‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episodes 7 And 8: Recap And Ending: Why Did Yeong Ju Send Chun Seok To Sung Han?

Jin Yeong Ju doesn’t like her stepson, Gi Yeong, meeting his uncle and is slowly trying to stop him from spending time with Sung Han. Yeong Ju and Sung Han had never seen each other, but Yeong Ju became curious about him after she heard that her mother-in-law had visited him. “Divorce Attorney Shin” sheds light on Sung Han’s sister Ju Hwa’s past, and after Sung Han finds Yeong Ju’s connection to her accident, he finally decides to meet the woman who is desperately trying to erase Ju Hwa’s existence from her son’s life.


Spoilers Ahead

What Is Ma Chun Seok Accused Of?

Yeong Ju sends a man from Haenam, Ma Chun Seok, to Sung Han to seek legal counsel for his divorce case, in which Geumhwa is representing his wife. Sung Han quickly realizes that Yeong Ju has an ulterior motive, but he still takes the case. Yeong Ju finds it interesting that Sung Han took her bait right away. Sung Han had been curious about the last person who called his sister before she died, and after many years, he found out that the number belonged to Yeong Ju. He is suspicious about whether Yeong Ju was involved in hurting his sister, but her mother-in-law confirms that she wasn’t in Korea when Ju Hwa died. Yeong Ju, on the other hand, reveals to her father-in-law that his wife, Geum Hwi, has been meeting with Sung Han, who is a specialized divorce lawyer. Geum Hwi doesn’t get along with her husband, and they live separately. Yeong Ju has been trying to get her father-in-law on her side because Geum Hwi definitely isn’t. Ju Hwa is not even alive, but Yeong Ju still feels bothered and insecure by her minor presence through Gi Yeong and Sung Han.


Lawyer Choi Joon is excited about his first divorce case, and he has prepared thoroughly, but Jo Min Jung, the client, hasn’t called yet. Seo Jin calls her to check if she is going to proceed with the lawsuit, but Min Jung’s father picks up the call and informs Seo Jin that Min Jung has been hospitalized due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Min Jung is schizophrenic and mentally vulnerable; hence, Seo Jin gets tensed, wondering if she made a mistake during the consultation that led Min Jung to hurt herself. However, when she meets Min Jung, she assures her that she is able to make a different and better choice with her life, just like she did herself. Min Jung’s mother doesn’t want her to get divorced because she believes that her husband is a good person. While Seo Jin talks with Min Jung’s parents, Choi Joon keeps an eye on Min Jung’s husband. He pretends to care about Min Jung in front of her parents, but he is doing it to save his face. When away from them, he doesn’t mind laughing while watching entertainment shows, even when he is in the hospital. He isn’t bothered or worried that she tried to kill herself. Min Jung has halted her case for the time being, but Sung Han is likely going to receive a rather large divorce case. Geum Hwi is really planning to divorce her husband, and this case between two rich people could get nasty.

While Sung Han is busy consulting with Geum Hwi, he gets a call from his client, Ma Chun Seok, saying that his face is on national TV. He is getting criticized for assaulting his Vietnamese wife, and the rumors that he bought her and had been abusing her have also been spreading. Yeong Ju has made it happen because she wants to ruin Sung Han’s image for representing an abusive husband. However, Chun Seok claims that he married his wife out of love and didn’t abuse her. He doesn’t understand why his wife has been acting out of character all of a sudden since she gave birth to their son. Chun Seok has gotten embroiled in a domestic abuse and divorce case altogether, and he feels like he has lost his honor. Chun Seok accepts that he is uneducated and comes from a rural area, but he has lived his life rightfully. After hearing his story, Sung Han assures him that if anything, he will get his honor back.


What Does Choi Joon Ask From Yeong Ju?

Yeong Ju publicizes Ma Chun Seok’s divorce case to paint Sung Han as a greedy lawyer defending an abuser. Sung Han needs to counterattack Yeong Ju, so he appears on a radio show as the pianist whose video went viral some days ago and indirectly reveals the case he’s currently working on. The host and the listeners all understand which case Sung Han is talking about because it is a hot topic in the country at the moment. Sung Han gains leverage against Yeong Ju with this and shows her what he is capable of. After this incident, Yeong Ju meets Choi Joon personally to see what kind of spy Park Yu Seok has planted at Sung Han’s office. Choi Joon reveals that Sung Han knows that he is a spy, so if they want him to continue, they must accept his condition. Choi Joon meets Sung Han and Hyeong Geun later and tells them proudly that he asked for Yun Seok’s position if he worked as a good spy. Neither of them are bothered by it. All of them are strange, and that’s why they get along. Meanwhile, Seo Jin, the only wise person at the law firm, is considering going back to her old job, but she won’t get an opportunity soon.

Hyeong Geun is going to Haenam to investigate Ma Chun Seok’s case, and Jung Sik is adamant about accompanying him. When Jung Sik understands that Park Yu Seok is the opposition’s lawyer, he gets determined to help Sung Han in any way possible. Jung Sik was the one who introduced Ju Hwa to Yu Seok, and he still regrets his decision. He just cannot see Yu Seok prosper after he ruined Ju Hwa’s and, consequently, Sung Han’s lives. However, Sung Han is forever grateful that Jung Sik was by his sister’s side when he was in Germany, selfishly ignoring his sister. In Haenam, Hyeong Geun and Jung Sik ask around about Chun Seok and understand that Chun Seok is a decent man who does nothing but work. However, a man tells them that Chun Seok’s wife was rumored to have had an affair, and everyone but Chun Seok was aware of it. The man had told Chun Seok about her alleged affair only a few days before the physical assault happened. Sung Han finds it all strange as Chun Seok’s wife has also applied to give up her permanent residency to return to Vietnam. The reason she left her home country was that she had one too many younger siblings to feed, and now she wants to go back with a baby of her own. Moreover, all of her activities on the day she reported to Chun Seok were suspicious.


‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 8: Ending

Gi Yeong’s grandmother decides not to go back to Hawaii as she thinks there are a lot of things to take care of in Korea. The first thing she wants is for Gi Yeong to stay close to his uncle and not let Yeong Ju control him. She brings Gi Yeong to Sung Han, but Yeong Ju ends up finding out about it. This becomes the first time Yeong Ju and Sung Han meet each other when Yeong Ju goes to Sung Han’s place to bring Gi Yeong back. It upsets Sung Han, but as usual, he stays calm for the sake of Gi Yeong.

Yeong Ju has pitted Yu Seok against Sung Han in “Divorce Attorney Shin.” While Yu Seok and Yeong Ju see it as a battle against Sung Han, Sung Han only cares about his client. He has promised Chun Seok that he will win him back his lost honor. In court, Sung Han demands a paternity test for Chun Seok and his son. Chun Seok believes that the baby cannot be his but is still ready to accept him. On the other hand, his wife has told Yu Seok the truth—that the real father of the baby disappeared after she gave birth.


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