Dogge In ‘Deliver Me’ Explained: Is Douglas Dead?

Stuck in between a negligent grieving mother and an abusive gang leader, Dogge never really reached a place where he could even look for better things. Saying he didn’t have much of a choice wouldn’t be wrong, as his father’s untimely death only made things worse for him. It’s about time to discuss the actions of Dogge in Netflix’s latest Swedish thriller, Deliver Me.


Spoilers Ahead

How does Dogge become an addict?

Dogge and Billy first get their hands on drugs when Mehdi appoints them to sell the stuff. Dogge couldn’t resist the allure of the magic pouches of drugs he was selling. We see Dogge regularly take drugs from the same waist bag he sells the stuff from. He can’t even sleep without drugs. When he gets out of juvenile detention and finds cocaine on the table, he instantly snorts it up. Weed calms him down, and the kid only smiles when he’s high as a kite.


What scares Dogge in juvenile detention?

When Dogge is sent to a detention center after Billy’s murder, his sense of security gets affected. The warden, Josef, treats him with kindness and gives him a lot of space to be comfortable, but Dogge can’t stop thinking about Billy’s death. To make things worse, a few of Mehdi’s men are held at the same detention center, and he skips meals in order to avoid any interaction with them. His luck runs out when he’s extracted from the center and taken to one of Mehdi’s dens. 

Why did Dogge abuse people who were weaker than him?

Dogge is torn apart by self-doubt and a lack of hope. At no point does it seem like he has any self-esteem, and the only way he could find an escape was through bullying others. When he assaults Sudden’s daughter, it’s something nobody with any empathy would think of doing. Billy tried his best to keep Dogge out of trouble, but there’s only so much Billy can do to protect him. Dogge gets pleasure from hurting others because he himself is damaged beyond saving. 


Why does Dogge kill Billy?

Billy starts to avoid Dogge when Farid tells him to maintain his distance from the gang’s activities. Dogge tries to reach out, but he’s shut down by Billy. When Mehdi gets hold of Billy, he beats up Dogge along with Billy, even though Dogge didn’t mess with Mehdi. Dogge’s insecurities keep growing, and he finally manages to call Billy to the pool. When he gets to know that Billy is leaving the country, his first instinct is to ask if he can tag along. Just like Billy, Dogge wanted out too. But the kid born with a silver spoon isn’t very lucky if we see the trajectory of his life. He thinks Billy gave him the gun to get him into trouble, and he’s shivering in fear when he gets to know that Billy got rid of the grenades. Dogge is so scared that he says he’d have done the job if he had the grenades. Pushed to the edge, knowing that he’s in deep trouble, he loses it all and shoots Billy impulsively. At the moment, he doesn’t realize what he has done, but later, his conscience gets crippled by the guilt of killing his best friend. 

What led to Dogge’s death?

Dogge’s series of poor decisions started a chain reaction that was bound to end his life. It was never a possibility for Dogge to turn his life around. The depression got the better of him, and the poor kid got traumatized more than he could bear. Dogge’s actions might boil your blood, and it’s heartbreaking to see a kid succumb to the world of crime. What is the right thing to do in a situation where a kid like Dogge goes off the rails? He knows the ways to escape the situation he’s in, but he actually has no way out. Dogge’s karma haunts him when he goes back to Sudden’s grocery store months later. Sudden is still a decent man who wouldn’t hit a kid, but Dogge tries to play gangsta and bullies him into submitting. Sudden won’t have a kid disrespecting him when the same kid is charged with murder. His baseball bat cracks open Dogge’s skull.


Dogge survives for a few days after the hit, but he eventually passes when the doctors try to bring him back to consciousness. An unfortunate soul who suffered the consequences of his bad decisions, it’s hard to not feel bad for Dogge. Despite his monstrosity, he had a good heart and wanted to be better. When one is left with no choice, they’re stuck in a loop of hurting others for the sake of their own survival. 

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