him. Freddy is not new to violence. In the flashback, it is shown that he witnessed the killing of his mother and father. This incident leaves a traumatic mark on him. He goes into a shell of an insecure and clumsy person who is often bullied as well. With “Freddy,” the audience is shown how love can turn into an obsession and how ugly that obsession can be. One does not even stop to think before hurting another human, much less killing them. Freddy, who is infatuated with Kainaz, goes to the length of murdering her husband on the promise that she will marry him eventually. Kainaz uses his feelings for her own greed. She, who is obsessed with power and fame, easily manipulates a vulnerable man into doing something heinous. The man in question, Freddy, blinded by love and later by hatred, does not shy away from killing another human being. When he does kill Kainaz, he says to her semi-conscious form that he still loves her. This shows that his hatred for her has overpowered his love for her.


Movies like “Freddy” make one wonder about love and obsession. The lines between both emotions are so thin that they are often blurred. People let their emotions get the best of them, and it results in something which is not savory. What levels can one stoop to achieve what they love? “Freddy” also leaves a person wondering if the person you know is a closeted cold-blooded human who pretends to be nice. What would be their trigger? What would cause them to change their behavior?

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