‘Echo 3’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained – What is The Plan To Get Amber Back?

“Echo 3” Episode 5 showed how Amber Chesborough has been holding up at the Cartel de Los Soles facility in Venezuela. She tried to escape but lost her only friend at the facility, Hildy, as a result. In “Echo 3” Episode 6, Prince’s conscience hits back at him, and he arrives in Venezuela to rescue his wife. To do so, he will need the help of his brother-in-law, Bambi. The question is, how will the two guys get Amber back? It will take more than just tactics to get to her. It will take power. Do they have it? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

Change Of Plans

It has been 54 days since Prince got shot and lost Amber to the guerillas. While he has recovered and has been cheating on Amber with Reese Keller, Bambi has been trying to adapt to the Colombian lifestyle and strengthen his friendship with Javi so that he can infiltrate the compound. One night, while in bed with Reese, her words of wisdom reminded Prince of what he really wanted. What he really wants is for his wife to be back in his life. A few days later, Prince and Mitch (from the CIA) arrive in Puerto Carreno, Colombia, and track down Bambi, all drunk near a bar and wake him. As surprised as he seems to be to see Prince, who has come along with Mitch, he says that he doesn’t want their help in finding Amber. They are only compromising the way of life Bambi has been able to set up and nothing else. With no other way, Prince drugs Bambi, and the two men bring him to their hotel in Medellin, Colombia. The next day, after Bambi wakes up all sober, all three sit down to chalk out a plan. The Cartel de Los Soles facility is run by a Venezuelan minister named Tariq Marwan (the guy whom Tomas reported to in “Echo 3” Episode 5). He controls the army, too, making it the easiest way to get Amber out. The men decide to kidnap Tariq’s brother Momo and make a trade with Tariq, Amber in return for Momo. The plan is a go.


A DJ Taken

Momo goes to a yoga class every day at 10 a.m. He has a female bodyguard and drives a G-Wagen (Mercedes; “G” stands for “Geländewagen,” which means a cross-country vehicle). After missing their first point of ambush due to a traffic jam that also led to Bambi’s face being captured by a security camera while he was clearing the traffic, Prince decides to grab Momo, a DJ, from the soccer stadium where he will be practicing for an upcoming performance. Bambi doesn’t like the idea and tells Prince not to compromise himself by risking a task that will allow the Colombian Intelligence to point a finger at him and ruin his career. He then tells Smith about his idea of infiltrating the compound by using Javi as bait. Smith finds this plan useless and tells Bambi that they need to work together to bring Amber back. Prince admits to Bambi that he cheated on Amber. Bambi apologizes to Prince for not telling him that Amber works for the CIA. They are all good now, and it is time to head to the soccer stadium.

Bambi and Prince head inside the stadium, where Momo has a sound check. It is quite loud. Mitch is waiting in the car in the parking lot when he notices an ambulance and decides to use it to their advantage. It will be useful during the exfiltration. Bambi and Prince find Momo at a press conference. He has a personal water bottle that they decide to dose. Later on, when Momo is back on stage, Bambi causes a distraction by introducing himself as a health expert. As Momo and his female bodyguard talk to him, Prince comes from behind slowly and spike the water bottle kept on top of the turntable. After some time, Momo drinks his water. Within seconds, the pressure hits, and everyone rushes toward the bathroom. His bodyguard, who has been waiting outside, is knocked out by Prince, and they hide her body. Offering help, the two men decide to take him to the ambulance where Mitch is waiting. However, this plan fails, too, as Momo finds his girlfriend Carlita, and both return to the field. Realizing that the couple was going to have some private time, for which they would go to a private room, Prince and Bambi followed them. While the couple enters the stadium through the field, Bambi and Prince enter from the outside. With Carlita screaming, and her voice fading due to the loud music outside, Bambi and Mitch take Momo out through an alternate exit and put him in Mitch’s ambulance. Momo has been taken.


‘Echo 3’ Episode 6: Ending Explained – What Is The Next Step For Bambi, Prince, And Mitch?

Now that they have Momo, Mitch arrives at Minister Tariq Marwan’s office in Caracas. He introduces himself as being from the US State Department and requests Tariq to let Amber Chesborough speak. Tariq clearly denies her freedom, saying that she is a criminal for the Venezuelan government who has been sent by the CIA to make Venezuela pose as the enemy in a political conflict with Colombia. Mitch realizes that he cannot talk Tariq into releasing Amber and thus decides to use his ultimate tool of persuasion, Momo’s ring, along with some coins. These will have to be Tariq’s payment for releasing Amber. Momo is safe, but only until Tariq releases Amber the next time Mitch comes to see him. Tit for tat.

It remains to be seen whether Tariq releases Amber. However, keeping in mind Tariq’s nature and his argument, he will search for a way to get his brother back as well as get Amber brought to him. Mitch and Bambi will have to trace every movement Tariq makes and ensure that Amber doesn’t receive any treatment inside the facility. Javi might come in useful now.


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