‘Deadloch’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Skye The Actual Killer?

In the gripping previous episode of Deadloch, the detective duo, Dulcie and Eddie, managed to connect the elusive dots and uncover that the killer behind the spine-chilling murders of the town was none other than Skye O’Dwyer. However, in Episode 6, all they needed was solid proof to convict Skye of the murders. In this episode, the detectives are determined to unravel the pieces of the puzzle and confirm whether Skye is truly the culprit or if there’s a darker secret lurking within the shadows of Deadloch. How will Dulcie and Eddie crack the case and reveal the identity of the true killer? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did The Deadloch Locals Know About Skye O’dwyer?

In episode 6 of Deadloch, Dulcie and Eddie take Skye into custody for interrogation, considering her as the prime suspect in the murder case of Deadloch. Cath expressed her disapproval, urging Dulcie to consider their friendship with Skye and the impact of her arrest on the neighborhood. However, before Dulcie and Eddie could officially announce Skye as the killer, the shocking news had already spread throughout Deadloch, thanks to the relentless local media. Vanessa Latham, in particular, seized the opportunity to disclose Skye’s name to the media, labeling her as a man-hater and the potential perpetrator behind the string of murders. Dulcie found herself caught in a difficult position, unable to refute or confirm these claims against Skye.


Meanwhile, Mayor Aleyna made the decision to proceed with the winter festivities despite the escalating tensions. Pressed by a barrage of questions about the serial killer, Alyena chose to remain silent for the sake of the investigation. Radcliffe, sensing Dulcie’s inner turmoil, implored her to approach Skye’s interrogation with a gentler touch, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a sense of fairness and impartiality. However, Dulcie’s instincts led her to believe that Skye was concealing the truth during the interrogation. She uncovered discrepancies in Skye’s alibis, realizing that Skye was not present at her house on the night Jimmy was murdered. Furthermore, Dulcie discovered that Skye had returned to town on the same night Sam O’Dwyer met his untimely demise. These pieces of evidence further heightened suspicion against Skye, positioning her as a strong suspect in the murders.

What Happened To Abby?

Abby, although still recovering, managed to survive the poisonous gas she had inhaled in the previous episode, which turned out to be arsenic extracted from the crucifix. She also had a hunch that the wood used in the crucifix resembled the wood from Jimmy’s boat. However, her fiance, James, consistently underestimated her intelligence and ability to find evidence. He tried to persuade Abby to get into his car, but she made a quick escape and arrived at the police station, joining forces with Dulcie and Eddie. Abby had previously stumbled upon this wreckage, which had traces of blood and mud, leading her to suspect that Jimmy was killed on his boat and then transported to the shore. Since Jimmy’s boat was located on Ochre Island, which belonged to the Carruthus family, Dulcie and Eddie insisted on visiting the island to investigate further. Margaret Carruthus reluctantly agreed to take Dulcie and Eddie to their private island but sternly warned them to avoid the burial site due to the presence of venomous snakes. However, in a twist of fate, Abby mistakenly ended up at the burial site while talking to James on the phone, expressing her desire to break up with him. Margaret discovered Abby’s presence and, displaying her villainous nature, ordered her to leave.


Meanwhile, Margaret stumbled upon an earring with “palwa” inscribed in it, belonging to Tammy, a local girl who had been desperately seeking Margaret’s approval in hopes of securing a scholarship. However, Margaret rejected her, intensifying Tammy’s disappointment and frustration. Upon examining the boat found on the shore, Dulcie and Eddie discovered Jimmy’s jacket on board. They suspected the boat actually didn’t belong to Jimmy because Dulcie had previously seen it on sale. Investigation led to a lesbian couple, among whom the boat’s owner, Rachel, revealed that she had indeed sold the boat to Jimmy, but it was Skye who had made the payment. This revelation further heightened Dulcie’s suspicions, reinforcing her belief that Skye was responsible for the series of murders, despite her reluctance to accept it.

Was Skye The Actual Killer?

In the meantime, Margaret contacted Abby urgently, requesting her presence. When Abby arrived, Margaret handed her an earring probably belonging to Miranda, cautioning Abby to warn Miranda to stay away from her land. As previously revealed, Margaret had chosen Miranda for a scholarship while rejecting Tammy, leading to Miranda’s refusal to accept the scholarship from Margaret. This fueled Margaret’s desire for revenge against Miranda, further cementing her role as an antagonist in the story.


Skye was once again taken into custody, and Dulcie and Eddie insisted that she reveal the truth. Skye admitted to lying in her alibi and confessed that she had purchased a boat for Jimmy because he was blackmailing her. However, she didn’t disclose the reasons behind the blackmail or her motive for lying in her alibi. Skye vehemently maintained her innocence, but Dulcie and Eddie found it difficult to believe her, leading them to temporarily keep her in custody. Cath, unhappy with Skye’s arrest, confronted Dulcie and expressed her belief that Skye was innocent. However, it was later revealed that Cath had been withholding information from Dulcie as well. Cath knew that Skye had returned to Deadloch on the day Sam O’Dwyer was killed, but she had failed to inform Dulcie. This revelation deeply shook Dulcie, and she erupted in anger towards Cath, accusing her of always being an obstacle in her investigative path and suppressing Dulcie’s emotions in all aspects of life. Their argument was interrupted by a man who informed Dulcie about the chains and hooks that she had previously seen on his desk. Dulcie realized that someone might have intentionally planted these pieces of evidence to frame Skye.

Meanwhile, during Aleyana’s winter festival, “Cinema Aquatica,” Venessa arrived with an angry mob and began destroying the festival props. Aleyana urgently called upon Dulcie for assistance. As Dulcie arrived at the scene, she witnessed Aleyana and Venessa engaged in a brawl. However, when Dulcie descended into the water to intervene, she discovered several lifeless bodies floating in the water. This shocking revelation deeply unsettled Dulcie, as it indicated that the killer they had been searching for was still at large, despite Skye being in custody.


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