‘Found’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Gabi Rescue Matthew?

In the previous episode of Found, Gabi and her team managed to rescue Reggie, a black homosexual widower. In this latest episode of Found, we saw Gabi solving another missing person’s case as well as dealing with her inner turmoil. In this episode, many secrets regarding the kidnapper’s victims emerged, indicating that Gabi and Lacey were not the only two victims Sir had kidnapped; there was another little girl who had never been found. Let’s see if Gabi can figure out what exactly happened to that little girl.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Gabi Rescue Matthew?

Gabi Moseley and her team were spending a karaoke night at Officer Mark’s place. Gabi said that it had been so long since they had partied together, so that night they thought to enjoy a little. However, after having some fun, when Dhan went back to their headquarters, he called Gabi to come on an emergency note. A couple who were in the middle of a divorce had come to report their son missing. Gabi came to talk to them, but the couple was quarreling a lot. Gabi asked the wife to talk first and then the husband. The couple told Gabi that their son, Matthew, who went to a church for Bible study, went missing. The father, who was the one to see his son last, had dropped him off, and ever since, there has been no sign of Matthew anywhere. The couple was getting so devastated that Gabi had to assure them that, no matter what, she would bring Matthew back to them, safe and alive.


Amid all this, one day Matthew’s parents, who were growing impatient about not being able to find their son, had a fight between them. As both of them were severely enraged, a heated argument suddenly worsened the wife’s condition. She had a mild attack and was immediately rushed to the hospital. However, we saw that the husband really loved his wife and cared for her. They prayed together for their son’s safety.

Matthew’s belongings were all checked, and a video gaming console was found. Going through the data of the video game, it was found that Matthew was a gamer who had played video games with people from all over the world. There’s a high chance that one of them orchestrated his kidnapping. Gabi tried to dig deeper and tried to reach out to those people in order to save Matthew. Among those gamers, one name, Xavier, emerged. It was found that on the very day Xavier organized an event of his live streaming, Matthew went missing. Gabi and her team suspected that Matthew might have gone to the event, from where he was kidnapped. Xavier became an easy suspect. However, upon interrogating him, Xavier said that he had never personally met Matthew, but he could help Gabi by showing her a video of their events. As the video was played, Matthew was found getting into a car with someone.


Dhan did some research and found that there was a human trafficking gang roaming around the community from where Matthew was taken. So there’s a high chance Matthew was kidnapped for being trafficked. Before anything bad could happen, Gabi needed some quick intervention.

Meanwhile, Margaret talked to the father, who was utterly devastated and panicked because of his son’s disappearance. As he mistakenly told Margaret that she wouldn’t understand this kind of situation, Margaret politely answered that she could totally understand because her son had been missing for 13 years. The father showed some pictures of Matthew to Margaret, who noticed that Matthew’s father was actually going to a divorced father’s therapy club, where Matthew made some really good friends.


Margaret wished to talk to those parents and their children who used to get along with Matthew and found that one of them, named Tony, was talking about how Matthew didn’t like the church people, thinking that they were all phonies. Gabi, who was still not getting any idea of how to solve the case, went to her basement and handed the case file of Matthew to the kidnapper. After some time, when Gabi came back and asked for the solution, the kidnapper said that the person who lured Matthew to the car was indeed a child of divorced parents. Probably this child was someone from the divorced parents club and was associated with the human trafficking gang. However, the kidnapper also noticed that Matthew had used the word “phonies” many times, as described by Tony, but it was shocking because the phrase the little kid had used was from a story that was not yet in Matthew’s syllabus. As a kid, he was not supposed to harbor hatred towards church people or authoritative figures. Therefore, there’s a high chance that Tony was making up something about Matthew. Probably it was Tony who was forced by a human trafficking gang to kidnap Matthew.

Gabi, realizing that the culprit was Tony, went straight to his house. There, Tony’s father, who initially didn’t want to talk about his son, finally told Gabi that he had been suspicious about his son’s behavior for a few days. Gabi and Margaret went inside and searched through Tony’s belongings. They found some cards belonged to an association, which led them to a motel where Matthew was actually kept. Matthew was saved as well as Tony, who kept on saying that he didn’t want to do it, but that the traffickers made him kidnap Matthew. However, as they were leaving the motel, a car crossed by, shooting at them. The firing injured Tony, who was immediately sent to the hospital. Matthew’s parents were elated to see that their son was safe, but Tony’s father, who put his trust in Gabi, believing that she would not allow any harm to Tony, despised her, telling her that she was no different from any other evil person. Those hurtful words devastated Gabi, who returned home and broke into tears.


Who Was Annie?

In this fourth episode of Found, we see some flashbacks of young Gabi, who found a note in her gown. This note was written by another child, Annie, who had been previously kidnapped by Sir. Young Gabi began to look for more notes inside the house but found none. She feared that something terrible must have been done with Annie; that’s why she had never been found. Annie’s concern began to haunt Gabi, and even after so many years had passed, she still thought about the girl. Those notes that Annie had left, saying “Don’t give up,” had always inspired Gabi to be strong and patient. She found hope in those words—that one day she’d be able to come out even stronger and face all her traumas.

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