TV Shows To Add To Your Watchlist In February 2023 And Where To Watch Them

Other than films, the month of February 2023 will see a whole host of TV shows grace the screen, ranging from exciting new IPs to the return of various iconic shows with their new seasons. Furthermore, this list will also include those shows that release on an episodic basis and have a number of episodic releases coming up for this month. So, this list will try to help one out in order to choose and also keep an eye on the plethora of shows that will be waiting to be devoured by its viewers. Other than that, in comparison to films, TV shows are much more of an investment both in terms of time and also emotional expenditure. This makes it quite obvious why one may want to avoid watching those that are not up to the mark, as in the case of films, given their runtime can be measured in hours rather than days, one may still give it a try. Hence, this list can be fruitful for those who like to have their fair share of binge-watches and also who like to take it slow with their preference of viewing. So here is a list of TV Shows coming out in February 2023 that one should keep an eye on:

Poker Face (Season 1) (Episodes 5-8) (2,9,16 and 23 February) (Peacock)

Even though “Poker Face” premiered last month on a weekly episodic release, this show remains quite underrated and kind of going under the radar, with one major reason being the towering presence of the HBO Series “The Last Of Us,” and also its release on a relatively less popular OTT-platform called Peacock. This show is definitely one for those who love their fair share of mystery, as each episode presents new cases and boasts a 98% score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is quite reminiscent of the old school whodunnits, and interestingly, it is helmed by none other than the renowned filmmaker Rian Johnson, who was also the director of both the Knives Out films, “Looper” (2012) and also “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” (2017). Furthermore, the primary lead is played by Natasha Lyonne, who was previously known for her highly praised performance in the Netflix Series, “Russian Dolls.” Hence this actor-creator combination, along with the heightened sense of mystery, is one that the viewers should immediately tune into. 

Class (Season 1) (All Episodes) (3 February) (Netflix)

This Netflix Original is an adaptation of the hugely popular and binge-watched Spanish show “Elite” (2018-) and can be an interesting one to look out for as it is set in the capital city of India, New Delhi, and its peripheries. This TV show is largely mentioned in the list due to the presence of its creator, the highly underrated Ashim Ahluwalia, who previously made the critically acclaimed film “Miss Lovely” (2012), which competed in the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Even though the cast comprises majorly new and unknown actors, the interesting storyline along with the creative talent may make this one that perfectly hooks one for an interesting ride through its diverse and twisted characters as the main narrative revolves around a high-profile school where conflict rises when three students from a financially poor background join the institute.

The Last of Us (Season 1) (Episodes 4-7) (5,12,19, and 26 February) (HBO Max)

Although this show premiered in the month of January, due to its weekly episodic nature, four upcoming ones will be released this month starting from 5 February and followed on a weekly basis. If one has not begun watching, then this is the perfect time, as “The Last of Us” (2023-) is easily one of the best shows of recent times, with some stating the third episode to be one of the finest displays throughout the history of TV Shows, along with the show as a whole being the best video game adaption from a long mile. The show is very poignant and in its core evokes very strong emotions that are perfectly etched by the creators, making it one of the most engaging watches that deserves to be watched right now. Furthermore, to back these up, there lie tremendous successes both in terms of popularity and critical acclaim. This should also be noted that one of the creators of “The Last of Us” (2023-) is none other than Craig Mazin, who previously helmed the path-breaking miniseries “Chernobyl” (2019). Other than that, it is further elevated due to the presence of a highly talented cast with the likes of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, along with some impressive filmmakers directing the various episodes.

You (Season 4: Part 1) (All Episodes) (9 February) (Netflix)

The month of February also marks the return of one of the most popular shows of the recent past, “You” (2018-), with the release of the first part of Season 4. If one has not watched the previous seasons, it may be the perfect time to do so, as “You” (2018-) remains one of the most addictive and binge-worthy shows that is a perfect guilty pleasure, although it may not succeed on some levels. The fourth season, as per the trailer, sees the return of the highly twisted lead character of Joe Goldberg, played exceptionally by the actor Penn Badgley, and this time the character sees himself in the role of a lecturer in a different place as he is situated in London. Furthermore, the new season seems to raise the scale of the show as it gets more twisted with some real twists and turns up its sleeves, making it one that is perfect for a popcorn binge-watch, especially during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Farzi (Season 1) (All Episodes) (10 February) (Amazon Prime)

With nothing to judge it by but a brilliantly designed trailer, this show already seems to be a total blast for the TV screens; it has all the major entertaining elements from a uniquely woven narrative with a fair dose of action and comedy. Furthermore, the talent associated with the show is immense, with creators Raj and DK being at the helm, who are highly known for delivering highly quirky and unique films such as “Shor in The City” (2011) and “Go Goa Gone” (2013), along with their highly acclaimed (both critically and popularity-wise) “The Family Man.” Furthermore, this marks the digital debut of the popular Indian actor Shahid Kapoor, who is cast alongside some greats from both contemporary and yesteryear performers, with the likes of Vijay Sethupathi, Kay Kay Menon, and the legendary Amol Palekar. As far as the trailer goes, the premise is quite intriguing, with Kapoor playing the role of a con man who considers himself an artist, whose artform of choice is the forgery of money, with an aspiration to be ultra-rich.

Liaison (Season 1) (1 Episode) (24 February) (Apple TV+)

Even though there remains the absence of a trailer or a teaser, this may be a show that acts out as a hidden gem releasing and launching this month among the plethora of other shows. This Apple TV+ original is mainly worth a mention as this marks the platform’s first Anglo-French production with some of the acclaimed faces with the presence of actors such as Vincent Cassel and Eva Green. Furthermore, “Liaison” (2023-) seems to promise a thrilling tale revolving around political intrigues along with having elements of an espionage thriller, at the same time having an intimate story of love at the core. So, this cocktail or blend of various exciting elements may result in a highly engaging show debuting with its first episode (due to the weekly episodic nature of the platform) near the end of the month.

Final Words

So, these above-mentioned shows remain some of the exciting ones that one may keep an eye out for in a month that is as filled with romantic festivities as it is short. Other than that, these are also some that will be perfect for those seeking a thrill through their screens and perfectly apt for killing time with binge-worthy elements present in various streaming platforms as the shows range from new ones to ongoing ones.

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