‘Files Of The Unexplained’ Episode 4 ‘Government’s UFO Conspiracy’ Recap

The fourth episode of Netflix’s Files of the Unexplained, titled Government’s UFO Conspiracy points out the conspiracy theories about the government of the USA trying to cover up the reality about UFOs. However, the testimonies of some former military personnels have changed the route of the investigation. This episode has been dedicated to unveiling the mysteries of the UFOs that the government has been covering up for ages. The way the testifiers have been threatened by the government to keep their sightings a secret will also be highlighted in this episode. Has the discussion on sightings of UFOs been taken into the public domain recently? Will the common people find an answer to the mysterious sightings in the sky? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Who Put The Implant In Terry’s Body?

When Terry Lovelace experienced excruciating pain in his knees in October 2012 and got an x-ray done, he realized that a foreign object had been implanted inside his knee. He was in the Air Force (1977) and was camping with his friend Toby when he saw a UFO. He saw a white light that took him in, after which he fell unconscious. In 1977, he was working as a non-commissioned officer and was stationed at Whiteman Air Force Base. Terry was trained as an EMT, and on a fine June day, while working with Toby, they decided to drive south. They saw high ground and set up a camp, and after a while, they saw a triangle of lights that was rotating. When the craft came closer, they saw that it had windows, and out of the craft came 6-7 beings who wore tan flight suits and had an orange patch on their shoulders. They were doing something on the panel, after which Terry was taken inside. He didn’t have the ability to move, but he could see everything. They had been studying him with the help of an advanced x-ray machine. Later, he fell asleep and woke to orange and white flashlights outside his tent. Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, Terry and Toby fled the place. When they came back home, they were taken to the hospital. It was declared that Terry had flash burns in his cornea. Later, an OSI agent from the Officers Special Investigation team met him and asked him to keep mum about the incident. Toby was sent off to Japan, and Terry was ordered never to contact him again. 


What Did He Find Out About The Implant?

The x-rays done decades later proved that the aliens put something in Terry’s body, and he also wrote a book about it, ‘Incident at Devil’s Den.’ When he started writing the book in 2017, he wanted to get a copy of his medical records from 1977 but got very few informative pages instead. When he was confused and started researching alien implants, he met Derrell Sims. He was a private investigator in Texas and a former military man who was a part of the CIA. He had a keen interest in implants and studied them. Derrell came to the conclusion that the implants could have been made by the aliens or by the government (it was a tracking device). When Terry finally decided to remove the implant in December 2012, it mysteriously vanished a month before in November 2012.

What Happened To John Burroughs?

Another case of a security officer, John Burroughs, has been revealed, and he claimed to have gotten very close to a UFO while he was stationed at Bentwaters, Woodbridge. The incident had taken place on December 26, 1980. When, at about three in the morning, he was riding about with his supervisor, he spotted a UFO; an oval red ball over a flying object. CNN  later tracked him down, but he refused to do an interview as he had signed some non-disclosure papers before leaving Bentwaters. He stated that the government had been deliberately withholding information from the public about him. Years later, he found out that his encounter with the UFO had damaged his heart and that the radiation had injured his eyes as well. When he asked for his medical records, he was denied by the government. His access to veterans’ benefits was also denied, and the Air Force decided not to acknowledge his claim of working with them from 1979 to 1982.


Cheryl Bennett, a former staff assistant for Senator John McCain, said that John had been seeking benefits after retiring, which he was denied. In 2013, he was denied his DD-214 form to get benefits, but he never got his hands on the form. The Department of Defense, Department of Justice, CIA, and all the other big government bodies were covering up John’s records, denying that he worked as a part of the military force.

Did The Government Pay Heed To Ryan Graves’ Words?

Ryan Graves, a Navy personnel who would fly an F-18 Super Hornet off the east coast of Virginia Beach, claimed to have seen a stationary UFO in 2014. Currently, the term UFO has been replaced with UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) to remove all the stigmas associated with the term “UFO.” Ryan and his team managed to capture the gimbal video in 2014, and when it was presented to the Appropriation Committee, it was still not very supportive of the idea.


A report in 2021 stated that the accounts of UAP fell under five categories: airborne air clutter, natural atmospheric systems, foreign adverse systems, classified developmental programs, and others (the events without explanation). With him being an aerospace engineer, Ryan’s testimony added credibility to the event. Meanwhile, a lot of stigmas had to be overcome for him to get the information from operators to the decision-makers, and these reports were part of the process. Currently, there is an All Domains Anomaly Resolution Office that receives all UFO-related information and analyzes it, avoiding interference from the press.

Did The Multiple Sightings Of UFOs In 2023 Bear Any Fruit?

In April 2023, Pentagon officials surprised the public by claiming that there were more than 650 reports of UFOs provided by military personnel. A Chinese spy balloon had been shot down in the US in 2023. Many other UFOs had also been spotted in the air in 2023,  raising several questions. As per Chris Mellon, a former deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Intelligence, during WWII, the pilots had seen foo fighters in the Pacific and European regions. There were multiple reports of orange lights, said to be moving at a high speed. When the Air Force started studying it, they called it ‘Project Blue Book’—analyzing the UFO data and determining if they were a threat to the nation. There were more than 12,000 sightings, and 700 of them were unexplained. There were multiple articles written on the occurrences, but the government has been trying to hide the information from the common people.


Final Thoughts

The conversations have recently moved to the public domain as many discoveries have revealed the truth (despite the government’s conspiracy to sabotage information). The spread of the topic on social media has led to multiple debates on the unknown phenomenon, seeking answers to the unresolved questions!

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