‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Daisy Join The Six? 

After a dramatic ending for “Daisy Jones & The Six” Episode 2, there were definitely a lot of unanswered questions left in our mind. Where is Teddy taking Billy? What about the tour? What happens to the band next? Luckily for us, episode 3 answers all our burning questions. Don’t know about you, but at this point, we’re starting to feel like “Daisy Jones & The Six” were an actual band in the 70s. It’s also shattering our dreams of living any kind of ‘rock and roll’ life after witnessing all the dark sides of the trade and simultaneously attempting to sing ‘turn around look me in the face’ every five minutes. Feelings aside, let’s talk – episode 3 of “Daisy Jones & The Six.” 


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 3? 

Teddy listens to Daisy’s song and likes it. He asks her what she’d like to do with it, and she says her dream would be to make records after records. Teddy tells her to make another ten, basically giving her a record deal. Daisy confidently asks him for a week to write the songs (Let’s see how that goes). Graham picks Billy up from rehab (yes, he was trying to get sober before he met his daughter). Graham is overjoyed to have Billy back and explains all the new things the band has been doing, but Billy tells him he needs to meet his daughter first. Graham begins to talk about her until Billy has an absolute breakdown. After getting home, Billy is greeted by the bandmates in excitement, but Graham asks them to give Billy some space so he can meet his family first. Billy meets Camila and her mom, who is, of course, unhappy about the whole situation. She leaves them to talk, and Bily tells Camila he missed her. He is unable to hold the baby in his own hands, though. The label dropped the band only after a week after the tour was canceled. The band was coping by doing whatever they could to while away their time and some odd jobs to make do. 


Billy then tells Graham he’s quitting the band because he has to focus on looking after his family. Graham can’t believe what Billy is saying and tells him to tell the band his decision himself. Elsewhere, Daisy and Simone are at a party. Simone tells Daisy about a potential gig/recording and then gets distracted. Daisy is glad to see it but then finds the man who stole her no.1 song. She pushes him into the pool, showing him how it’s done. Daisy has a wonderfully loud and extroverted personality. In the meanwhile, Billy tells the band he’s leaving, and no one, especially Eddie, is happy. Billy works hard on becoming more ‘normal.’ Taking care of household chores, going on jogs and the works. Teddy comes down to talk to Billy and explains to him how this is the right decision and that nothing will ever be easy for him again. The band auditions other frontmen, but nobody (definitely) is able to replace Billy. Finally, Eddie suggests he should do it because he plays the guitar better than Billy and sings almost as well. Simone finally has a record, but the producer is a prick and is physically inappropriate with her. Simone lets it go because this is her big chance, but she returns home one day terribly sad. She is unable to tell Daisy what happened, though. 

Billy tells Camila they should move back home to Pittsburgh. Camila makes him understand that the reason they are in LA is for them together to live the life of their dreams. She will not go back just like that. Billy tells her his fears of being a father, realizing he’s not the only one on this boat, and finally picking up his daughter. It is quickly Christmas, and Billy asks the band if they’re willing to hear a song he wrote. Eddie immediately declines the offer, but after getting dirty looks from the rest of the band, he agrees. Teddy likes the song, but of course, after all of the band’s shenanigans, the label has its ears closed for The Six. During a conversation with Daisy, where she tells him that it’s very difficult to write songs in a week (a great realization), Teddy plays Billy’s song in the background. She likes it, and Teddy gives her the song to do ‘what she likes’ with it. Teddy’s brilliant idea is to get Daisy and The Six to record the song together. 


‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – Do Billy And Daisy Get Along? 

Immediately at the recording, Billy is flabbergasted about Daisy being there. He can’t get with Teddy’s idea that a female vocalist would make this song better. Daisy, on the other hand, is delighted to be there and would do anything to sing her heart out and record this song. Unfortunately for Billy, she’s even changed the song lyrics, which he only realizes after she sings different words during the recording. Daisy asks Billy what the song he wrote is about; she thinks it lacks drama, unlike Billy, on who the song is based. He can’t take it anymore and storms out of the room, telling Teddy he needs to talk to him privately.

Daisy makes a feminist joke and lets the ‘men’ do their talking. Billy doesn’t understand why Teddy is making them record a different song if the label liked the original. Teddy breaks the truth to him that the label didn’t like the song, but it’s Teddy who’s still betting on them. Teddy loves Billy dearly and would go to this extent for him for that reason alone. Teddy believes he can redeem Billy. Teddy makes the two sing from the same microphone for added effect, and the song finally gets recorded in Daisy’s version. Daisy sees only opportunity from this encounter with The Six, but Billy doesn’t like where this is taking the band. He’s definitely not happy sharing the spotlight, telling Camila that the recording went absolutely terribly. Will “look at us now (honeycomb)’ get The Six on the maps again? And if so, will Daisy Jones be invited on the ride too? Let’s find out in the fourth episode of “Daisy Jones & The Six.”


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