‘Frasier’ (2023) Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Dr. Frasier Receive A Permanent Post At Harvard?

The seventh episode of Frasier ended with Dr. Frasier and Dr. Lilith finding common ground, focusing on Freddy’s happiness, and choosing to remain civil with each other. The kiss between them throws Freddy off, and the parents decide to go their separate ways so that Freddy is not affected by them, as happened during their days as a married couple. The next episode might have Freddy and his father bonding further, and hopefully, there will be a lot to unfold.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Freddy Act Intellectually?

Dr. Frasier arrives at the local pub and finds Freddy drunk and having an intellectual conversation with his colleagues and friends. He learns from them about his habit of becoming posh and speaking like his father whenever he gets drunk. They tend to have fun with him because this is a side of him. After all, he never wanted to be like his father or mother. Drunk Freddy’s brain acts weirdly, which makes him go back to his earlier days as a college-going kid and resort to conversing in a manner that will only be appreciated by the likes of his father and his peers. Dr. Frasier longed to see this light in his son. Albeit drunk, he is happy to know Freddy remembers a lot of the words and phrases from his school and college days. Freddy was raised by two of the most intellectually sound people, and a part of them might stay with him for a long time even though he is ashamed of it. The man is surprisingly confident and not embarrassed by this version of himself. His colleagues, too, do not shame him, for they are aware of his past.


What Shocked David About His Papers?

David, Dr. Frasier’s nephew, happened to be one of the best students in his year at Harvard, and he prides himself on being a nerd. Since he is from a well-read family, individual intelligence and intellect run in their veins. For the first time in many years, David received a B grade on his paper, and the boy was shocked to the core. David was in denial about the grade for a brief period, but he offered to improve them by resubmitting the paper to his uncle. David always wanted to impress his uncle; unlike Freddy, David believed in the merits of a good education, which is why he followed his uncle to Harvard in the hope of becoming his replica. A grade below his expectations would put a lot of his plans on the backfoot, which scares the kid. He plans to resubmit the paper in the hope that the badly graded paper could become a distant memory.

What Was Dr. Frasier After At The University?

Dr. Frasier was only a visiting faculty member at Harvard, and it took years to obtain a permanent seat in the department. Dr. Frasier would want to be called a professor at Harvard, just like his friend Alan, because he believes he could bring about a change owing to his vast experience as a television personality and a psychiatrist. Olivia is also keen on giving him the position for the same reason, but the process has been made difficult. Olivia plans to introduce Dr. Frasier to the provost of the university, who would be instrumental in fast-tracking his request. Olivia invites Dr. Frasier to dinner with the provost by making it seem like an impromptu run-in that turns into an evening of conversation. There are a lot of plans that do not go as decided, and Dr. Frasier ends up having to mold himself as per what the provost expects from a permanent faculty. Alan is asked to stay away from many meetings between the provost and Dr. Frasier for obvious reasons, and the man is very close to achieving his goals.


Did David And Freddy Finally Bond As Cousins?

David wanted to submit the paper for reevaluation. Freddy and David woke to a completed paper, but Freddy had a nasty hangover. The man is surprised he was able to help his cousin all through the night with finishing the paper. Though the cousins bond for the first time over academics, Freddy is surprised to have remembered his knowledge from Harvard and before. Freddy was also a smart kid growing up, but he chose another path for himself. A lot was learned during his formative years, which allowed him to help his cousin David come up with a better paper to submit. Freddy and David had never bonded outside of their forced conversations, but for the first time, they seemed to have found common ground and felt comfortable in each other’s company.

Was David Able To Get An A For His Paper?

David received a B-minus for the second time he submitted the paper, and the boy is beyond devastated as he comes to receive some clarification from his uncle. Freddy also does not agree with the unfair grades given to the young boy and fights for David to receive better grades this time. Freddy’s involvement in the assignment made him sad about the grades. At Freddy’s home, a bee stings Dr. Frasier, and out of momentary selfishness, David keeps his uncle and Freddy hostage by not offering an antidote he carries for bee stings. The young boy is adamant about getting a better grade, and out of sheer frustration, Dr. Frasier hears him out and gives him a bad grade again. David was desperate and did not want to move on from it. He was in denial because he had been an academically sound child for a long time. After letting go of Dr. Frasier after a near-death experience, Freddy and David speak about the curse of being a child of the Crane family and the pressures that come from it. Freddy was somehow related to David’s predicament and asked his cousin to take it  in his stride and move on.


Does Dr. Frasier Receive A Permanent Seat At The University?

Dr. Frasier invites the provost to one of his lectures in the hope of making the senior understand the perks of giving him tenure with the university. Dr. Frasier, just like David, was desperate and would do anything to gain a permanent position at the university. Dr. Frasier wants to showcase that he could be a great addition to the faculty because of his popularity. As said before in one of the episodes, Dr. Frasier feels he has a lot to give to the students thanks to his vast knowledge and experience.

This led to the scenario at his apartment when he was stung by a bee and continued listening to David’s paper. Soon after Freddy offered to take him to the emergency room, Dr. Frasier ran off to meet the committee that would decide on his position at Harvard. Just like David acted selfishly for grades, Dr. Frasier refused to take his health emergency seriously in the hope of showing his sacrifice. Dr. Frasier reached the meeting in a distraught condition, and the provost was no longer interested in hiring someone who would not take his own health seriously. The provost was put off by Dr. Frasier’s eagerness to showcase his prowess because it did not create a good impression on him. Dr. Frasier used to be validated by people who loved his show; a permanent seat at Harvard would do the same. The episode ended with David learning his lesson, while it does not seem Dr. Frasier learned his lesson in desperation.

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