‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episodes 5 And 6: Recap And Ending: Why Does Yeong Ju Contact Sung Han?

Sung Han wanted to win one last divorce case of Park Ae Ran to achieve his goal, but the couple ended up withdrawing their case. Previously, in “Divorce Attorney Shin,” Sung Han encountered Park Yu Seok as the Geumhwa law firm purposely took the case to fight against him. Lawyer Choi Joon, Yu Seok’s spy, liked Sung Han’s way of working and resigned from Geumhwa. Yu Seok didn’t appreciate this, and he had an idea where Joon would go. However, Sung Han won’t accept Choi Joon easily, knowing he came from Geumhwa.


Spoilers Ahead

Will Sung Han help Choi Jung Ho?

As expected, Sung Han is not even considering taking Choi Joon on to work with him and just tells him to go back to Geumhwa. However, Joon has something crucial that can work in his favor. He offers to take down Sung Han’s viral video from his channel if he gives him a job. Sung Han only gets angrier, and Hyeong Geun has to meddle between them. Hyeong Geun thinks that Sung Han should hire Choi Joon so that they can take more cases. He convinces Sung Han to hire Choi Joon by making Joon delete his video right away. Choi Joon was right when he thought that he’d get the best experience with divorce cases from Sung Han. More often than not, Sung Han gets complicated and crazy divorce cases. A woman comes to his office asking for a divorce, not for herself but for her boyfriend, from his wife. Sung Han tells them that this case won’t work in their favor since the man has been having an extramarital affair. However, he understands the complexity of the case when the woman reveals the real reason behind the divorce. Choi Jung Ho has liver cancer and is counting his final days. His wife refuses to donate her liver and is living a luxurious life off his money, so his girlfriend wants to donate her liver to him. She can’t do it unless she is legally related to him, so they want to get married.


Choi Joon has started working at Sung Han’s office, but he finds it much different than expected. The main lawyer doesn’t arrive on time; the staff members are always quiet, and, most importantly, no one has arranged a welcome party for him. Yu Seok calls Choi Joon to his office, and while Joon thinks that he wants to see him one last time, Yu Seok has something else in mind. Yu Seok wants Joon to report to him every activity from Sung Han’s office. If not, he threatens to ruin Joon’s reputation by revealing that he is a spy. Joon doesn’t want to do it and shares his concern with Hyeong Geun. Hyeong Geun thinks the only way is to tell the truth to Sung Han, but Joon is scared. However, Sung Han reacts differently than he expected. He tells Joon to keep acting as a spy and use that money for their team dinner. Sung Han just doesn’t have anything to hide.

Hyeong Geun suddenly gets a call from his wife, and he has to take her to the hospital. Both of them parted ways some time ago, and now she is pregnant with her boyfriend. She has been asking Hyeong Geun for a divorce, but he is not ready yet. However, when he meets her boyfriend, he thinks of him as a good man who would take care of her. On the other hand, Sung Han is worried about his nephew, Gi Young, because his grandmother is returning from the USA, and he doesn’t see it as a good sign. While he is worrying about the little kid, a teenager shows up at his office. He is Choi Min Soo, the son of Choi Jung Ho, who recently came to his office with his girlfriend. Min Soo studies abroad but returned when he found out about his father’s illness. He wants to donate his liver if his mother won’t, and hence, he asks Sung Han for help. Seeing how desperate he is, Sung Han finally agrees to help his father.


Why Does Yeong Ju Hate Geum Hui?

It’s Sung Han’s deceased sister, Ju Hwa’s birthday, and just after he returns from the cemetery, he gets a surprise visit from Ju Hwa’s mother-in-law, Geum Hui. She wants to know where Ju Hwa has been buried so that she can pay her respects to her, but Sung Han politely tells her that it is too late now. Neither her son nor her new daughter-in-law, Yeong Ju, know where her grave is. Sung Han is not interested in talking to her and asks her to leave before he stops being polite anymore. Geum Hui later asks Yeong Ju to find the burial location and announces that she will take Gi Young with her, too, because he must know where his mother is. Yeong Ju doesn’t like Geum Hui meddling in her family and hates her for always comparing her to Ju Hwa. She says to Geum Hui that this family has always belonged to her and not Ju Hwa. She later finds out from Yu Seok that Geum Hui met with Sung Han as well. She has never seen Sung Han personally, but now she feels a need to do so.

Choi Min Soo’s mother finds out that he has returned to Korea and is willing to donate his liver, all because of her husband’s girlfriend. She gets into a fight with the girlfriend and later appears for divorce counseling. Sung Han had told Jung Ho that he might have to face some criminal charges if he wanted to get a divorce because that’s the only possible solution at the moment. During the counseling, Sung Han plays the recording of Jung Ho’s wife talking to his insurance agent about canceled cancer insurance. Even though it is an illegally obtained recording, it proves that Jung Ho’s wife is willing to let him die for money. On this basis, their divorce gets approved. Jung Ho may face some criminal charges, but at least he’ll live. However, Sung Han thinks that their lives will continue to be complicated even after this. Sung Han has won the case, which fulfills his goal, but he hesitates to mark it on his goal sheet. It’s as if he is not yet ready to do what he’s going to do after this. However, he seems to change his mind when he gets a call from an unknown number. It is a number that he can never forget—the number that his sister called before she killed herself. Yeong Ju turns out to be the owner of the number that confused Sung Han.


‘Divorce Attorney Shin’ Episode 6: Ending

Apart from Sung Han, Hyeong Geun and Seo Jin are also fighting their battles silently. Seo Jin has been working as a consultant, but every time she hears a new story, she relates it to herself. Every day, she tries to convince herself that what happened to her isn’t a big deal. When a client doesn’t recognize her, she gets happy, knowing that not everyone knows her. Her face was all over the internet a few months ago, and she is still terrified of it. Hyeong Geun has finally accepted that he must let go of his wife and bought a baby stroller as a divorce gift to her. His friends surely helped him realize that she was never going to come back to him, but he let her go because he wanted her to be happy in her new life with her baby.

“Divorce Attorney Shin” portrays adults who struggle with their insecurities, pasts, and pains, but they deal with them with patience, understanding, and laughter. Shin Sung Han is a character who seems to not have unleashed his real face yet. When Yeong Ju sends a man to his office with her business card, Sung Han loses his cool and tears up his goal sheet. He seems to hold a deep grudge against Yeong Ju, and we might see his different personality as he sets out to take revenge for his sister’s death.


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