‘Deadloch’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What We Can Expect Next?

Deadloch, the Australian murder mystery thriller, recently concluded its first season with the most intriguing and thrilling storyline. The season focused on crucial themes of homosexuality and women empowerment, which garnered mixed reviews from various perspectives. Nonetheless, the show managed to captivate viewers with its compelling plot and exploration of diverse themes. The story of Deadloch began when two local women stumbled upon the dead body of a man named Trent Latham by the lakeside in the town of Deadloch. Detective Dulcie Collins was assigned to the case, but she wasn’t alone. Another lead detective from Darwin, Eddie Redcliffe, joined forces with Dulcie to investigate the murder. Initially, Eddie was indifferent to the details of the case and aimed to solve it quickly to return home. However, as the dead bodies mounted, Eddie realized the necessity for a more thorough investigation. The mounting body count increased the complexity of the case, prompting Eddie to dig deeper into the mysteries of Deadloch.


Spoilers Ahead 

How Did ‘Deadloch’ Season 1 Make A Perfect Ending?

Before joining Detective Dulcie Collins in Deadloch, Eddie Redcliffe had already experienced a tragic incident during a murder case in Darwin. Eddie and her beloved partner and best friend, Bushy, were investigating a case together when a devastating tragedy occurred. Bushy was attacked and eaten by a crocodile, but Eddie couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was more to the incident than a simple animal attack. Eddie had suspicions about the circumstances surrounding Bushy’s death, and she was determined to investigate further. However, her department in Darwin began accusing her, blaming her for Bushy’s demise. This accusation left Eddie in emotional turmoil, causing her to question her abilities as a detective.  In this challenging time, Dulcie Collins became a source of support for Eddie. Dulcie reached out to Eddie as more like a friend than an investigative partner. She assured Eddie that they would work together to bring the killer to justice and put an end to the mysteries surrounding Deadloch. 


Upon Eddie’s arrival in Deadloch and her involvement in the murder case, she encountered Ray Pies, a friend of Cath and Skye, the daughter of one of the victims, Sam O’Dwyer. Eddie found Ray to be an incredibly kind and genuine person, which led her to develop romantic feelings for him. Their relationship went beyond casual dating or hooking up as they grew closer and shared a deep emotional connection. Eddie started to replace the void left by Bushy with Ray’s presence in her life. However, Eddie’s love and trust in Ray are shattered when she makes a shocking discovery. It turned out that the man she had fallen for, Ray Pies, was the actual Deadloch killer they had been searching for all along. What’s more, Ray was also the Sydney killer, a case that Dulcie had previously worked on with another crime investigator. In Sydney, Ray had been targeting prostitutes, viewing them as societal degenerates. However, when he encountered Skye in a pastry bar, he became inspired by her feminist ideology and her perspective on toxic masculinity. This prompted Ray to shift his focus from targeting women to killing men. He saw Deadloch as a town filled with toxic and abusive men, which further drove his murderous intentions. Ray started a spree of killings, creating an aura of mystery and fear within the community. The revelation of Ray’s true identity as a serial killer intensified the urgency for Eddie and Dulcie to apprehend him and put an end to his reign of terror.

As Deadloch reached its conclusion with the revelation that Ray Pies was the town’s killer, numerous questions arose regarding the DNA test conducted on all men in the town. Upon revisiting Episode 3, it became evident that Eddie’s being distracted during the test led her to overlook labeling Ray’s DNA sample, potentially misplacing it with another sample. This ambiguity highlighted the flaws within the justice system, which sometimes allows culprits to evade punishment. The brilliance of the show’s writing, thanks to Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan, was obvious in the intricacies and nuances introduced into the story, adding depth to the storyline. The creators masterfully crafted previous revelations that viewers often overlooked, particularly regarding Ray Pies. His seemingly sweet, gentle, and loving nature masked his psychopathic tendencies. This realization sheds light on the complexities of human nature and the difficulty ordinary people face in recognizing someone’s true intentions.


Ray Pies and Eddie’s unconventional chemistry was an intriguing development in the story for many viewers, but the heartbreaking revelation shattered their hopes and served as an eye-opener. With Ray’s demise and the resolution of the racist character Margaret, there appeared to be no immediate cases to solve in the town of Deadloch. However, Eddie remained determined to uncover the mystery behind Bushy’s death, believing that there was a grave secret lurking behind her partner being shot in the head. Eddie found an ally in Dulcie, her investigative partner, who stood by her side. As promised to Cath, Dulcie decided to leave Deadloch and relocate to Darwin. Embracing Eddie’s style of wearing sandals, Dulcie accepted her as a friend and joined forces with her. Together, they ventured into the murder mystery surrounding Bushy’s death, driven by Eddie’s conviction that there was more to the case than meets the eye.

What To Expect From Season 2?

The future of Deadloch remains uncertain as the creators of the series and the streaming platform have made no announcement regarding the cancellation or renewal of the series. However, in my personal opinion, a show like Deadloch should return with a completely new storyline, moving away from the man-killer psychopath plotline entirely. With Dulcie and Eddie arriving in Darwin, the first season concluded with a perfect setup, leaving us eager to uncover the truth about Bushy. The incorporation of Bushy’s case at the end of Season 1 added intrigue and left us curious about his past. This clever move by the creators sets the stage for a compelling continuation of the story.


If Deadloch does return for a second season, we can anticipate the introduction of new cast members as the plot takes a complete detour, presenting us with a fresh narrative. There may also be a possibility of Sven and Abby making a comeback, considering Abby’s transition into becoming a detective and Sven’s role in the constable department. Overall, if a second season of Deadloch is greenlit, the audience is eagerly awaiting the on-screen chemistry and comedic prowess of Kate Box as Dulcie and Madeleine Sami as Eddie as they go on a new adventure to unravel the murder mystery in Darwin.

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