‘Destined With You’ Episodes 11 And 12 Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Killed Aeng-Cho?

It’s filler week, and we finally get to see some romance between Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo. These two episodes are filled with swoon-worthy moments from start to (almost) finish. Of course, there’s a dramatic cliffhanger that Destined With You episode 12 ends on for us to wait in anticipation for next week’s episodes. In classic K-drama style, we can imagine that there will be a breakup, possibly someone almost dying, and then they’ll get back together at the end of the show. The happy ending we’ve been waiting for will come, but we need some patience. What really stands out about Destined With You is the self-aware K-drama jokes it pokes fun at. The cringe is presented in an obvious way, making it rather fun to watch.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 11?

To start off with, Destined With You episode 11 delivers a ton of cuteness in the form of Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo’s budding romance. They’re finally together, and we see them having fun with no inhibitions because Na-Yeon is out of the picture. It’s uncertain how taking Hong-Jo out of the building randomly without informing anyone helps her keep her job, but somehow it works, it seems. Amidst the joyride, though, Shin-Yu has come to the realization that the bloody hand that had been torturing him before he met Hong-Jo was Aeng-Cho’s (her past life) hand. Mu-Jin (i.e., Shin-Yu of the past life) was the one who killed Aeng-Cho back then.


At work, Shin-Yu finds it strange that the Onju city hall has been working with the same gardening company for many projects at once. He suggests that Gong Seo-Goo may have been bribed, but Gong denies it and tells him that the manager before him set up that contract. Five years ago, Jung-Beom’s wife went missing, never to be found. Some people thought it was the husband who killed her, but the rumor was dismissed. The case remains unsolved, though, because the wife’s body was never found. Nobody wanted to work with Jung-Beom or give him a chance, so the previous manager at Onju City Hall decided to give him all the work so he would have something to look forward to. Even if this is all true, it looks like Jung-Beom has made some changes to the cost and scammed the civil servants. Seeing this, Shin-Yu tells Gong that they should immediately stop working with him after the current projects are over.

Hong-Jo’s female colleagues really want to know how she got to hold hands with Shin-Yu and why that happened. She’s about to make up an excuse, but Shin-Yu shows up at the “team dinner”. Her colleagues try desperately to impress Shin-Yu, even going to karaoke, but it is Shin-Yu who continues to impress everybody with his angelic voice. On the other hand, when she gets back home, a drunk Jae-Gyeong awaits her arrival. He reminds her that he likes her very much and says she and Shin-Yu are not great together. He doesn’t hide his jealousy at all and asks to be on a first-name basis with Hong-Jo because they’re at least that close now. Jung-Beom continues to take pictures of Hong-Jo and sends them to Na-Yeon. He takes a picture of her and Jae-Gyeong and suggests Na-Yeon use it well. Na-Yeon posts a picture of Hong-Jo with Jae-Gyeong and a picture of her with Shin-Yu holding hands on the city hall platform. Everyone begins to gossip about Hong-Jo yet again, but she doesn’t let it get to her this time around.


Shin-Yu makes Hong-Jo promise that even if she remembers her past life and finds out that they were mortal enemies, she won’t leave him in the present day. Hong-Jo agrees because living in the moment is more important than thinking about the past. Finally, Shin-Yu and Gong find out that there are human remains under one of the trees planted by Jung-Beom. Shocking Gong, Shin-Yu tells him that it’s possible they’re Jung-Beom’s wife’s bones. On the other hand, Hong-Jo goes to resolve a complaint that someone has dug up a huge hole in the forest. Of course, she has to go all alone, and before she knows it, Jung-Beom has pushed her into the hole, and she’s unconscious (even when he’s throwing mud on her with force, she doesn’t wake up). This is a bit much.

What Happens In Episode 12?

Shin-Yu knows there’s something weird going on and goes in search of Hong-Jo. At the same time, he calls Jung-Beom and tells him some bones were found, and it could be his wife. Somehow, Jung-Beom leaves Hong-Jo lying there after Shin-Yu’s call. Shin-Yu makes it to the forest, and when he finds Hong-Jo, she’s been dreaming about Mu-Jin and Aeng-Cho. She too remembers certain things about their past lives now. Shin-Yu manages to save Hong-Jo and take her back home safely, but there’s an uneasy feeling in her.


Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that she tripped and fell in the hole herself, but the next day she goes to the convenience store near the forest to check the CCTV and finds Jung-Beom. She goes to his flower shop alone without fear, and Shin-Yu shows up there too. He tells her that she needs to be honest with him because they’re a couple and not make him worry about coming to such places alone without warning. Jung-Beom sees them on the CCTV and gets angry again. Later at work, it’s only Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo in the office, and he offers to help her with work but never shows up. He fainted in the lift after seeing the bloody hand again. The doctor says nothing showed up in the MRI, meaning that this is a psychological issue for Shin-Yu. Hong-Jo decides to do a cleansing of the mind and body spell for Shin-Yu, seeing as he’s so sick, but she gets a vision of herself as Aeng-Cho writing that spell.

Shin-Yu is invited to dinner with his dad, but the mayor is there too. They ask him what his plans are with Hong-Jo, and he pretends like he’s going to leave her and has made up his mind for “good”. He invites Na-Yeon for dinner, who thinks they’re going to get back together, but he’s also invited Hyun-Seo because he knows Na-Yeon was cheating on him with Hyun-Seo. When she was showing him the pictures of Hong-Jo and him together, he also saw a selfie of hers with Hyun-Seo in the reflection. This should be the only way to make her fully understand that he’s actually done with her for real.


In the meantime, Jae-Gyeong’s father comes to visit, and Hong-Jo entertains him while they wait for Jae-Gyeong. He seems alright, but when Jae-Gyeong shows up, he gets furious and tells Hong-Jo to immediately go upstairs to her flat. He yells at his father, saying he doesn’t know how he found his house, but he wants nothing to do with him. Jae-Gyeong’s father says if he gives him 30 million won, the mayor says that Haum would give them 30 billion won, and Jae-Gyeong would definitely get a hefty piece of that.

Why Does Hong-Jo Wish To See The Snow?

Na-Yeon wants revenge and tells the mayor to force his hand on Jae-Gyeong. The mayor tells Jae-Gyeong to collaborate with Haum instead of another company. Haum Construction is Hyun-Seo’s, and we already know that it has created problems, which is why Shin-Yu left his old job defending them for wrongdoing. Hyun-Jo admits to her colleagues that she is dating Shin-Yu because she just wants to be close to them. At the company dinner, she gets a drink and tells everyone that she conducted a love spell that went wrong, and they all have a good laugh about it. She offers to make them rich, and things seem to be better for her. In her drunken state, she goes to Shin-Yu’s house. He gets her comfortable and puts her to sleep. Hong-Jo wakes up in the middle of the night and touches Shin-Yu’s face because she’s still in disbelief that they’re together. She notices him shivering from the touch, and she gets a vision of the past life again.


When Shin-Yu wakes, she’s nowhere to be seen, and he goes to her house to check on her. He calls her, and she says she has gone to see the shaman. She asks him to come see snow with her. When they get there, she tells him that she has something important to say. Hong-Jo admits to remembering his past life. Shin-Yu reminds her that she said it wouldn’t matter because only the present is important. But Hong-Jo shows him that when she tries to touch his face, he flinches. She’s made the decision to cut ties with Shin-Yu because it would only hurt the both of them.

In the past, we saw Shin-Yu put a knife in Hong-Jo’s stomach. At this moment, Hong-Jo tells Shin-Yu that if anyone kills her, then they’ll be cursed. It doesn’t look like she’s cursing him, though, and there’s definitely more to the story than what we’ve been given till now. She’s probably already dying or something, which is why he had to end her misery. Or maybe some other curse is involved; we’ll find out in Destined With You‘s next episodes.


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