‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending: What Happened To MacKenzie?

The third episode of “Emergency: NYC” informed us of various medical cases throughout the city. While the doctors at Cohen Medical Center operated on a newborn named Elliana, the team of doctors at North Shore Hospital had to perform a severe liver transplant to save the life of a woman named Jennifer Perez. In the finale of the third episode, we see that the doctors had to solve another critical case involving a pregnant woman with internal bleeding. After an ultrasound examination, Doctor Mirtha finds that the baby is completely healthy. The main problem now is to diagnose the real reason for the internal bleeding. Although the patient is pregnant, she crossed the Mexican border on foot and traveled all the way from Honduras. It took 20 days for her to arrive here. The patient was transferred to another hospital to have her body examined by a professional gynecologist. Meanwhile, the episode also highlights MacKenzie and her husband Lorey’s personal lives. Well, it’s nice to see how patients and doctors get along and experience similar situations, and several patients are impressed to have such caring staff in New York hospitals. Doctors have understood that dealing with a person psychologically is very important in order to heal them physically.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To MacKenzie And Her Baby?

MacKenzie was taken to Huntington Hospital for delivery because it was time for the arrival of her baby girl. But MacKenzie’s baby weighed too little as compared to an average infant. Therefore, MacKenzie had to be induced with Cytotec, but the baby couldn’t tolerate the injections well and reacted very badly to them. It seemed that MacKenzie had to opt for a cesarean because every time she went into labor, the baby’s heartbeat dropped. Although she wished for a normal birth, MacKenzie had no choice but to undergo the procedure with Doctor Afshan. There was a risk of infection and bleeding, and doctors knew MacKenzie might need a blood transfusion to save her baby. The next day, MacKenzie prepared for surgery and was confident because the doctors at Hungtington were very helpful. In addition, MacKenzie’s husband, Lorey, had always been by her side. Finally, the operation went well, and MacKenzie gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom she later named Fiamma.


Did Joseph Survive The Gunshot Wound?

Joseph was taken to Lenox Hill Hospital for treatment of his gunshot wound. His uncle had accidentally shot him because he forgot to check the gun before pointing it at Joseph. Joseph wanted the surgery to be successful; he didn’t want to be crippled for life. Meanwhile, Doctor David was devastated because Joseph had high expectations for this operation. David knew that it was impossible to restore his movement entirely. The bullet had entered the right side of his neck and exited from the left side. Dr. David and his team planned to restore Joseph’s ability to move and placed small screws in his face to prevent slight movement. When the entire procedure was completed, Dr. David knew there was a good chance Joseph would regain his ability to move. Although Joseph was severely injured, his spinal cord was still intact. The surgery was a success, and there was a great chance that Joseph could regain his movement as the screws will protect his bones from further damage. When Joseph woke up, he found that most of his body had recovered from the surgery, and he promised to work hard to regain the missing movements as well.

What Happened To Baby Darlyn? Did Vicky’s Husband Recover?

Paramedics received an urgent call about a one-year-old girl named Darlyn who was suffering from a high fever and vomiting. Paramedics immediately rushed to the child’s home and found that the baby was constantly crying without sleeping for even a minute. The mother explained that Darlyn had been sick for several days and that everything was fine until red spots suddenly appeared on her body. As the days went by, the spots didn’t diminish, and the pain became more and more intense, almost unbearable for Darlyn. Fortunately, she managed to get some sleep during the short drive, and Darlyn was taken to Cohen Children’s Medical Center for further treatment. In the meantime, Vicky was glad to see Darlyn; she was working with the ambulance service, and Darlyn reminded Vicky of her cousin Fabiola. Although she was happy to be in the field, Vicky found it difficult to balance her professional and personal lives.


Vicky’s husband was taken to the emergency room because he was sick. He later had a blood transfusion, and now some tests were being done at the hospital to find out what was wrong with him. Vicky was overwhelmed that her husband was in the hospital because she didn’t want him to be sick during the most important time of her life. Vicky was pregnant, and the couple had been looking forward to the birth of their child. Although Vicky wished her husband was back home, she knew he needed to get well for her and the baby. As the episode came to an end, it was shown how doctors and other medical staff had to deal with personal problems, and how, despite all these problems, they stayed strong and became heroes to many people out there.

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