‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending: What Happened To Doctor David?

In the fifth episode of “Emergency: NYC,” Doctor David had to perform two critical brain surgeries, which he managed, thanks to his expertise. But in the sixth episode, David had to face a new challenge where he suffered a severe skiing accident. David went off the slope and fell into a precipice, losing his balance. He was unable to move for an hour until the medical team rescued David from the snow. David was also diagnosed with hyperextension of the neck and a strain. Because David’s condition was extremely critical, the police were called in. They knew he had sustained some sort of fracture that could paralyze him. Still, David had been very strong, and his team would make sure he received the best treatment to recover from his injuries. David’s family wanted him to be treated at another hospital, but he chose to stay at Lenox Hill. Despite everything, David knew that many people depended on him for important surgeries, and he needed to get better as soon as possible.


Spoilers Ahead

Did David Recover From His Accident?

The pain was unbearable, but David was no longer afraid of his injuries. David’s assistant, Fatema, was happy to take care of him because David had always supported and helped Fatema treat her father. The medical team gave him an MRI scan, which gave the other doctors a closer look at his injuries. Fortunately, David’s brain was intact, and hadn’t sustained any injuries. But his spine had a congenital narrowing, also known as central cord syndrome. To alleviate his problem, doctors opted for a laminectomy infusion. This allowed doctors to correct the narrowing of the spine. Before taking him to the operating room, the medical team checked his physical movements. In addition, Dr. John decided to operate on David, but he was very unsettled because John and David had spent more than eight years together.


John wanted David to be well, and this surgery was his only chance to regain control of his sensory movements. Besides, David was one of the best neurosurgeons in town, and if the surgery was successful, David could go back to work. David assumed that his life was over, but he’d rather be with his family and protect his patients than stay at home. Well, no details about the surgery were revealed in this episode, but the next episode might give a deeper insight into David’s condition. David is 58 years old, and the surgery was extremely vital considering his age and injuries. In addition, David was loved by his patients, and on the day of his surgery, many patients asked about him. But the hospital didn’t disclose David’s condition to his patients.

What Happened To Vicky?

At the beginning of episode 6, Vicky goes into labor at her workplace. Although she is nine months pregnant, she decides to work hard to finish her shift. The next morning, Vicky decides to deliver by C-section. Vicky’s colleague, Kristina, took her to Katz Women’s Hospital for further tests. Doctors told her that a normal delivery could harm Vicky and the baby. Before they began the delivery, doctors performed a final ultrasound. Everything was fine, but there was a high risk that the baby would suffer shoulder dystocia. Vicky had anticipated these problems and knew that a c-section was the better option for safe delivery. That same day, Vicky was taken to the delivery room and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


Vicky and her husband were overjoyed to have a child, as they had been waiting a long time for this. Vicky had been desperately waiting to complete her family, and now all her wishes were fulfilled without any obstacles. In addition, Vicky did not suffer excessive bleeding, and the entire procedure went smoothly and efficiently.

Dealing With Patients That Suffer From Mental Health Issues

Most of the time, people rely on different hospitals for treatment, but doctors are dealing with patients who want to harm themselves. Some of them spoke openly about their thoughts, while others refused to be treated or stay in the hospital. Doctor Mirtha encountered a patient who had been stuck in a fire. The whole building had been burning down, and she had a very traumatic experience. Gradually, the woman became more and more agitated and refused to take any treatment or other medication. She decided to leave the hospital and called her daughter. According to Dr. Mirtha, administering medication was an easier task because communicating with such patients required a lot of patience and understanding. They only met the patients briefly and had no other information about them. It is great how these doctors manage to motivate their patients emotionally in such a short time.


Meanwhile, there were some patients who talked about suicidal thoughts because they had no relatives or friends to rely on. Despite the great pressure, the doctors managed to convince their patients to live better and healthier lives. Some people have their own mindsets, but in the end, they listen to their doctors and experience a different life.

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