‘Days Of Daisy’ (2023) Ending, Explained: Does Daisy Fulfill Her Ultimate Dream To Have A Family?

Life’s unpredictability often means that it won’t always go the way we may want it to. But what makes life interesting are the alternative paths and unexpected opportunities it presents us with to maintain our happiness and keep our lives on track. In the context of the movie Days of Daisy, this notion becomes central to Daisy Bea’s story. Despite her yearning for a traditional family and a child, life hasn’t granted her that particular wish. The film takes a sudden turn when a renowned photographer named Jack Palmer unexpectedly enters Daisy’s life. Jack’s arrival introduces a potential turning point for Daisy, as their encounter holds the possibility of her life changing in unforeseen ways. As Daisy and Jack get to know each other, their connection grows, and Daisy starts to wonder if her dreams of having a family might finally be within reach.


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What Personal And Professional Challenges Does Daisy Encounter?

Daisy faces several challenges in her life, and one significant struggle that she encounters is her complicated relationship with her mother, Camille. Daisy frequently questions her life choices, particularly in regard to her desire to have children. This internal conflict arises from societal expectations and her longing for a family of her own. While Daisy is mostly content with her boyfriend, Stephen, whom she has been dating for almost a year, there is a sense of incompleteness in their relationship. Daisy yearns to take the next step and introduce Stephen to her parents, hoping to build a future together. But Stephen is skeptical due to a failed relationship from his past, so he hesitates to rush into commitments. He is cautious about taking their relationship to the next level and avoids discussions about having a child. This situation creates a sense of worry for Daisy because she is aware that her biological clock is ticking, and she feels a growing urgency to start a family. Even so, the emotional barriers between Daisy and Stephen become a source of tension and uncertainty in their relationship.


Daisy faces the challenge of reconciling her longing for children with Stephen’s reservations and finding a way to communicate their hopes and fears openly and honestly. On the other hand, Daisy openly communicates with her father, Frank, who is portrayed as a supportive and understanding figure in her life. Daisy often turns to him for guidance and confides in him about her struggles. Frank provides a compassionate and empathetic perspective, offering a listening ear and words of wisdom to his daughter. But Daisy’s mother, Camille, exhibits different behavior. She seems to behave like a bully, pressuring Daisy to dismiss her worries and concerns about her responsibilities as a teacher in favor of focusing on her personal life. There is a possibility that Camille’s approach may stem from her own worries for Daisy’s future, causing her to overlook what is right or wrong in how she interacts with her daughter.

What Transformations Occur In Daisy’s Life When She Discovers Her True Purpose?

Daisy gathers her confidence to confront Stephen about his intentions regarding having children. But when she learns that Stephen doesn’t want kids, Daisy makes a decisive choice and promptly leaves to stay with her parents. As the story progresses, Daisy’s mother, Camille, becomes increasingly worried about her daughter. With her mother’s help, Daisy crosses paths with Jack Palmer, the photographer. Despite their immediate connection, Daisy harbors no romantic interest in Jack. Instead, she sees an opportunity to address an issue at the school where she works. Daisy decides to appoint Jack as the new teacher for the art department, replacing Miss Helen Bonneville, who left abruptly due to insufficient funding for art supplies and the inability to organize an exhibition. Daisy recognizes the dependency of the art students on a dedicated teacher and wants to provide them with the support they deserve.


In a bold move, Daisy devises an ambitious plan to host an event called the Inaugural West High School Art Gala in December. The purpose of this gala is to provide the students with an opportunity to sell their artwork. This initiative aims to showcase the students’ talents, support their artistic endeavors, and address the funding issues faced by the art department. Daisy selects Jack as a teacher due to his exceptional creativity and his ability to bring life to his photographs, as his artistic prowess aligns well with the goal of the gala. Through her unconventional plan and collaboration with Jack, Daisy embarks on a journey to empower and uplift young artists, nurturing their talents and providing them with a platform to shine.

How Do Daisy And Jack Reconcile Their Differences?

With each passing day, Jack and Daisy contemplate taking their relationship to a romantic level. However, Daisy’s primary goal of having a baby remains paramount. On their first date, Daisy broaches the topic with Jack and discovers a significant obstacle. Jack reveals that he had a vasectomy two years ago, indicating that he cannot father children. This revelation creates a huge misalignment between Daisy’s aspirations for motherhood and Jack’s inability to fulfill that desire. Realizing that their relationship cannot progress in a way that aligns with her ultimate goal, Daisy makes the difficult decision to end her romantic involvement with Jack. By ending the relationship, Daisy demonstrates her determination to prioritize her long-held dream of becoming a mother. Despite the closeness they have developed, Daisy recognizes their fundamental incompatibility regarding their differing desires.


Daisy faces a devastating blow when she learns about her health issues, including uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and the possibility of endometriosis, which greatly reduces her chances of conceiving a child. This news shatters Daisy’s dreams, and she contemplates giving up on everything, including the art exhibition she has been organizing. But a pivotal moment occurs when Daisy overhears a conversation between her father, Frank, and her mother, Camille. Frank encourages Camille to support and motivate their daughter during this difficult time. This conversation serves as a catalyst for Daisy, as she realizes the importance of her role in supporting the children who depend on her and finds a renewed determination to continue with her plans.

Does Daisy Fulfill Her Dream To Have A Family?

Despite feeling devastated, Daisy decides to start over and rebuild everything from scratch. She recognizes that even if she does not have her own biological child, she still has a meaningful purpose in nurturing and guiding the children in her care. During this time, Daisy reaches out to Jack, only to discover that he was just involved in a serious accident. This unexpected situation eventually brings them closer together as they both realize the significance of each other’s presence in their lives. They rekindle their relationship and acknowledge the importance of their connection and support.

In the end, Days of Daisy portrays a remarkable transformation in Daisy’s life. Despite things not going according to her original plans, Daisy finds happiness and fulfillment in her relationship with Jack. He becomes the missing piece that fills the void she has felt for years, providing her with the confidence and love that she has been lacking. With Jack’s presence, Daisy discovers her true creativity and unlocks her potential. The success of the art exhibition further amplifies Daisy’s happiness and sense of accomplishment. The event not only showcases the talent of the students but also highlights Daisy’s role as a mother figure and guardian angel for these children. Through her dedication and involvement, Daisy establishes her importance and value, akin to that of a mother.

On the other hand, the relationship between Daisy and her mother, Camille, also improves. Camille witnesses Daisy’s newfound happiness and involvement in various aspects of her life, particularly her relationship with Jack. Seeing her daughter content and fulfilled, Camille becomes genuinely happy, bridging the gap between them. Ultimately, Days of Daisy make us understand the importance of having someone special in our life and the transformative effect it can have. It emphasizes the notion that life becomes easier and more meaningful in the presence of a person who cherishes and holds a special place in their heart for you. The film also highlights the significance of embracing the uncertainties of life and trusting that the journey will unfold in its own perfect timing, allowing for meaningful experiences and connections to blossom.


Raschi Acharya
Raschi Acharya
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