‘Deadloch’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Skye O’Dwyer The Deadloch Serial Killer?

In the fifth episode of Deadloch, investigator Dulcie’s suspicions regarding the serial killer’s gender were confirmed when a female pubic hair was discovered on the deceased body of Sam O’Dwyer. Consequently, all women associated with the four murder victims were added to the list of suspects. Despite Dulcie’s best efforts to maintain confidentiality, the local media grew increasingly desperate to uncover the details of the case, attempting to get Mayor Aleyna to leak information. Fortunately, Eddie intervened and prevented Aleyna from divulging sensitive information, but unfortunately, the killer came one step closer to their next target. As Deadloch Episode 5 unfolds, a new murder victim emerges with a distinct and intriguing modus operandi, adding a fresh twist to the investigation. Moreover, the detectives received a new lead, propelling them closer to arresting the murderer.

Spoilers Ahead

Who Was The Fifth Victim Of The Deadloch Killer?

Deadloch Episode 5 commenced with Cath transporting Dulcie, Eddie, and Abby in the back of a truck, ensuring their concealment from the media and anxious locals desperate for information about the murders. The community was gripped by fear as the four recent killings hinted at the presence of a serial killer on the loose. However, the investigators refrained from making any official statements at the moment. In the midst of this, Dulcie received a call from Ray, notifying her about another body discovered in Deadloch. Hastily, the detectives hurried to the scene only to find the lifeless body of Jimmy, a local resident and close friend of the Latham Brothers. Shockingly, Jimmy was found hung on a crucifix, his body bound by shackles. This new, horrifying murder pattern caught the investigators off guard. Dulcie’s instincts led her to believe that the religious nature of this murder held valuable clues.

Accompanied by Eddie, she sought out the pastor for further insights. The pastor suggested that the crucifixion pose indicated the figure of Gestas, who was crucified alongside Jesus but refused to repent for his sins, thus failing to secure a position in the kingdom of heaven after his death. Dulcie deduced that the killer must be a regular churchgoer and requested that the pastor provide her with a list of parishioners. Surprisingly, the pastor insisted on also sharing a screenplay he had written.  Giving in to his insistence, Dulcie received the list of parishioners, which included names like O’Dwyer (both the mother and daughter), Venessa Latham, and Mitchell, the local beautician. Dulcie also noticed Vic O’Dwyer leaving the church in a secretive manner. While Eddie chose to speak with Mitchell first, Dulcie arranged a meeting with Skye to explore her religious beliefs. While she found nothing suspicious during her conversation with Skye, Eddie’s encounter with the blabbermouth Mitchell opened a new door in the case.

Why Did Mike Become A Suspect?

The Tasmanian Chief of Police, Hastings, put immense pressure on the lead investigators, giving them an ultimatum to provide him with a murder suspect within 24 hours. Eddie, feeling the weight of the situation once again, became hurried in her pursuit of the case. Accompanied by Abby, she confronted Mitchell, who disclosed that she wasn’t a regular parishioner but used to attend church with her best friend Mike and Nola, an 87-year-old woman. A disturbing incident occurred at the church when Jimmy inappropriately touched himself in front of Nola while she was asleep. This perverse act infuriated Mike, a traffic cop and a close friend of Dulcie. Eddie began suspecting Mike as the potential culprit, but Dulcie hesitated, knowing that Mike, despite being an effeminate man who may have faced discrimination in his life, was not inherently a bad person. Nonetheless, Hastings granted a search warrant for Mike’s house. During the search, Eddie stumbled upon a kit of pentobarbital hidden in Mike’s cupboard. This discovery led to Mike’s arrest and subsequent interrogation. In a comical twist, Mike mistakenly believed that the police had found dresses in his cupboard, which he believed was the cause of his arrest. Meanwhile, Mitchell barged into the interrogation room and berated the police for their gender biases. Eddie swiftly corrected both Mike and Mitchell’s misunderstandings, clarifying that they hadn’t found any dresses but rather the kit of pentobarbital hidden in the cupboard. Mike explained that the kit belonged to his grandmother, who hadn’t used it in a long time, as evident from the drugs’ expiration dates. Based on this revelation, Dulcie concluded that Mike was not the perpetrator they were seeking.

Who Was The Deadloch Serial Killer?

Mike had provided a list of the people he had given tickets to on the night Sam died, but with Mike ruled out as a suspect, Eddie discarded the list. Meanwhile, Abby became intrigued by a crucifix that had been delivered to the precinct. She questioned the delivery woman about the sender but received no useful information. Detecting a peculiar garlic smell emanating from the crucifix, Abby reached out to her fiance, the condescending and patriarchal forensic expert James, who dismissed her suspicion. Feeling humiliated, Abby took matters into her own hands and visited the football club, where Sharell was cleaning. She used experimental burners to analyze the contents of the crucifix but ended up losing consciousness due to the smell.

Meanwhile, a realization dawned on Eddie as she reviewed the list provided by Mike. She noticed that the 27th ticket recipient was S. O’Dwyer. Following Mike and Mitchell, who had gone to a nightclub, Eddie approached Mike once more and inquired about the individual from the O’Dwyer family. However, before Mike could respond, Eddie discovered the answer on bathroom wall graffiti. Simultaneously, Dulcie, dealing with her intoxicated wife Cath, learned that Skye and her girlfriend were experiencing relationship troubles. Furthermore, Skye had been secretly spending the IVF money that the couple had saved. Dulcie caught a glimpse of a newspaper featuring a picture of Skye O’Dwyer’s “Feastival” beef displayed on a structure resembling a crucifix. Urgently returning to the station, she was shocked to find the shackles used to hang Jimmy on her desk. She noticed the chains were identical to the ones used in the “Feastival” beef presentation.

Meanwhile, Constable Sven, engrossed in reading the pastor’s erotic screenplay, made a connection between the names of the characters and the names of the local residents. The screenplay was entirely based on the confessions of the pastor’s regular parishioners. Dulcie realized that the pastor had documented Sam O’Dwyer’s extramarital affair, which Skye had discovered. In the midst of this revelation, Eddie burst into the precinct and revealed that Mike had given a ticket to Skye O’Dwyer on the night Sam died. This information contradicted the alibi Skye had provided to the police. Finally, Dulcie and Eddie deduced that Skye O’Dwyer was the elusive killer they had been searching for.

Final Words

In a somewhat chaotic yet plausible manner, the fifth episode finally unveiled the identity of the town’s man-hating killer. Towards the end of Deadloch Episode 5, Venessa was seen discussing the matter with the reporter. However, Venessa’s statement, given to the media in exchange for a substantial sum of money, indicated that the truth would likely be exposed by the media before the investigators had a chance to fully uncover it. This unexpected turn of events might complicate matters for the investigators. Nonetheless, in the upcoming episode, we anticipate an intriguing shift as Skye, who has been portrayed as a mysterious figure in town, will confront the investigators in a new light. Exploring the reasons behind Skye’s choice to punish all the men in town would surely be an intriguing experience that we are rooting for.

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