‘Davey & Jonesie’s Locker’ Recap & Ending Explained: Did Davey And Jonesie Find A Balance In The Universe?

Davey & Jonesie’s Locker is one of the strangest teenage dramas out there that is trying to stuff too many things in one season. There are multiple complexities and layers to the concerns put forward by the writers and the makers, which made the show watchable. The story of two teenage girls who travel through different dimensions all in an effort to come back to their universe is a hilarious take on several social subjects. Here is the short version of the show.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Davey And Jonesie Make Sure They Were Not Separated?

Davey and Jonesie have been best friends since childhood and have remained inseparable ever since. They are now a part of Schoedinger’s High School, which is a satirical take on every high school that has the same set of students scattered around the campus. A group of students who are into sports; another set of overly enthusiastic children was excited about school events.  A couple of beautiful girls and boys are the center of attention. 


Davey and Jonesie did not find any excitement about their school life. Both share a locker in the school, which many find bizarre. The only point of contention was Davey’s crush on Abbott, one of the best-looking guys in their school. However, the school principal, Debbie Neighbors, found Davey and Jonesie’s behavior to be abnormal and forced them to take part in a school event to improve their social standing and skills. It is interesting how two girls who have had a healthy outlook on life and friendship were forced to mix with people, which they found exhausting. Principal Neighbors threatened to separate them by forcing one of them to move to another school if her demands were not fulfilled. Davey and Jonesie take up the task of helping Sierra and the rest of the gang at school for the sake of their friendship. 

Where Was Schneider’s Portal At The School?

Stephen Schneider was a schoolteacher at the same school and portrayed himself as a meek person. Behind the façade and in the science room, he created a hologram projection that allowed him to be in touch with several versions of himself from various dimensions. This proved Stephen was an intelligent man destined for greater things in life. He had kept this invention away from people’s sight to make sure his work was not exposed. The passage to access various dimensions was Davey and Jonesie’s locker, and the man was excited to have fulfilled his goal of being able to access several dimensions. Schneider has some specific plans regarding the portal, and he refuses to share them with anyone. 


How Did Davey And Jonesie Enter The Portal?

Davey and Jonesie did not take the school event they were working for seriously because of their inherent nature of mocking everything that is a part of the system. They wore the mascot heads and performed an awkward dance performance just to rub their school people the wrong way. The girls had a weird sense of humor, which none of the teachers or their classmates understood. A small fire after the performance made everyone livid at the girls, and they ran after them. As the girls were being chased, they entered another dimension through their locker, where they had been planning to hide the mascot heads. As they entered another dimension through the locker, everyone chasing the girls froze except Stephen Schneider, who was from another dimension and wondered if the situation could be reversed. 

What Kind Of Universes Do Davey And Jonesie Experience?

Davey and Jonesie were in for a surprise when they started traveling through several universes that had different sets of rules that were unlike their real-world universe (6689). One dimension had them come to terms with Sierra as the queen who wore jeweled necklaces. Davey and Jonesie had always been rulebreakers and chose to speak up against the autocracy. 


It was in this universe that they were made aware of the existence of different dimensions where a version of them existed, and that it was all managed by the Management Organization of the Multiverse (M.O.M.), who looked for people who were willingly trying to break the rules of a certain universe. Such people were also called anomalies, and soon Davey and Jonesie became one before running away from this universe through the locker. They moved to another universe where music was banned, followed by a dimension where only oranges were offered to the students for food. Davey and Jonesie broke the several rules instated and continued to be branded as anomalies. There was another universe in which Davey and Jonesie were pitted against each other for a boxing match, which turned out to be a dud affair. 

The girls were extremely excited about a dimension that was taken from Davey and Jonesie’s fantasy world, ‘Fantasmanaria’, which they had created as kids. Every character mentioned in their scrapbook came to life in this dimension. ‘Fantasmanaria’ brought them closer as friends because of the memories associated with this world-building. The next dimension had Davey and Jonesie being brought to their school with seemingly normal surroundings, only to realize the school they were competing had seahorses as the mascot while their school was the representative of lobsters. Davey and Jonesie moved in and out of several dimensions, which offered them several insights into life and about themselves. 


What Happened ‘Inside The Schneiderverse’?

The most interesting dimension they entered was ‘Schneiderverse’ where Stephen was like the cult figure with many students who followed his ideals, footsteps, and ideals. Stephen in this dimension was an arrogant yet confident man compared to the other ones Davey and Jonesie had encountered. Davey and Jonesie found Stephen to be open-minded, only to realize he’d sealed the locker to make sure no one ever left this place. He was in fear of losing what he had in the dimension, and there was a risk of his position of power being threatened by other Stephens. Stephen in the Schneiderverse was afraid of the interference of M.O.M. and its representative, Cheryl Mason, who was after the girls and every Stephen Schneider for helping them. This Stephen was a power-hungry cult leader who planned to kill his other versions and close all the portals. The girls informed Cheryl about this plan, and they managed to get her on their side. This distraction allowed the girls to get out of the harrowing dimension.

Did Davey And Josenie Have Their First Falling Out?

The next dimension they fell into was their school, except it was now situated on a marooned island. In this world, the school is empty, and all they found were the skeletons of people who were their friends and teachers. They soon concluded that the Davey and Jonesie of this world probably killed and ate all of them like cannibals, something they could not wrap their heads around. As they were stuck on this marooned island, loneliness and the lack of company got to them, and it began to affect their mental health severely. This was probably the first time the girls were at loggerheads about every subject and slowly started to detest each other. This would be reminiscent of an episode in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” in which best friends Jake and Boyle were assigned to a stake out for seven days. Soon they had begun to detest each other’s daily habits since both relied on each other for many things other than company. The falling out was followed by a reconciliation as well, and they soon encountered Stephen Schneider of their home universe (6689), who wanted to escort them back home. 


What Was Cheryl’s History With Schneider?

Cheryl and Schneider had collaborated on a failed experiment they conducted many years ago, which went against the rules of M.O.M. Schneider was the rebel, and his actions led to both being punished. Schneider was reduced to being a school teacher in every dimension, while Cheryl was reduced from Elite Squad to delinquent officer. As a delinquent officer, she was following Davey and Jonesie in every dimension, who were breaking the rules. Cheryl was good at her job but could never arrest the girls, thanks to Stephen Schneider. Stephen was helping the girls run away in every dimension in the hope they would find their way back home, which would be beneficial for him as well. It was in their universe (6689) that Stephen was able to create a portal that got him in touch with different versions of himself. 

Since Davey and Jonesie were not back and Cheryl was hardly close to arresting them, a fear of the universe (6689) being decommissioned was high. The universe was the focal point of the girls, as they had to find their way to save themselves, as they would never be accepted in any other dimension. Cheryl, on the other hand, was after Stephen for ruining her career and had begun with accusations of him sabotaging her arrest plans. 


How Did Davey And Jonesie Find A Balance In Universe (6689)?

Davey and Jonesie get back to their school in universe (6689), only to realize all the anomalies they’d faced in the previous dimensions suddenly reappeared in this universe, and they witnessed their dimensions almost beginning to collide. The girls were as confused as their classmates to find themselves in a bizarre situation. Davey and Jonesie were unaware of the bigger repercussions of their movement across dimensions, which had caused this mayhem. Schneider, who brought them back, informed them about the girls losing the mascot heads when they escaped into another dimension, and that the non-presence of them was causing all the imbalance. 

The girls, as well as the audience watching the show, were inundated with science jargon and were hardly able to follow the scientific reasoning behind this strange phenomenon. The mascot heads were probably an anomaly in this universe (6689), and they had to be brought back to avoid the collision of several other anomalies. Schneider suggested to the girls that the only way to prevent the imbalance was to use the locker to remove other anomalies and restore balance. This action was required for all of them to go back to their normal lives, especially Davey and Jonesie. 


Sadly, the girls still had to get hold of the mascot heads, which were a missing piece of the puzzle. The only downside of this mission would be that their friends would have no memory of the actions they took to get rid of anomalies. They would go back to hating them for pulling the stunt on the school event day. This probably happened because of the loopholes in the dimension-to-dimension journey, which have yet to be rectified. 

Season one of Davey & Jonesie’s Locker ended with Schneider and Cheryl having a showdown regarding their history. Schneider was livid at her for branding him crazy. Cheryl never forgave him for running her career. The biggest blow to Schneider came in the form of Andy Butler, who was Cheryl’s obnoxious colleague. He not only zapped Cheryl but also got rid of Schneider and sealed the locker for dimensional travel from universe (6689). This was probably the origin story of Andy Butler, who had bigger plans for himself by shoving Cheryl and Schneider out of the way. He lied to his authorities about the event that took place in universe (6689) and likely convinced them to decommission the dimension. He probably has an awful history with this dimension, which made him go after it. Andy Butler would stall the entrance of Davey and Jonesie. The girls might find a way into their real world.


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