Elsa In ‘Stolen’ 2024 Explained: Did Elsa Kill Robert? 

When we start watching the new Netflix movie Stolen, it takes us right into the beautiful Swedish landscape with icy meadows and a Sami clan herding reindeer. It’s so stunning from the outside, but the cruelty within and the struggles faced by the Sami people, who are reindeer herders, didn’t immediately come to light until the reindeer started being killed. There’s strong xenophobia against their clan, and people often kill the reindeer and wrongly blame the Sami themselves. These folks feel powerless, thinking there’s no point in standing up against injustice. But then comes Elsa, a bold and strong young woman. She’s determined to bring justice to the situation, even if it means risking her own life. How does she do it? We’re about to find out!


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Elsa Remain Silent After Her Calf’s Death? 

We met Elsa, a young, innocent girl who dreamed of becoming a reindeer herder, just like her family members. Can you imagine being that young and dreaming of gliding a reindeer-drawn snowmobile through the snowy paths? It must have felt like a dream! Elsa certainly thought so. This life was all she had ever known, which is why she decided to take in a little reindeer calf and name it Nastegallu. She cared for it more than she cared for herself. One day, while she was alone at the herding site in the snowy mountains where the reindeer usually roamed, she saw someone coming towards the herd riding his snowmobile. She was shocked and didn’t say anything; she just hid behind a bush. But then she saw his face—it was Robert Isaksson. And what did he do? He walked up to Elsa’s little reindeer, Nastegallu, and slit its throat right before her eyes! Imagine how terrible that sight must have been for Elsa! She was scared, especially when Robert looked right at her and threatened that if she said anything, he would slit her throat too. With no other choice, Elsa kept the calf’s ear close to her, trying to keep it safe. She went to the police station with her father and saw Robert there with the police. Even though she wanted to tell the truth and bring justice to the poor little calf, she was too scared to open her mouth, so she stayed silent. The police, lacking evidence, told them they would keep the complaint, treating it as if their reindeer had been stolen. But this injustice planted a big insecurity in Elsa’s mind from her childhood. Even though she wanted to, she couldn’t do anything about it because she was a little girl and no one would believe her words. It didn’t sit right with her. She knew she had to stand up against it when she got older and serve justice to her reindeer and all those who had lost their lives because of people like Robert.


Why Was Elsa Not Allowed To Join The Town Meetings? 

Ten years later, we meet a much older Elsa, who is now an elementary teacher. She shared with her young students the hardships faced by the Sami people due to societal xenophobia. Elsa, not only a good teacher but also a caring sister, supported her brother through his struggles with mental stress. Her brother felt overwhelmed by the responsibilities and expectations placed on him as a reindeer herder. He was also deeply concerned about the future of his job due to climate change and the increasing number of reindeer killings. Elsa stood by him through thick and thin, understanding his situation and suggesting he seek help from a psychologist for his mental health. One day, Elsa and her brother saw blood trails in the snow leading to Robert’s barn. They complained to the police, but he refused to open his barn, saying they couldn’t charge him without a warrant. Elsa realized the police wouldn’t take action, as the reindeer killings had been happening for twenty years without anyone standing up against them.

At a town meeting, Elsa spoke out against the injustice. There, some people blamed the Sami clan for various issues in the area, claiming they couldn’t freely drive their snowmobiles or go swimming or fishing because of them and their reindeer. Elsa knew these accusations were far from the truth. She understood that people might falsely accuse the Sami clan of killing the reindeer themselves to receive compensation from the government, but this wasn’t the case. As the hate crimes against reindeer grew, Elsa wasn’t even afraid to speak to the newspaper. She knew that, as a woman in the clan, discussing these issues might upset her clan leader and even her own father. But she realized she’d been scared and silent for too long. If she didn’t speak up now, it might be too late, and they’d lose all the reindeer just like she lost her precious Nastegallu. So she’s determined to make a difference, even if it means standing alone. Thus, she stops attending town meetings to obey her father and town leader’s orders but is determined to be brave and fight for what’s right.


Did Elsa Kill Robert? 

One day, Elsa was at the herding site and saw Robert killing a reindeer and loading it onto his truck. She knew this was her chance, so she recorded it as evidence to show the police later. But Robert spotted her, and that night, he came to her house, threatening her with a gun. Elsa called the police, but he escaped before they could arrest him. As I told you earlier, Elsa was a fearless risk-taker, and realizing she needed solid evidence against Robert, she went to Robert’s barn, broke the lock, and entered. What she saw inside was shocking—a literal slaughterhouse! The sight of the reindeer’s hanging dead bodies made her cry, but she knew she had to leave when she heard Robert’s snowmobile outside. As she tried to escape, Robert followed her. Elsa feared for her life, knowing Robert was vengeful and might hurt her for exposing his secrets. But then Robert’s snowmobile slid on the weak ice and he broke his leg. He begged for help from Elsa, who wished he were dead. But Elsa was not cruel; she was not a killer, and so she couldn’t bring herself to harm him. Seeing the ice breaking and knowing Robert might drown, Elsa threw a rope towards him, hoping he could hold on and survive. But it was too late. The ice gave way, and both Robert and his snowmobile sank. Elsa watched in horror as he drowned before her eyes.

At the end of Stolen, we saw the police catch Robert’s criminal gang, accused of reindeer poaching and animal cruelty. Even though Elsa brought justice, the police took credit for it, saying it was the result of their long-term investigation. But Elsa didn’t mind; she was just happy she’d brought justice to Nastegallu and the other reindeer in the herd. What does the future hold for Elsa? Maybe she’ll continue teaching kids how to herd reindeer and care for them, so they can become herders like her when they grow up. Or perhaps she’ll go to university to explore new opportunities. She’s young and has lots of potential. Maybe after studying, she’ll fight for justice for Sami people who’ve been oppressed for so long, empowering them to improve their lives. Only time will tell, but one thing’s for sure—if Elsa sets her mind to something, she’ll definitely succeed.


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