‘Emergency: NYC’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending: What Happened With Baby Elliana?

In the second episode of “Emergency: NYC,” the doctors had to face difficult cases involving a kidney transplant and a five-month-old child who suffered a severe heart attack. The third episode began with another case involving a woman named Jennifer, who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and urgently needed a liver transplant. Doctors at North Shore Hospital began looking for a liver as soon as possible, and it became their top priority. In addition, liver failure can lead to memory loss and delirium. Doctors knew she needed to receive a liver transplant as soon as possible because her condition was worsening. At the same time, doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital encountered a new patient, Marcos, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor that had metastasized to his lungs. Doctors had no choice but to remove the tumor without delay because the tumor was spreading far too quickly. Marcos was very confident and knew that the surgery would be a great success. Gradually, more and more cases emerged, and we got a glimpse of the case of Elliana, a newborn baby.

Spoilers Ahead 

What Happened To Baby Elliana? Did Marcos Have A Successful Surgery?

Elliana’s parents decided to name her while she was still in the hospital, and doctors went over her medical records to get the baby to the operating room. She was a premature baby who was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. After birth, doctors found that the baby had a hole in her diaphragm where her intestines and other parts were compressed. Doctors had to push the organs back into the stomach to make room for the heart and lungs, and that was the only way for the child to survive. The doctors at Cohen Medical Center knew they had a huge responsibility because they were saving a child. Elliana’s parents were completely dependent on them, believing that the doctors would be able to save their child. Finally, the surgery was successful, and Elliana was stable. Her parents were overjoyed when they learned of this news, and the fact that their child was alright gave them great hope that Elliana would grow up to be a very healthy person in the future.

In the meantime, Marcos was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and the doctors at Lenox Hill Hospital wanted to remove the tumor as soon as possible. It was clear that this tumor was putting tremendous pressure on his head. Marcos was a spiritual person who prayed to get through this surgery without any problems. During the surgery, the doctors discovered that the tumor was much worse than they thought. Moreover, Marcos’ tumor was growing in both directions, gradually moving out of the scalp and also making its way inside the brain. If the tumor had spread to different parts of the body, doctors were certain that it could severely affect his living conditions. Despite numerous complications, doctors managed to complete the surgery, but the cancer was still intact. Meanwhile, Marcos was reunited with his family, and his parents knew that Marcos wanted to be healthy and happy. However, a few weeks after the surgery, cancer continued spreading in Marcos’ body, and he could not survive it. 

Did Jennifer Get A Liver Transplant? What Happened To Paul (name changed on request)?

Jennifer had to receive an urgent liver transplant because her health was deteriorating badly. She could lose her life at any time. While the paramedics waited carefully, the other team had to make sure the liver was suitable for Jennifer’s body. They also had to stay on schedule, as the medical team could not begin the procedure until everything was in order. If the liver was transplanted in time, it would function better and faster. It always happens that the paramedics successfully arrived at the destination but did not have the right means of transportation but the medical assistance managed to communicate with the transportation team. The medical team knew that dialysis could save a person from kidney failure, but liver failure requires a transplant, and there is no other way to survive. The paramedics were unable to reach their destination in time because they were taken to the wrong airport. Meanwhile, Jennifer was in a liver coma the entire time and suffered from internal bleeding that could lead to a brain hernia. Doctors could not remove the liver until it had been replaced with a new one, but they had no choice and had to remove Jennifer’s liver because it was killing her.

Although the surgery was slightly delayed, the team came back within the deadline and brought back a healthy liver. Doctors immediately began surgery and removed her liver. Jennifer’s liver was completely infected and dead, while the new liver was large and healthy. After the liver was put into her body, the surgery was a complete success and gave her life. When Jennifer came out of the coma, she felt healthy again and thanked the doctors for giving her a second chance at life. 

As for Paul,  the doctors at Cohen decided to open Paul’s abdomen and wash off all the blood to make sure the stitches in his body were seated properly. When he was taken to the operating room, doctors found that some of his gunshot wounds were completely infected. The doctors also managed to minimize the impact, as his stomach and liver were severely damaged. Some of the bullet fragments were near his heart, so it would take a very long time for Paul to recover from the gunshot wounds. The doctors were surprised at how well Paul took the wounds, and at the same time, Paul’s case was inspirational for many children out there because he survived multiple bullet wounds and fought back to stay alive. The doctors knew they could not prevent gun violence, but it was no longer impossible to save a child.

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