‘Echo 3’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained – Where is Amber Chesborough?

In the previous episode of “Echo 3,” we saw that Bambi has befriended Javi in Venezuela. Javi is a fisherman who delivers fish at the Cartel de Los Soles compound, among other places. Amber may or may not be held there, but Bambi has to be sure. Meanwhile, Prince has gotten involved with Rees Keller, which seems to indicate that he has given up on his wife Amber, who may or may not even be alive. “Echo 3” Episode 5 is a take on Amber, who is held captive by the guerillas. Will she be able to survive the brutal treatment and escape? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

The Fish-Eating Bureaucrat

Javi’s truck brings in fresh fish at the Cartel de Los Soles compound. One of them is cooked immediately and brought to Tomas, an agent who has come to talk to Amber. Within a few minutes, Amber, too, is brought to him. From the man’s suit, which is in stark contrast to the other people’s apparel that consists of the bare minimum required not to be regarded as naked, it is evident that the man in front of her is an agent of some kind. Tomas introduces himself as a bureaucrat and questions her about one of her employers, the CIA. Amber yet again explains how the military-grade beacon got to be inside her backpack, about her husband and brother, both of whom are decorated soldiers, and how she ended up where she did. He tells her that although he doesn’t know whether her husband is alive, he believes that she will probably die at the compound alone and separated from her family. He gets up to leave after telling her that he will return to take her statement in two or three weeks. She throws abuse at Tomas, and it startles him because she, as opposed to anyone who would be terrified, is calm and composed. She tells him of the time during her childhood when her 8-year-old brother shot their mother’s rapist boyfriend. She also mentions that her brother will go as well. Tomas leaves without saying anything. He meets Graciela inside the cocaine lab. After offering her some time off to cope with the loss of Fami, Tomas leaves in a chopper for Caracas. In Caracas, he meets Tariq, the man he works for. He tells Tariq that he wants to make a video with the American woman. Getting her to disavow her country would certainly be a treat for the eyes. Tariq, however, isn’t bothered about it at all, as Tomas didn’t do what he was told to do, i.e., find out why the CIA sent Amber to Venezuela. Fed up with Tomas’s weird ideas, Tariq tells him to find the answer as soon as possible and not waste time thinking about making YouTube videos.


A Befriended Captive

Amber is struggling to pass the time inside her cell, spending her time thinking about her husband and staring at an egret that is a daily visitor at the waterbody nearby. One day, she hears the voice of another woman and follows it to the cell a few steps from hers. There, she meets Hildy, who seems to be German and schizophrenic. After asking her about where she is from and not getting any answer, Amber decides to get back to her cell. On the way, she finds a hole in the roof that can offer a potential escape route for her. Eventually, Hildy starts talking to Amber. Surprised at how Amber is able to walk around wherever she wants, Amber asks her about it and finds out that freedom comes with free labor. Thus, Amber too offers her services to the guerilla, helping them with making cocaine, feeding the chickens, and interacting with the Venezuelan families as well.

The Propaganda Tape

The day comes for the video recording. Tomas sets up the camera. Amber is made to wear clean clothes; her hair is nicely styled; her lips are painted with lipstick, and her eyelashes are curled. She sits in front of the camera, all set to give an interview. She needs to talk about American assassinations and her involvement in whatever the US government is planning to do in Venezuela. Unfortunately for Tomas, every time he turns on the camera, Amber is either mocking him or speaking about how she is being held as a prisoner in Venezuela. Topas makes it clear to her just how much he hates her and her people for thinking that Venezuela can become like America, but the truth is that Venezuela rejects America’s influence. That night, Amber and Hildy share truths about themselves, and Amber ends up telling Hildy that she never loved Prince. However, Hildy explains that Amber is covering the trauma of her husband lying to her by declaring that their marriage was a fraud.


The Escape Plan

On another day, while working, Amber asks Hildy about the means of escape she knew about. Hildy reveals that there is an ATV nearby that she can use to go to the river that merges with the Amazon. However, Hildy doesn’t believe Amber can escape because she doesn’t have what it takes to kill. That night, Amber decides to escape; the hole in the roof is now big enough for her to pass through, thanks to the digging she has been doing for a while. She goes to Hildy’s prison to take her along, but Hildy decides to stay back. Amber wishes goodbye to her “best friend” and leaves in the dark of the night. She heads up the roof and descends the building through another side. Then she crosses a wire fence by cutting it and heads in the direction of the ATV. Upon reaching the location, she finds it, as well as a guerilla guard sleeping. She lifts a rock to smash his head.

‘Echo 3’ Episode 5: Ending Explained – Does Amber Escape the Cartel de Los Soles Compound?

The guerilla wakes from sleep and finds the ATV missing. Hildy was right. Amber didn’t have the courage to kill. Gabriela is informed of a missing prisoner and finds out that it is Amber. The compound is alerted, and squads leave in search of her. Somewhere else in the jungle, Amber rides the ATV to the end of the road. The rest of the journey is on foot. She makes her way through the jungle to a waterfall. The sun is up already. As she makes her way down the slope by the waterfall, the barking of hunter dogs can be heard. The guerillas are close. Amber will have to make the jump, and she does. She swims to land and resumes her walk. Unfortunately, there is another steep waterfall she will have to crawl down. This time, she slips and hits her head on a rock underwater. She somehow manages to pull herself out of the water, screaming in pain, the rush of water drowning her cry. Slowly and steadily, she swims and makes it to a fisherman by land. The fisherman would have taken her somewhere safe on his boat until it was spotted by the Venezuelan military, and the fisherman was shot. Amber is brought back to the Cartel de Los Soles compound. “Echo 3” Episode 5 ends with Hildy’s public execution.


We have no idea about Bambi’s whereabouts, but we can be sure that he is chalking out a plan to infiltrate the Cartel de Los Soles compound, which is why he befriended Javi in the first place. We also have to wait and see what the cartel does with Amber to punish her for her courageous attempt to escape. As for Prince, there is no telling what is going on in his mind or whether he will reach out to Bambi. “Echo 3” Episode 6 will hopefully show Bambi putting his plan into effect.

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