‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 4 Recap Summary: Was Winnie The Real Killer?

In the previous episodes of Death and Other Details, we were introduced to detective Rufus Cotesworth, who teamed up with Imogene and investigated the murder case of Keith Trubisky aboard a cruise ship. The case is shrouded by a mysterious connection with the Colliers and the Chuns, two affluent families aboard the ship. Imogene, who sought justice for her mother’s mysterious death, thought the Colliers had something to do with it. Meanwhile, an Interpol agent, Hilde Eriksen, intervened in Rufus and Imogene’s investigation by coming up with her own conclusions. Let’s see if Rufus and Imogene will be able to identify the actual killer in this latest episode of Death and Other Details.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Hilde Suspect Jules?

Episode 4 opened six months prior to this incident in London, where Jules and Sunil met for the first time. At night, when Sunil was walking back home all alone, he was surrounded by some thugs who threatened to kill him if he didn’t give them his iPhone. However, Jules arrived right on time, saving Sunil from these thugs. Sunil later understood that it was a ploy crafted by Jules to befriend Sunil and get onto his ship.

In the current timeline, we saw Hilde Eriksen getting worked up about finding out about Jules, whom she suspected to be the criminal. Jules was no ordinary foreigner, he was a wanted criminal for robberies and many other frauds in different countries. Therefore, as Hilde came to know about Jules’ presence on the ship, she concluded that it was he who killed Keith. She asked all her employees to search the entire ship to find out where Jules was. In the meantime, Jules tied Imogene up inside the ship’s hold. Imogene trusted him, knowing that Jules wasn’t the murderer, because, on the night of the murder, he was in her room. But she could sense that Jules was hiding something, so she demanded to know what it was before she would help him out. Initially reluctant, Jules finally untied her and took her to a secret room, where he showed her the refugees from Ukraine. Jules wanted to sneak them out of Ukraine, and for that, he needed to maintain discretion. Among the refugees, Imogene found a young girl named Yeva who had blood stains on her knees. She wanted to talk to her, thinking that she had witnessed something on the night of the murder, which was also the specific night when they came to this boat. Yeva agreed to talk, so Imogene thought it would be better if Rufus would question her.

Who Did Yeva See On The Night Of The Murder?

Meanwhile, Anna and Eleanor Chun were locked up in the room, as they couldn’t get out because of the ongoing search around the ship. Anna had a flashback to the night of the murder when she told her wife, Leila, about Keith’s murder. Surprisingly, Leila seemed to be calm, as if she were already aware of the death. Anna expressed her suspicion as she had seen Leila leaving her room a while ago, when the murder took place, but as she brought it up, it caused a little argument between them. Anna chose not to include this part in her alibi because she didn’t want to jeopardize her wife’s life. However, while recalling the old times, Anna and Eleanor felt romantically attracted to each other and started making out.

Rufus, Sunil, and Teddy were brought into the hold, where Imogene wanted Rufus to talk to Yeva. Rufus questioned the young girl, who put a little pressure in her mind and remembered that on the night of the murder she had seen a woman with black heels with golden hooks on them passing by the vent. According to Yeva’s description, it was Teddy, who wore these black heels with golden hooks. So, after Yeva, Teddy was brought in for further questioning. Teddy confessed that she was indeed passing by the vent on the night of the murder, but she hadn’t entered Keith’s room. She revealed herself to be a dominatrix, but she didn’t reveal who her client was that night. Rufus could easily conclude that it was the lawyer, Llewellyn Mathers, who had marks on his wrist. Rufus and Imogene assured Teddy that they knew she wasn’t the murderer, but if she really wanted them to find out the truth, she had to play along. Teddy agreed to cooperate with them, and Rufus and Imogene arrested her for the killing of Keith Trubisky.

Meanwhile, Hilde had already arrested Mathers after finding him locked up in his closet. Seeing Teddy being arrested, Hilde freed Mathers and put her in instead, but it was at this time that Winnie, Teddy’s sister, a waitress on the ship, came to confess that Teddy had nothing to do with this murder, as the real culprit was Winnie herself.

Was Jules Arrested?

Winnie was brought in for further interrogation, and she spoke out, saying that she was the one who had killed Keith because he had humiliated her earlier. Winnie’s reasons for killing Keith didn’t add up, which was very apparent from her statement. Therefore, Rufus knew that he and his partner, Imogene, would still have to dig deeper into the case. While all this was happening, Jules managed to sneak those refugees out of the ship with the help of Sunil. Sunil was initially hesitant to help Jules, but he did it for the sake of those innocent refugees whose lives had been dragged into the mess. Jules wanted to get them off the ship as soon as possible, and with both Sunil and Imogene’s help, he managed to do just that. However, unfortunately, Jules couldn’t get off the ship, as Interpol agent Eriksen captured him.

In the concluding scene of episode 4, we saw Governor Alexander in her room receiving an email on her laptop. It was an anonymous sender who emailed her pictures of her and Tripp Collier’s very private moments in her room. This could be a serious threat to the governor’s life as well as to her reputation, so it remains to be seen what she might do to prevent the infamy in the upcoming episodes.

Death and Other Details episode 4 ended with Rufus coming back to the deck, where he found Leila hiding. Leila came out and said that she didn’t believe it was Winnie who was the killer, but she was just one of the followers of the actual killer. Leila seemed to be an interesting and mysterious character in this story, as she believed there was someone else committing this crime from the shadows. She took the name “Viktor Sams” and asked if Rufus had any idea about it, and Rufus’s facial expression confirmed that Leila knew something that could be important to their investigation. Let’s see if the upcoming episode sheds some light on Leila and her connection with the murder case.

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