‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: Was Moon Dongsu’s Death A Suicide?

The 11th episode of Flex x Cop will reveal several mysteries. The secret of the Oryun Community will be unveiled, along with proof of Ganghyun’s father’s innocence. Why he was framed by his own department will be shed light on in the series. Ganghyun will give it her all to explore the murder mysteries of Moon Dongsu and Seongwook, whose deaths were being passed off as suicides. Will Ganghyun and Isoo be able to unveil the mystery of the Oryun Community and GY Medical Center? Who murdered Moon Dongsu and Seongwook? Let’s find the answers to these mysteries!


Spoilers Ahead

Was Moon Dongsu’s Death A Suicide?

Moon Dongsu, a member of the Oryun Group, was found dead by a water body. Apparently, he had committed suicide, but it was revealed that he couldn’t have done so when Ganghyun and her team went to meet his family. They said that Dongsu had joined the Oryun Community last year and that his sister had found out that it was a false religious center. They also told the police that Dongsu had borrowed money from loan sharks to pay a huge amount at the center, which meant they had been befooling people to pay them. Dongsu’s sister also said that he couldn’t have died by drowning as he was a survival swimming instructor. It was evident that someone had murdered him, and when his body was sent for autopsy, it was found that he did not drown in the river. There were no plankton in his stomach, proving he had been drowned elsewhere. 


Why Was Ganghyun Put On Probation?

Byungsik was investigating Seongwook’s death, and he informed the authorities that the last call on Seongwook’s phone was from Ganghyun. She was asked by the authorities if she knew Lee Seongwook, as she was the last person to talk to him. She said that Seongwook had not committed suicide and had been murdered for wanting to reveal everything about the Oryun Community. Upon seeing Ganghyun’s aggression regarding the case, Sunguu put her on probation for taking rash decisions as she had personal sentiments attached to it (as it was related to her father, Lee Hyungjun, being dismissed). 

Even after being on probation, Ganghyun did not stop investigating the case. She approached Byungsik and requested that he show her Seongwook’s suicide letter. She managed to take a few pictures of it. Later, when Isoo asked her about it, she refused to let him know anything about it, which enhanced his curiosity. Isoo approached Sunguu and got to know the main reason for her being on probation. He realized that the case would get easier for her if he chipped in, and hence he started digging into the case. 


What Did Ganghyun Find Out About The Oryun Community?

Ganghyun went to meet Seongwook’s wife, informing her that it was not a suicide. She requested that she let the autopsy happen, but she refused to do so, saying that being a member of the Oryun Community (who were strictly against it), she couldn’t allow it. Later, when Ganghyun got back home, she took a closer look at the case report that had occurred on October 26, 2022 (her father was in charge then) in a motel in Gangha 2-dong. Three young people had killed themselves using potassium cyanide and had left a letter claiming that they wanted to rid themselves of the bindings of the world. They had also requested not to conduct any autopsies on them. Strangely, they also had tattoos on their bodies, which were the emblem of GY Medical Center. It was quite obvious that Oryun Community Center was behind the deaths! Later, Ganghyun went to Samsonjang Motel to seek video evidence on Seongwook’s case. When Byungsik went to get the footage, the owner of the motel said that Ganghyun had come there to get a copy of the footage before him. 

Why Did Ganghyun Disguise Herself To Visit The Oryun Community?

Ganghyun disguised herself as a participant and went to the Oryun Community to find out the truth. She saw that the members of the community had to give up their cell phones. Ganghyun was reluctant to give up her phone but eventually had to do so. Meanwhile, she started collecting information on Moon and realized that his luggage was still in his room and that others did not even know about his death. 


She asked another member as to why she had joined the community, and she was told that her dad had gone missing after taking a lot of loans from the loan sharks. No matter how much she tried to repay the loan, it kept getting bigger. She wanted to know if she would be born rich in her next life, then she would instantly take her own life as her current life was a burden. But instead of letting her know about her next life, the community had asked her to make an offering of money. That night, Ganghyun sneaked out of the room and went into the office to set up cameras and take fingerprints to find evidence against the murderers. Meanwhile, Isoo came in and told her that even he had come to look for evidence there. 

What Did Isoo Find Out About The Organization?

Isoo started investigating Dongsu’s (manager of GY Medical Center) and Seongwook’s (manager of the Oryun Community) deaths. Byungsik told him that there was an exchange of texts between the two victims. They had also found footage of some men following Seongwook. Isoo also found out that the suicide letter from Seongwook had a coded message asking them to do an autopsy. Isoo further dug into the Oryun Community and found out that the community had been formed five years ago and that many of its members had committed suicide. Many entrepreneurs paid a lot to meet a mysterious character called Mr. Bori, who was an important member of the community. 

What Did Woohyuk Tell Isoo About His Community?

When Isoo went to meet Woohyuk, the leader of the GY Medical Center, he invited Isoo in for some tea. Upon being asked about Seongwook’s case, he said that people would often misunderstand his words and commit suicide. He said that special people exist, and he was one of them! Woohyuk told Isoo that he was raised in an orphanage and often envied others. While working on a construction site, in the past, all he wanted was to earn some money. Finally, when he was kicked out of his rented room, he wanted to end his life. Just then, he met with a fatal accident in which a metal pipe went through his stomach. He thought that was the end of him, and just then he had a glimpse of his past five lives. He miraculously managed to survive the accident and started helping other hopeless people, but they often misunderstood his words and took their own lives. When Isoo was completely dissing his words, he told him that he had lost his mother when he was too young, which grabbed Isoo’s attention. Woohyuk somehow managed to convince Isoo to stay at the center for a few days. 

Later, it was revealed that Sunguu was in a collaboration with Woohyuk. This meant that Sunguu was actually behind suspending Lee Hyungjun earlier, when he was almost on the verge of exposing the Oryun community. Sunguu must have also given Woohyuk information about Isoo’s past, making it easier for Woohyuk to pull at his sentimental strings. Sunguu also warned Woohyuk about Ganghyun and said that she might act as a hindrance to his business as she was intent on proving her father, Lee Hyungjun, innocent. 


What Will Happen Next?

The 12th episode of Flex x Cop will showcase how Isoo and Ganghyun put their lives at stake to expose the Oryun Community. The way they have been fooling people will eventually be unveiled in front of the entire world. Woohyuk will try fleeing the place after planning to get plastic surgery done. We are hopeful that finally Lee Hyungjun’s innocence will be proved to the rest of the department, exposing Sunguu’s vile mindset. 

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