‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 5: Recap & Ending: Did Doctor David Save The Autistic Child?

In the fourth episode of “Emergency: NYC,” we see that all the patients are getting better through surgery and extensive treatment. However, in the fifth episode, a different angle is introduced to the series as more and more children arrive at the Cohen Center. The episode introduces three different patients at the same time, all suffering from different problems. Moreover, the episode offers small glimpses into each of their cases, which become critical as time goes on. Meanwhile, the medical support team does not have it easy either. Vicky has to get her Uncle Jose to the hospital as quickly as possible. He accidentally lost his balance and fell out of bed. Jose will not let anyone get close to him because he hates the thought of visiting a hospital. But Vicky manages to calm him down, and Jose lets the paramedics carry him back to the ambulance. According to Jose’s son, Giovanni, he does not want to live anymore and refuses to eat or shower. Vicky knows that Uncle Jose is showing signs of dementia and depression, and since he is 94 years old, leaving him alone is extremely risky. Things get even more interesting as the episode progresses, as viewers see how Cohen’s Center and Lenox Hill Hospital collaborate on brain surgery for an autistic child.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To The Autistic Child? Did Doctor David Remove His Tumor?

The baby suffers from gelastic seizures because he has a tumor in his brain, and his parents did not discover the tumor earlier because the pandemic delayed the child’s treatments and examinations. As a neurosurgeon, Dr. David decides to operate on the child’s brain and, to make things easier, they take the child to the Cohen’s Center, which specializes in treating young patients. It is difficult to deal with the child because he never listens to anyone. Also, David knows he is bad with children and often praises the pediatric surgeons for their efforts. Before the surgery, David and Doctor Jose Prince decide to have a final conversation with the child’s father to make sure he consents to it. Although it is a difficult procedure, Dr. David is able to enter the child’s frontal lobe through the narrow openings and remove the tumor. Once the child regains consciousness, his parents notice that he is different. The inconsistencies in his behavior and actions are fixed and different from the last time, and now they know that the surgery was successful.


The child hasn’t suffered any seizures after the operation, and this is a very good sign because the child is very calm and active. He manages to focus on his surroundings, and there are no changes in his current movements. The parents are happy to have their child back because David managed to operate successfully again!

What Happened To Vicky’s Uncle Jose?

Uncle Jose’s case is very critical because he does not want to live anymore. The doctors are trying to communicate with him to see if he remembers the small details of his life. Jose can spell his name and remember his birthday, but he cannot remember what year he was born. In addition, Vicky finds it very difficult to leave the hospital because Jose is a family member. She decides to continue her shift because others also need her help. Before leaving the hospital, Vicky manages to convince her uncle to be nice to everyone around him. After his x-rays and tests are done, the medical team will make sure everything is okay. Once all the procedures are completed, the hospital will send Jose safely home. Jose’s age makes it hard for him to accept certain things. He does not want anyone to help him and refuses to listen to anyone. As time goes by, Jose’s senses deteriorate, and he can no longer remember the people around him.


Considering his age, it is quite understandable that he suffers from dementia and depression. As the whole generation passes on, Jose feels like he’s being left behind, and loneliness sets in. But Vicky knows that Jose is a strong man, and although he no longer wants to live, his mind and heart are very strong in dealing with such changes.

The Hydrocephalus Surgery

A 23-year-old medical student visits Lenox Hill Hospital when he begins to suffer from severe headaches. After an examination, the doctor finds that the young man is suffering from acute hydrocephalus, in which cerebrospinal fluid backs up in the ventricles of the brain. This fluid is pressing on his eyes and causing painful headaches. If left untreated, the hydrocephalus can lead to blindness and increase the likelihood that he will develop intracranial pressure that could eventually kill him. The very next day, he undergoes surgery to drain the spinal fluid. Despite all the difficulties, the surgery was a success. In the end, the young man wakes up without a headache and may have a sore scalp for a few days. Otherwise, he is healthy, and the doctors at Lenox Hill want him to complete his medical studies as soon as possible.


Although doctors in New York City are under constant pressure to treat patients with rare diseases, the entire medical team needs to make sure their patients are treated properly. Problems arise when people are admitted with gunshot wounds. About 10 people are shot every day in New York City, and parents are still hoping for a solution to this problem, as people cannot move freely around the city without fear of being shot.

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