Upcoming Films In February 2023 To Add To Your Watchlist

Although there were some commercially successful films in the month of January, on the whole, in terms of films, the month was a bit of a dry spell. With the month of February 2023, the landscape from afar looks a little different as the month actually has some interesting-looking films coming our way either on the big screen or on the various streaming platforms. The month especially has films from various well-known and renowned filmmakers, with some making their comebacks. Furthermore, the month of February is something of a romantic one as it contains the week ending with Valentine’s Day on the 14th. So as with every month, this list will try to shed light on those films that one ought to keep an eye on and should add to their watchlist, and these are selected purely based on the people associated with the films along with first impressions through teasers and trailers and will include both theatrical and digital releases. So, these are the February 2023 film releases that you should consider adding to your watchlist:


Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat (3 February) (Theatrical)

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, who remains one of the finest directors working in India currently with a massively impressive body of work, has been struggling with his recent films, mainly due to the towering standard he’s set by his earlier films. Yet, he still possesses an impressive voice that one should not overlook as he is back with another feature for the big screen, this time collaborating with the emerging acting talent Alaya F as one of the leads along with the surprise package of Vicky Kaushal. The cherry on the cake for “Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat” (2023) is the collaboration of Kashyap with music composer Amit Trivedi, who, whenever they’ve joined hands, has managed to produce groundbreaking soundtracks, this time also this duo does not manage to disappoint. The albums only manage to become much more impressive post viewing of the film. Other than that, the film gives a very Imtiaz Ali vibe from the very look of it while being directed by Kashyap.

Faraaz (3 February) (Theatrical)

Hansal Mehta has a penchant for making films based on true events and is one of the best when it comes to these categories of films, with highly acclaimed biopics such as “Shahid” (2012), “Aligarh” (2015) and “Omerta” (2017). Other than that, he also helmed one of the finest TV shows coming from India, “Scam 1992,” based on the life of stockbroker Harshad Mehta and his financial fraud. This time he shifts his focus to the July 2016 attacks inside a café in Dhaka, and as far as the looks of the trailer are concerned, “Faraaz” (2023), based on the real-life Faraaz Ayaaz Hossain, seems to be a hard-hitting take on fundamentalism and bigotry among the religious fanatics against those who understand the true meaning of the message of religion, which is to spread love and peace. Furthermore, the film has a highly positive buzz around it, especially with its premiere at the BFI London Film Festival.


Knock At The Cabin (3 February) (Theatrical) 

3rd February seems to be one of the most packed dates of this month, with various impressive-looking releases, that too in different languages, although the unifying factor is that of the cinematic language. Even though M. Night Shyamalan remains a highly hit-and-miss director, especially in current times; his films possess a sense of an engaging factor that may be one of the reasons for keeping an eye out for them. “Knock at the Cabin” (2023) is based on Paul G. Tremblay’s 2018 novel of the same name and dwells deeply in the horror genre with elements of apocalyptic doom. Furthermore, the film casts a talented bunch of actors with the likes of Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint, and Ben Aldridge, set in a highly interesting premise revolving around a family of three sets against the backdrop of a remote location where they need to sacrifice one of them in order avert the onset of apocalyptic doom.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance (10 February) (Theatrical)

“Magic Mike’s Last Dance” (2023) marks the third and final installment of the highly successful comedy-drama film series of Magic Mike and also sees the return of actor Channing Tatum playing the titular role of Michael “Magic Mike” Lane. This time Steven Soderbergh, who remains one of the most impressive voices coming from Hollywood in recent times, and has succeeded both with low-budget indie films and also with star-studded mainstream entertainers, returns to helm the role of the director after making the first part while remaining absent for the second one. This also marks Soderbergh’s return to the big screen after making various small and independent direct-to-OTT releases, hence adding up to the reasons why one should have their eyeballs on this film.


Your Place Or Mine (10 February) (Netflix Release)

Aline Brosh McKenna, who previously wrote films like “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) and “Cruella” (2021), makes her directorial debut with the Netflix Original, “Your Place or Mine” (2023). Releasing on Valentine’s week, this rom-com seems to be the perfect film for a date night watch. Furthermore, it can also be devoured by anyone who is in the mood for a light, breezy film with nothing to really twist with one’s brain. Other than that, the film also stars some popular actors, the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher, whose chemistry will be interesting to see.

Sharper (10 February) (Theatrical)

Although this film will have a theatrical run in select theaters, the primary release will take place a week later on the 17th on the streaming platform of Apple TV+. “Sharper” (2023) has the hallmark of the A24 stamp as they play the role of the producer, and the name is reason enough to expect something of greater cinematic value. The film is helmed by Benjamin Caron as the director, who previously directed some of the episodes of highly popular and acclaimed TV shows such as “The Crown,” “Sherlock,” and “Andor.” Other than that, the film promises to be a very layered thriller revolving around a premise where a con man takes on the Manhattan billionaires. Other than that, the film stars Oscar-winner Julianne Moore along with the well-known Sebastian Stan.


Cocaine Bear (24 February) (Theatrical)

Inspired by the true events of 1985, this film, directed by the well-known celebrity Elizabeth Banks looks like a comical yet thrilling little ride of a film. The major narrative revolves around an American Black Bear who, after consuming a bag filled with cocaine, goes on a murderous spree. Through a very engaging and finely cut trailer, “Cocaine Bear” (2023) promises to be a fresh, quirky, and unique take on the events, and adding up to madness is the blend of aptly timed doses of dark humor. The film, by the looks of it, promises to be one of those experiences that are meant for communal viewing inside a packed theater.

Final Words

Although these are the films one should keep an eye on, it is important to note that only after a film’s release and viewing can one actually judge the quality, as these are all assumptions made on the basic look and feel of a film, and also some have had some kind of early response due to their early screenings in some film festivals. Furthermore, February 2023 also sees the re-release of the highly popular James Cameron directorial “Titanic,” as it marks its 25th anniversary, and one should not miss the chance to experience this epic and grand film on the big screen. Other than the abovementioned films, one may also keep an eye on the Special Mentions: “Marlowe” (15 February) (Theatrical), “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” (17 February) (Theatrical), “Shehzada” (17 February) (Theatrical), “Afwah” (24 February) (theatrical), and “We Have a Ghost” (24 February) (Netflix Release).


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