‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 3 Recap Spoilers: Did Jules Kill David?

Death and Other Details Episode 3 added a few more twists and turns to the murder investigation of David/Keith, Rufus’ assistant. Imogen helped Rufus as much as possible before she had to get others involved lest Interpol be notified about her covert activities. We can expect the case will have some more twists and turns, considering it’s just the third episode. There is a lot more hidden in Varuna, and Imogen discovers secret passageways, confirming exactly that. But before all that happened, a few secrets came out in the open, and the facade of a righteous life was shattered. How that would impact the case is yet to be determined. Rufus, meanwhile, had the pleasure of working with Interpol’s ‘best man,’ a woman named Hilde Erikson, as she bulldozed her way into the investigation, trying to get to the truth as quickly as possible.


Spoilers Ahead

Why was Alexandra worried?

Alexandra had broken things off with Tripp, but she had called the bar cart up to David’s room. The killer was hidden in there, and naturally, she was worried Rufus or Interpol would pin the murder on her or get her for at least being an accomplice. Father Toby was no saint, and she got a little too aggressive towards him, asking him to do her a favor. It sounded more like an order, drawn from the authority of a governor. She had received a phone call and had been told to meet with Keith, and she wanted Toby to figure out the source in her team that connected her to Keith. She had the idea that somebody was trying to frame her, and her bet was on Lawrence, who had made her into what she was but now perhaps wanted her gone. Toby knew that Alexandra was thinking way ahead of the curve, and he, too, had too much on his plate. He was having an affair with Katherine, Lawrence’s wife, and their secret affair was finally revealed to Anna when she walked in on them.


Why was Anna anxious?

Anna had a wild night with Leila, but that wasn’t enough; it seemed like a patch-up. Anna met Imogen, and she looked a little disturbed. She had the task of making the deal a reality. Celia Chun was of the opinion that the deal was off as the murder investigation would render the Collier legacy tarnished. Anna tried her best to convince Celia that the family had nothing to do with the murder and that she would be losing out on a great deal if she let it come in between them. She got a final chance, and the stress was visible on her face. Leila was nowhere to be found, Tripp was furious over the break up, and Llewelyn, the lawyer, was tied up somewhere, quite literally. Anna wasn’t able to reach out to any of them. There was Imogen by her side, but she just wanted to know her moves so she could find time to look into the Collier family’s business documents. There could be a clue in there that might reveal who Victor Sams is and what he had to do with Imogen’s mother’s death.

Why did Sunil help Imogen?

Suni Bhandari, who was one of the suspects, as he had seen Keith trying to break into his room, knew that Imogen was trying to look for what was in his second safe. Imogen followed Teddy right up to Sunil’s room. She must have figured that she was being followed. Imogen got started cracking the code of the safe, but Sunil was right there, and she was in for a surprise. Surprisingly, Sunil didn’t give Imogen up to Erikson but agreed to help her. Imogen convinced Sunil by telling him the truth. She was looking for dirt on the Collier family, and the documents were one of the ways she could dig some up. Also, David might have been killed because he knew what was in those documents. She also gave away the fact that she was doing all this in the capacity of Rufus’ assistant, and he was called in to look at the documents. They were pretty standard papers, but there was one anomaly. A paper mentioned the use of the carcinogen Captionem Blue, but it was banned in 1989, and the date on the paper was blurred. The paper in itself was no proof that David was killed because he had discovered their secret ingredient, Captionem Blue. There was nothing in there to tie Lawrence to Victor Sams either. The documents were put back as they were. Anna took them out later in the day to be taken to Celia.


Are Leila and Jules linked?

Erikson was soon going to pin the murder on Imogen, as there was the broken watch that Imogen had damaged, and the footage placed her in the room. Erikson had questioned Jules about the breach in security and the deleted footage, but he refused to tell the truth, as that would have meant owning up to the fact that he was in bed with Imogen at the time of the murder.

Leila finally showed up, and Imogen saw her picking up a knife and hiding it. There were many instances before where she had done that, especially when she was stressed and was not on good terms with Anna. Imogen tried following her and discovered that she had access to a secret passageway. Meanwhile, Erikson started to interview all the staff members, who were worried that the murder would be pinned on one of them. The rich had the money to protect themselves, but the staff members were regular folks, and they seldom received good treatment. Erikson went in to search Jules’ room and found that he was an imposter, possibly a felon, who had come onto the ship with ulterior motives. He was nowhere to be found, though. It was only when Imogen followed Leila into the secret passage that he suddenly jumped out at her, essentially ordering her to stay quiet. Leila must have been down there as well, and this only indicated that she has a connection with Jules. Whoever he is, he knows Leila from before, and perhaps Leila offered her the hiding place as well. It’s up to Rufus and Erikson to save Imogen, who was down in the dungeon, from a felon whose true intentions are yet to be discovered.


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