‘Dark Winds’ Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?

Dark Winds, based on Tony Hillerman’s “Leaphorn & Chee” book series, is an American series with a gripping premise and a set of intriguing characters. Its first season, which premiered in 2022, followed Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn, Deputy Jim Chee, and Sergeant Bernadette Manuelito as they solved mysterious murders in the Navajo community. The series expertly combined Navajo mythology with complex investigations of the murder cases. Similarly, Season 2 took inspiration from Hillerman’s novel People of Darkness and introduced a menacing killer named Colton Wolf. The suspense and personal connections added to the tension. However, the final episode of Season 2 was a bit disappointing, leaving us unsatisfied with the very predictable conclusion.


In the final episode of Dark Winds Season 2, Colton Wolf met his end at the hands of his employer, B. J. Vines. As Colton revealed that Leaphorn had suspicions about Vines’ role in the Drumco Oil explosion, Vines erased all traces of his involvement by getting rid of Colton. Colton’s last word before he died was Linda, which was a mystery as nobody knew why he was trying to find his mother. I felt that Colton’s character was underdeveloped and didn’t receive a worthy arc throughout the show. Additionally, the series was somewhat predictable and didn’t deliver the level of excitement and suspense we were hoping for. The contents of B. J. Vines’ lockbox revealed the truth about the explosion, implicating Vines as the mastermind, a revelation that we’ve seen coming from the beginning. However, the justice that followed was far from satisfying, highlighting the disparity between white justice and the form of justice sought by the Navajo people.

B.J. Vines was initially released from prison due to a lack of direct evidence, which frustrated Leaphorn, who believed in the flaws of the justice system. Leaphorn decided to take matters into his own hands. He brought Vines to a deserted, freezing area near the drill site, where he left him to die at the mercy of nature. One other perplexing aspect of the show was Sally, who, after the celebration of her child’s first laugh, left the Leaphorn household with her baby and left a note for Joe and Emma. Her reasons remained unclear, but it was assumed she wanted to live independently with her child. Bern decided to join the Border Patrol, and she shared a passionate kiss with Jim Chee before parting ways.


What Will Happen To Sally And Her Child?

The fate of Sally and her child remained uncertain. She left the Leaphorn household with her baby, possibly to start a life on her own, and it seemed like she didn’t want to be a burden to the Leaphorn family any longer. Surprisingly, her decision to leave wasn’t mentioned or explored at the ending of the second season, leaving us with many possible scenarios. Sally Growing Thunder didn’t initially seem attached to her child and didn’t see him as a result of love, but with Emma’s support, she began to accept her child, who was nothing but an innocent being. So, we can speculate that she might decide to raise her child independently. If there’s a future season, we hope it will provide more insight into Sally and her baby’s journey.

Did Joe And Emma Accept Sally’s Departure?

Season 3 of Dark Winds leaves Joe and Emma Leaphorn’s response to Sally’s departure somewhat uncertain. Whether they continue to support her choice or if their feelings and perspectives change might depend on the upcoming season’s storyline and character development. However, it’s possible to assume, given that the Leaphorn couple went on a bike trip after Sally left, that they had come to terms with her decision and respected her choice to shape her own destiny. Perhaps the next season will provide more clarity on this matter.


Is B. J. Vines Dead? Will Joe Face Punishment?

In Season 2 of Dark Winds, we’re unsure if Vines is truly deceased or if there’s a possibility of his return in Season 3. Nevertheless, given the freezing conditions, there’s a significant chance that he might have died. This could potentially lead to more complications in Joe’s life. Joe Leaphorn’s future is poised to be influenced by the outcomes of his choice to take B. J. Vines from his house and leave him in a remote and desolate area. By taking justice into his own hands, which differs from the regular legal system, Joe has initiated a series of events that could have far-reaching consequences. Given how Gordo Sena came to warn him about the legal consequences of his actions, there’s a chance that Joe’s actions might lead him to face imprisonment. Authorities could investigate his involvement in Vines’ disappearance, which would potentially jeopardize Joe’s career and reputation. Moreover, he could face moral and ethical dilemmas from his decision, which may weigh heavily on Joe’s conscience. Season 3 might look into how Joe deals with the aftermath of his actions and whether he faces repercussions for his vigilantism. It’s probable that Joe’s character will suffer further complexity in response to the decisions he made in Season 2.

Will Bernie Come Back In Season 3?

We can only anticipate Bernie’s return in Dark Winds Season 3.  Bernie has been a significant character in the series, and her storyline and interactions with other characters, particularly Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee, have always been integral to the show. She was a skilled and determined police officer who harbored a deep-seated love and respect for her community and its rituals. Given how she waited until the end of episode 6 and contemplated her decision to leave the rez, it’s uncertain whether she would really leave her community.


In Season 3, Bernie’s comeback could open up her character to further exploration. While carrying out her duties in the Border Patrol, she might find herself entangled in issues within her own community. This could lead to the further development of her relationship with Chee and potentially introduce new storylines or investigations. However, it all hinges on the choices made by the show’s writers and producers for the upcoming season. Fans of the series will need to await official announcements or watch Season 3 to discover if Bernie makes a comeback.

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