‘Destined With You’ Episode 15 Recap & Ending Explained: Where Does Na Jung-Beom Take Hong-Jo?

We’ve come to the end of Destined With You, and we’d have expected things to be all rose-tinted right now, but it seems there are still some things that need to be fixed. Jung-Beom hasn’t been found, Na-Yeon hasn’t apologized, and even though Shin-Yu and Hong-Jo are “destined” to be together, there is still some resistance. Even after the curse has ended, these two don’t seem to be getting any rest. The show definitely feels a little bit dragged right now, and we wish it had been wrapped up cleanly rather than expanding on the past life so much. However, it cannot be denied that the chemistry between the two leads is impeccable, and that’s mostly the reason we continue watching.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In The Episode?

Jung-Beom gets Hong-Jo to come see him, but Hong-Jo meets Shin-Yu at the park. To her surprise, there are also many bodyguards, and the police have been notified by the time they finish their conversation. Because of the security, Jung-Beom probably isn’t showing up. Now that the curse has been lifted, there’s only the fear of Jung-Beom coming in the way of the two of them, so Shin-Yu takes Hong-Jo back home. His parents arrive the next day, and although things are peachy for the couple at first, they panic at the sight of his parents. Shin-Yu’s dad doesn’t approve of the relationship and keeps talking about Hong-Jo’s ill-fated background. His mother, on the other hand, is disappointed by her husband’s old-fashioned thoughts and points out that she herself doesn’t come from a rich or fantastic family background. Instead of telling her that Hong-Jo and she are different, he says that that is the reason for them having drifted apart. Shin-Yu’s mother has had enough now and decides to finally get a divorce.


Hong-Jo doesn’t take any of it to heart and she’s certain she loves Shin-Yu enough for his father to approve at some point. At work, Hong-Jo hears office gossip from her two colleagues, who are finally interested in talking to her. They tell her that their manager and boss have been seeing each other, and there was a huge scene in the office the day she was missing. They ask her if she can invite them over again just to have a look at Jae-Gyeong. Elsewhere, Jae-Gyeong is cooking up his own storm, which we will find out a little more about in the next episode of Destined With You. Shin-Yu’s dad gets the divorce papers, and this is when he realizes how much he’s hurt his wife by calling her stupid all the time. She’s even made a list with dates and phrases he’s used to hurt her feelings. Jae-Gyeong receives a bribe from Haum’s very own Hyun-Seo for the handover of the Onju mountain. After this, he visits Shin-Yu and tells him to resign yet again because the mayor wants him to.

Shin-Yu’s mother is going back to acting, and she asks to meet Shin-Yu and Hong-Ju for dinner. Hong-Ju is similar to her in many ways, and she’s happy that they have such a “lovey-dovey” vibe to them. Just as her son supports her, she wants to show her own support for him, too. On the other hand, her husband is in big trouble with the bank. His company isn’t doing so well, so he’s been drinking himself to sleep. She goes back home to deal with the mess.


Hong-Jo decides to finally go to one of the school reunions, where she has to see Na-Yeon’s backstabbing face. She stands up to Na-Yeon and tells her she knows about how she made her boyfriend try to kiss Hong-Jo forcefully in school so that she could make her life a mess. It was never Hong-Jo who made a move on Na-Yeon’s boyfriend. Na-Yeon admits to bullying Hong-Jo, but she also threatens her by saying she will mess with Shin-Yu and his father’s company just to take revenge on Hong-Jo (for what now?). In the end, Na-Yeon splashes some wine on Hong-Jo’s face (oh, the good old tactics), and Hong-Jo leaves, telling everyone that the meal is on her.

Where Does Jung-Beom Take Hong-Jo?

Someone shows up in front of Hong-Jo’s close friend, a grandfather who helps with her work as a civil servant. There definitely seems to be something shady going on there. Elsewhere, Shin-Yu comes to meet Hong-Jo and is happy when she confronts Na-Yeon. He takes her home, and they finally get to do the “couple-y” things they haven’t done till now (if you know what we mean). In the morning, Shin-Yu gets a strange call from Eun-Wol, who tells him that “it’s a girl.” She’s had a “conception dream” where she picked a peach fruit, implying to someone that Hong-Jo may be pregnant with a girl.


When Hong-Jo is working outside in the park, the grandfather shows up and asks her to meet him about his grandson, whom she is close to. Hong-Jo tells the bodyguards to leave because she trusts the old man, and he would never harm her. When the bodyguards return, Hong-Jo has disappeared. They immediately give Shin-Yu a call, and everybody rushes to Onju Mountain. At the end of episode 15 of Destined With You, we see Jung-Beom setting up an elaborate shrine for a big spell that night with Hong-Jo. She’s lying on the side, unconscious, or so it seems, for now. We’ll know what’s really going on in the finale of “Destined With You.” 

Final thoughts

Destined With You would’ve been much better off if Jung-Boem had just been naturally caught by the police when he called Hong-Jo to the park. Now, they’ve expanded this plotline even further which is just making it a bore. It seems like just to make the show 16 episodes, a lot of random things have been added to the over one hour-long episodes making it quite tedious to keep up. With just one episode remaining all we can hope is for the ending to be more fulfilling than boring. 


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