‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episodes 9 And 10: Recap And Ending: Does Sung Han Win Chun Seok’s Case?

Previously, in “Divorce Attorney Shin,” Jin Yeong Ju set up Sung Han to defend a man in his controversial divorce case. Yeong Ju felt threatened by Sung Han’s presence in her stepson’s life, and more recently, her mother-in-law also seemed to be meeting Sung Han often. Yeong Ju was confident that this case would taint Sung Han’s reputation but Sung Han had come prepared.

Spoilers Ahead

Does Choi Joon Win His First Case?

Ma Chun Seok’s wife claims that Chun Seok overworked her on his farm and didn’t let her visit her family in Vietnam after giving birth. Sung Han has gathered statements from Chun Seok’s neighbors that prove that Chun Seok worked on the farm alone while his wife took Korean language lessons and barely spent any time at home. Moreover, her mother-in-law, in her late 80s, took care of the home and even cooked them food. Chun Seok had invited her family to Korea and sent them on a trip to Jeju, contrary to his wife’s statement. This is just the beginning, and then Sung Han asks Chun Seok’s wife what hand Chun Seok used while hitting her. When she says it was the right hand, Sung Han submits the diagnosis that Chun Seok’s right hand is permanently injured, and he can barely move it. Park Yu Seok, who is defending Chun Seok’s wife, is already at a loss for words when Sung Han brings up the topic of a paternity test. Yu Seok strongly opposes it, calling it a violation of personal dignity. However, Sung Han has more evidence. The baby’s blood group has to be a combination of the mother’s and father’s blood groups, but according to the blood test result, Chun Seok’s blood group hasn’t contributed to the baby’s blood group. There is no need to fight this case further, as Chun Seok’s wife starts crying in court when the truth is exposed.

While Sung Han has been busy with Chun Seok’s case, Choi Joon has been working on Min Jung, the schizophrenia patient’s case. Min Jung’s husband, Hyun Tae, claims that he used to go to support groups for schizophrenia patients, but when Choi Joon asks around about him, it turns out that Hyun Tae was only pretending. During the mediation session, Hyun Tae’s lawyer claimed that Min Jung and her parents hid her condition from him and trapped him in a fraudulent marriage. She claims that Hyun Tae went through a lot emotionally but still supported Min Jung. Choi Joon states that Hyun Tae also kept it a secret that he had a seven-year-old daughter. Moreover, he took money from Min Jung’s parents from time to time and never returned it. Min Jung’s condition had been worsening since she started living with Hyun Tae because he neglected her. Her parents only learned about it after she tried to kill herself. Hyun Tae gets angry after hearing all the things going against him and starts cursing both Choi Joon and Min Jung’s father. Choi Joon, being the young blood he is, curses back at him, and they even attack each other. Though Choi Joon causes a scene, he wins his first-ever divorce case. He is happy and wants to celebrate, but he has no one to celebrate with. He runs a YouTube channel, so he celebrates with his viewers by drinking alone in the office.

Sung Han held a team dinner, not for Choi Joon’s case but for Ma Chun Seok’s, which was a matter of public interest. However, Choi Joon is still excited, as he has wanted to go for a team dinner ever since he joined. After the dinner party, as Seo Jin is on her way home, a drunk man, claiming to be a fan of hers, asks for a picture. Seo Jin is still afraid of people recognizing her. Choi Joon had mentioned to Sung Han how Seo Jin avoids interaction in the field. Seo Jin gets conscious every time she is around a bunch of people and thinks that they are all gossiping about her. She orders everything at home, from food to accessories, and only steps out to go to the office. Thankfully, her son, Hyun Woo, understands her. He isn’t stubborn, but he mentions to Seo Jin that he would like to go shopping outside with her. For her son’s sake, Seo Jin musters the courage to go to his school to pick him up and take him shopping. It is a bold move, and she is still anxious, but Hyun Woo comforts her by saying that he understands how difficult it is for her. Seo Jin promises Hyun Woo that she will try her best to overcome her fears.

What Inspires Seo Jin To Start A Talk Show?

Ma Geum Hwi has hired Sung Han as her attorney for her divorce from her husband. She wants a share in the property, but her husband tells her that she won’t get any because she hasn’t contributed anything to the household. He does not want to give her a divorce because it would become an article of gossip in the business world, and moreover, if news of his affairs came out, it would taint his and his company’s reputation. When he fails to convince Geum Hwi, he gets ready for the divorce case and hires six lawyers to intimidate Sung Han. Moreover, he wants Yeong Ju to be his spokesperson. He never liked Yeong Ju from the beginning and thinks that it is her fault for messing with Sung Han and giving him more motivation to ruin his family. He tells Yeong Ju that if he loses the case, she will lose everything as well. Yeong Ju blames Park Yu Seok for losing the case against Sung Han, but this time, Yu Seok doesn’t keep quiet. He doesn’t like how Yeong Ju acts like she owns him and tells her that he doesn’t owe her or her law firm anything, so she should know her place.

Inspired by Choi Joon’s YouTube channel and her own and Hyun Woo’s desire to start a radio show again, Seo Jin started a talk show on YouTube similar to her radio show. She gets a good response, and people welcome her comeback to her niche. However, there are still some haters who post malicious comments against her. Seo Jin wasn’t aware of them initially because the channel manager deleted them right away, but she ended up reading them eventually. She doesn’t mind the comments against her, but she gets deeply hurt and offended when Hyun Woo is mentioned. She even wonders if it is her ex-husband. Choi Joon and Sung Han discuss whether they should report them or send them a notice. Meanwhile, Hyeong Geun has started dating again. The owner of the noodle shop, So Yeon, confessed her feelings for him, and though he is a dense person, his friends help him come to a decision. As he is busy, Choi Joon helps Seo Jin find the perpetrator who is making mean comments about her, a 14-year-old girl. They are shocked to see such a young girl, but after hearing her pitiful story, Seo Jin offers to help the girl instead of reporting her.

‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 10: Ending

Sung Han thought that he would have to fight hard against Geum Hwi’s husband’s six lawyers, but Geum Hwi gives him solid evidence of all that she went through over the years, which makes the case much easier. Geum Hwi has kept records of all the money she gave to her husband’s mistresses to keep their mouths shut. She made them sign notarized documents to not mention their relationship with her husband. This also includes buying them cars and houses and paying for their hospital fees for abortions. Geum Hwi’s husband had been a constant adulterer, and she had left the country after getting tired of covering up for him. When Sung Han submits the evidence to the six lawyers, all of them get worried.

“Divorce Attorney Shin” is soon coming to an end, but seeing how the story is going, we can already tell that just one season won’t be enough. Currently, Sung Han has sided with Geum Hwi, and Yeong Ju is fighting against him to protect herself. Moreover, Gi Yeong has come to Sung Han asking for help, which will only make the matter worse. Park Yu Seok and Yeong Ju have had a falling out, and he is working on something behind her back. Whether Choi Joons story has the potential to grow more, or Seo Jin and Hyun Woo’s relationship with each other, there are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of ways the story can continue.

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