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Teenage comedy-drama or high school comedy-drama tends to repeat itself, with all the movies and series in the genre having explored similar concerns and complexities. Only a certain few cinemas we have come across stand out for all the right reasons: Mean Girls, 10 Things I Hate About You, and the very recent You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah


Davey and Jonesie’s Locker is a weird teenage drama that involves two young girls trying to make sense of their lives when people around them convince them they aren’t normal, and as a result, they accidentally travel into another universe that has the same school but a different premise and set-up. This introduces the audience to many characters that fill every universe they enter. One character would be likable in one universe and not so in another. Let us walk you through the plethora of colorful characters the show introduces the audience to. 

Spoilers Ahead



A young and forever confused Davey is portrayed by Veronika Slowikowska, a young teenager who has reached a point in her teens where nothing around excites her. She and her best friend, Jonesie, agree that their lives could have been interesting if the school had not existed. 

Davey certainly feels the school has become redundant, with no amount of talent left in anyone. Davey, who is the more opinionated of the pair, finds herself in a dicey position that forces them to work on the school project or else face the fear of being separated from Jonesie, which she cannot fathom. 


Davey, along with her friend, ends up transported to another universe whose entrance is found in their shared locker, and she begins to experience different worlds with her best friend, having their school as the common premise throughout. Davey has a crush on Abbott, the young stereotypically good-looking man that a young teenage girl is attracted to. In different worlds, she faces different challenges and tries to overcome them. Jumping into the portal through the locker is the only common factor while she is witnessing her classmates having different personalities in the varied universes she attends with her. Davey’s friendship with her Jonesie is yet another staple in the show, and they refuse to part ways with each other even in the most extreme situations that pit the girls against each other. Davey wants to put an end to all this walking through the portals and come back to her real world to restart her life from where it was left off. Hopefully, she will find closure soon. 


Jonesie, portrayed by Jaelynn Thora Brooks, is the other half of Davey, who loves doing nothing just like her best friend. They feel that as high school students, they have led tedious lives and do not expect anything better from their classmates and teachers, who consider them to be abnormal, as they are willing to choose to stay away from any school-related work.


Just like Davey, Jonesie is given the option of working on the school project as she cannot bear the idea of separating from her best friend. Jonesie, on the other hand, is a sensible person who does not get carried away by things, a trait typically found in teenagers. Jonesie, along with Davey, goes through different dimensions and chooses to stay by her best friend’s side no matter what. Davey and Jonesie have been friends since their childhood, and they know practically everything about themselves and manage to finish each other’s sentences as well. As she jumps from universe to universe with her best friend, Jonesie is only looking forward to learning something new about Davey and other friends from the school and trying to avoid making an anomaly. Jonesie finds herself in a peculiar situation when she tends to forget a crucial part of her childhood memories with Davey, and there is a slight friction between the two. 

The whole point of her friendship with Davey is to find a way to mend their issues and move on to another set of concerns, especially since they have been trying hard to get back to their real world, which is universe 6689. Jonesie and her best friend find ways to offer some solutions to many concerns, and this is the only way to keep their zeal going. 


Stephen Schneider

Dan Beirne, as Dr. Stephen Schneider, the science teacher in Davey and Jonesie’s high school, is the typical teacher who is trying hard to make his students understand the importance of the subject he is teaching. To children, he is a mere teacher, but behind the face of a man who comes across as a geek is a person who is trying to get in touch with every version of himself from different dimensions in the hope of creating havoc in M.O.M. (Management Organization of the Multiverse). His plan to create a tunnel to access multiple universes is accidentally exposed to Davey and Jonesie, and he is forced to reveal his real game in this multiverse of madness. Each universe has a unique set of rules, and as the girls involuntarily break them, it is Schneider who comes to their rescue. There are some Schneiders that are purely adorable, while others are obnoxious and self-centered, but he begins to witness how the girls are trying hard to be the rulebreakers. Schneider soon recognises his mistakes and tries to mend ties with people he wronged to form a strong bond in the universe (6689). 

Cheryl Mason

Emily Piggford as Cheryl Mason seemingly comes across as the villain who is trying hard to disrupt the lives Davey and Jonesie are trying to build for themselves in different universes. She is the exact representation of starting teachers who go after delinquent students relentlessly until they find any evidence that would give her the power to remove them from the school. Unlike other times in her job, Cheryl is unable to get hold of Davey and Jonesie right from the start, which has been the bane of her existence. She feels the girls need to be punished for their mischief and further prevented from becoming anomalies. 


Cheryl Mason seems to have a love-hate relationship with Schneider. Their history is not explored in the first half of the show, but the audience can sense the brewing anger and chemistry between the two, which led to a falling out. Cheryl is on the backfoot many times, and it never stops her from fulfilling the goal assigned to her, which is to catch Davey and Jonesie.

Miscellaneous characters 

Principal Debbie Neighbors: Principal Debbie Neighbors, portrayed by Evany Rosen, is the typical teacher who tries to bring some sense into Davey and Jonesie, but in a manner that only further offends the young girls. Debbie Neighbors believes she’s coming from a place of experience to help the children find a path to discovery. This suggestion comes with a threat to separate the girls and suggest their parents move them to a different school if they choose to disobey her. Davey and Jonesie meet different versions of Debbie Neighbors in other universes, and they get to witness that she is an ambitious, power-hungry woman who wants to bring control to her establishment. Debbie Neighbors is not a key character, but her actions do act like catalysts at times to take the story forward.


Sierra: Sierra is the ultimate good girl of the school who has mugged up the rule book and lives by it. Sierra, who comes across as bossy in Davey and Jonesie’s real world, finds herself with similar traits in other universes as well. Erika Swayze, as Sierra, tries to be the rule breaker at times, but she is the tattle tale, which is a common sight in every high school. Sierra cannot be considered an antagonist because it is not in her bones to be mean, and she is not programmed to act out against Davey and Jonesie, who eventually see the good in her as well.

Abbott: Kevin Osea, as Abbott, is the quintessential jock of the school, with extremely good looks, and he has an array of young girls from his school who love him. Davey secretly crushes on him, and Jonesie is the only one who knows the extent of love she carries for him. Just like the others, Abbott is also found in other universes and different avatars. Abbott, in different universes, presents himself in a way that only Davey finds attractive, while Jonesie chooses to stay away from the kind of feelings her best friend harbors for him, which border on lust. 


Emile: Nikko Angelo Hinayo, as Emile in the show, is the only boy who knows Davey and Jonesie inside out. Unlike these two girls, he is kept out of the loop as they keep traveling from one dimension to another, and he comes across a different version of himself as well. Every Emile has a different attitude towards Davey and Jonesie, and in most cases, he comes around to accepting their idea of trying to cause trouble by revolting and liberating, especially in the episode ‘Fantasmanaria’, a chapter from Davey and Jonesie’s lives. Emile remains a constant in the girls’ lives.

Andy Butler: James Hartnett as Andy Butler only becomes a prominent character in the second half of the show, and there is no end to the obnoxiousness the man brings forward. He is a self-centered man who applauds himself for all the work and goals he has achieved while working for M.O.M. and hasn’t a modest bone in his body. He is the typical child from the school who is a teacher’s favorite but turns out to be despicable. Andy Butler is known to rub his victories in people’s faces, mostly to Cheryl. He does not worry about the consequences of his actions. He does not appear in every universe as he is not a part of the school, but soon his evilness begins to unfold, and hell breaks loose.


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