‘Dark Winds’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Colton Escape Again?

Previously, in Episode 4 of Dark Winds Season 2, Joe Leaphorn managed to put the psychotic killer, Colton Wolf, behind bars. Meanwhile, Jim Chee was forced to agree to work for B. J. Vines as a spy. Sally addressed her struggles as a mother in front of Emma. The episode concluded with Colton’s arrest, creating an eerie atmosphere in the precinct. In the latest episode of Dark Winds, as the story was almost wrapping up, Leaphorn became determined to get the truth out of Colton. He suspected a powerful entity was guiding Colton, but uncovering the truth became a difficult mission for him.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Colton Reveal His Identity?

At the beginning of Dark Winds Episode 5, there was a black-and-white flashback of Colton Wolf as a child. He went through a tragic incident in which his whole family was killed. It appeared that his mother, who suffered from a mental disorder, might have been responsible for killing her husband and daughter. When Colton returned home, he found a bloody and gruesome scene. His mother was holding a gun and seemed distraught. Colton took the gun from her hand, and a gunshot was heard, suggesting he might have shot her.


Moving to the present, adult Colton is now in jail. Gordo Sena informed Leaphorn that Colton was scheduled to be transferred to Scarborough County. Leaphorn, however, was determined to personally interrogate Colton about the truth behind his actions, especially since Colton had killed six people, including Leaphorn’s son, in the Drumco Oil explosion. He resisted the transfer, wanting to extend Colton’s stay in order to get the answers he sought. But Gordo Sena couldn’t make a promise he wouldn’t be able to keep. 

The police officers looked into Colton Wolf’s belongings and uncovered a stash of fake identities he had been using. As Leaphorn interrogated Colton, he provided different names. Leaphorn realized that Colton was being untruthful in an attempt to misguide him. Among Colton’s possessions was a notebook containing the name of a private investigator, Delloyd Webster, who had previously been in contact with Colton. Leaphorn promptly contacted Delloyd and had him come into the police precinct. During their conversation, Delloyd disclosed that Colton had hired him before to track down his mother, Linda Maddox, but as far as he had found out, she was dead. However, he got another lead, but the woman he found was too young to be Colton’s mother.


Leaphorn devised a plan. He had Delloyd enter the cell and offer Colton a weathered photo of a woman named Linda Maguire. Delloyd did exactly what he was told, aiming to gain Colton’s trust, but it appeared that Colton saw through the ruse. Delloyd assured him that he would provide him more information about his mother, but in exchange, Colton needed to cooperate with the police. Colton provided the name Carl LeBack, who seemed to be responsible for hiring him for the Drumco oil explosion. However, Leaphorn’s investigation revealed that even Carl was a falsehood, as Carl had passed away a few months earlier. Subsequently, a Navajo resident recognized Colton and confirmed that Carl LeBack was actually the prisoner’s own name. Leaphorn deduced that Colton had murdered Carl and taken on his identity.

Leaphorn confronted Colton once more, seeking the reason behind his killing of six men at the drill site. Colton’s response was unsettling: he admitted to disliking the Indians and callously suggested that Leaphorn’s son was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time during the explosion. Leaphorn’s anger got the better of him, and he even held Colton at knifepoint, but he managed to regain his composure.


Meanwhile, at home, Emma Leaphorn gathered with local women for a meeting, which Mary Lindon also attended. Emma welcomed Mary but laid down a condition: nothing from the meeting could be written or published in her story. Emma had come to realize that, after the tragedy of her son’s death, she was excited about Sally’s child. But she hadn’t considered whether Sally was as excited about having a child as she was. Leaphorn shared the same emotional struggle regarding their son’s death. He expressed his determination to seek justice for their son, hoping that achieving justice would allow them to leave this trauma behind. However, Emma told her husband they couldn’t just leave their past behind; they must go through it.  

What Did Jim Chee Find Within The Cult Of PoD?

On the day of a solar eclipse, which was usually considered an omen of death and disease for Native Americans, they chose to stay indoors. Bern encountered her neighbor, Dean Bitsuie, who had been arrested by an officer and taken to the precinct. Dean opened up about his internal struggle regarding joining the army and fighting for America, and Bernie empathized with his plight. She was in a similar kind of conflict and found herself torn between staying in Navajo and going for better opportunities. She allowed him to go home. Bernie, who had previously applied to the border patrol, got the job, but she contemplated taking it. Meanwhile, her conflicts with Jim Chee were resolved. As she found Chee leaving a gift for her at her doorstep, she asked him to come in. During their conversation, they talked about Bernie’s job and her decision to return to the reservation. Later, Bernie met Dean again as he was leaving town for his duty. Bernie, holding strong to her Native American beliefs and traditions, gave him a protective chain and prayed for his safety.


Chee continued keeping tabs on Vines, tracking Vines’ wife, Rosemary. He discovered they were headed to a mysterious gathering where Caucasians dressed as Native Americans referred to themselves as the People of Darkness. Among them, B. J. Vines stood out as the leader of this apparent cult, and the crowd enthusiastically supported him. In the midst of this spectacle, Rosemary took the stage and asked her husband to heal her.

Chee was witnessing everything, his face covered under a shawl. At that precise moment, he noticed a Native American woman attempting to escape. With Rosemary’s distraction and the crowd’s attention on B. J., Chee intervened. He fought with two white dudes guarding the gathering and helped the woman escape. The exact nature of this situation remains a mystery, leaving us with numerous unanswered questions. Perhaps the next episode of Dark Winds will shed light on the reasons behind the woman’s attempt to escape.


What Happened To Gordo? Did Colton Escape Again?

Meanwhile, Gordo Sena appeared at the precinct, urgently requesting Colton’s quick transfer, as instructed by the Feds. Despite Leaphorn’s reservations about the process, he had no choice but to comply with the order. Frustrated by Colton’s continued silence regarding his employer, Leaphorn hoped that the Feds might compel Colton to speak.

However, Leaphorn’s worst nightmare came true. After returning home, he received a call from the precinct. The shocking news was that Colton Wolf had managed to escape from the police van, causing harm to Gordo Sena. Without a moment’s delay, Leaphorn raced to the desert. There, he discovered the van overturned, and Gordo Sena was severely injured, lying on the ground. Colton had fled, taking all his belongings and leaving no trail for the police to follow. Huge anticipation builds for the upcoming season finale of Dark Winds. Expectations are high for a gripping narrative development that will provide answers to our questions while setting the stage for another season to come.


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