‘Death And Other Details’ Episode 2 Recap Spoilers: Was Rufus A Fraud?

The first episode of Death and Other Details was about an unusual duo coming together to solve a murder that happened on the cruise. It was also revealed that Keith was Rufus’ assistant who boarded the ship by assuming another identity for a purpose, but Imogene was shocked by the revelation. Everyone who knew Keith had been gathered for questioning, and Imogene volunteered to be the first one to be questioned.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Imogene Volunteer?

Imogene willingly joined the interrogation as a show of support for the Collier family. The questioning was at the behest of Rufus, who wanted to paint a picture of himself through Imogene, who claims the man knows a lot about people on the cruise liner and everyone should be worried. Imogene tried to unsettle everyone around her as a way to find out who could be guilty because finding Keith’s killer could lead them to know more about her mother’s death as well. Keith’s revelation was a secret between Imogene and Rufus, and they planned to keep it that way. Imogene shared a tiny piece of paper with her best friend Anna, as she could never keep a lie from her. Imogene made a move based on Rufus’ instructions to make sure Anna did not suspect her best friend.


Why Was Tripp A Suspect?

Tripp was a suspect because the bar counter, which is presumably where the killer had been hiding, was sent by him as per the call record on the cruise and the statements by the staff. Tripp also had anger issues and lashed out at Keith when the latter decided to walk away from his business deal. Tripp had a very negative reaction to Keith’s decision, which included threatening to kill him, and there were witnesses to this outburst. Tripp had a lot to lose because he was afraid of being cut off by his father from the business empire, and he was not on good terms with his sister Anna.

Since the bar counter was ordered from his room, the staff recalled having spoken to a woman with an American accent which pointed fingers at Governor Alexandra Hochenberg of Washington. It was revealed to the audience that Tripp and the governor were having an affair, but Tripp getting caught because of her and possibly being termed a main suspect could change their dynamics. Alexandra could not afford to lose her seat, while Tripp might face a tough time ahead.


Who Was The Real Keith Trubisky?

As revealed at the end of the first episode of the show, Keith was really Rufus’ assistant, named Danny, and had joined the journey as a plan of action to find dirt on the Colliers. Danny’s death was never on the cards; it came as a rude shock to Rufus. This led him to question every person of interest in the hope of finding answers before Interpol took over the case. Danny had helped him come across the business deal between the Chuns and Colliers, as Rufus had felt guilty for years of not being able to give Imogene the justice she deserved. Keith was the right kind of assistant, but things blew apart, and Rufus had to make do with Imogene and hope the young woman did not have any ulterior motives.

Did Imogene Lie To Anna?

Imogene was asked by Rufus to spy for him on the Colliers and get to the account books to find out the answers. As mentioned above, finding Keith’s murderer would lead them to answers about Imogene’s mother’s death as well, which makes the offer very tempting. Imogene agreed to do so only after convincing her best friend regarding her stance with Rufus and her willingness to help him. Anna and Imogene’s friendship ran deep, plus the former would be able to sniff out her best friend’s ploy that could ruin their relationship. Instead, Imogene just planted the white lie of wanting to help Rufus get to the bottom of this by being an ally instead of acting hostile. Anna believed her best friend, and only time would tell who the culprit could be as the interrogation progressed and Imogene for the first time lied to her best friend.


Who Were The Other Suspects?

Sunil Bhandari, the owner of the cruise liner ‘Varuna,’ was also a suspect, as he revealed he caught Keith trying to access his room while drunk. Keith claimed to have come the wrong way, but Sunil’s admission of this incident did come out of the blue, but not right away. Rufus had found two safes in Sunil’s office, and this created suspicion. Laila was also a suspect because she had a negative reaction to Keith following her and Anna to every event on the boat since her arrival. His sneaky behavior cemented her perception of the man as a spy who followed her and Anna around the world. Laila also confronted him and asked him to delete the picture he clicked of her without her consent. Lawrence, Anna and Tripp’s father, was a suspect as well; however, he refused to sit with Rufus and answer his questions.

Will Anna Lose Everything?

Anna was on the verge of losing everything she had built for the company she believed was rightfully hers. Anna could not come to terms with the fact that her father may not choose her as his heir, despite her proving her mettle many times. Eleanor, the Chun family heiress, had a fling with Anna in college, which could be the reason they were even willing to consider doing business with Anna’s father’s company. This was a connection that came out during interrogation with Rufus, but they believe it had nothing to do with Keith’s murder. Eleanor pulled away from the business deal as the murderer on the ship spooked her grandmother, the matriarch. Anna, just like her brother, was on the verge of losing everything she had built for herself. As the investigation progressed, a lot was yet to be uncovered about her life and her relationship with Laila.


Was Rufus A Fraud?

Rufus believed everyone he interrogated had lied. Ever since the questioning, many were rattled by the details the man knew. This was a strategic move made by Rufus because he wanted them to make mistakes, which would make it easier for him to get to the culprit. Rufus is smart, but the confusion around who could be the killer has just begun on the show, and there are plenty of red herrings everywhere on the ship. Rufus probably knew who the killer could be, but he also wanted Imogene to get to the answers to make her come to terms with her investigation skills and find answers on her own. Rufus was not a fraud by the looks of it, because he had a reputation to take care of. He took up this case only to help Imogene, put the Collier family on the back foot, and show the young woman the real face of the family.

Death and Other Details episode 2 ended with Anna’s mother signing some papers that could be related to who would be the next CEO of their business empire. The mother was always in favor of Tripp, which means Anna will have to put up a fight for herself. Someone had placed a camera in Anna’s room. It could be anybody at this point, as many on board are rich and would get away with this kind of sleaze and crime. Meanwhile, Jules, who had a fling with Imogene in the first episode, is shown to have two passports and one wonders if he has anything to do with facilitating the murder. Rufus was waiting for Interpol to arrive, and the viewers believe he must have expected their appearance at this time. As the Interpol officer agent Hilde Eriksen landed on the Cruise Liner ‘Varuna’, she was aware of Rufus’ manner of working. She walked in, stating a warning about his style of working, which made Sunil Bhandari wonder if Rufus was a hacker.


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