‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Billy Ready To Start A Family?

The brilliant fashion of the show “Daisy Jones & The Six” is going to bring back the 70s all over again. Flared sleeves, bell-bottom pants and long, divine hair are all going to be on the scene in the coming months. Let’s not forget the album that comes along with the show that was all recorded by the actors themselves! How exciting! We left off the first episode with the band driving off to LA and Daisy determined to make a place for herself in the music world. Graham is in love with Karen, a keyboardist, and wants to bring her on board for the Dunne Brothers. Will he do it in LA? What bright future lies ahead for the band and Daisy? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ Episode 2? 

The band and Camila drop in unannounced at Rod’s LA home. Rod entertains them for about five minutes, telling them that he’s a tour manager and can’t really do anything for them at this point. With some coaxing, he says he can talk to someone to give them a gig on the strip. For us uncultured folks, the strip or “sunset strip” is a long stretch of rock clubs and fancy bars where the who’s who of the big entertainment industries could be seen. Considering they’re in LA now, Graham decides to give Karen a call and ask her to join the band. She’s reluctant, but after asking Camila if she should give them a chance, she agrees. Daisy’s first step to being free is leaving home, and she decides to move into Simone’s house.


The band and Camila move into a shady house, the only one they can afford with their scant savings. The place they’re playing is called the “Filthy McNasty’s,” surely encouraging their appetite to play amazing music. The band is great at the bar, but they don’t really get paid very well. Camila takes videos and photos of them to send to the papers, but nobody responds. She acts like a manager, trying to get people to come to see them, but anybody who’s anybody in LA has no time for some ‘nobodies.’ Their hopes and dreams start to falter as they run out of money, and Billy seems to be picking up more drinks than he should. Eddie and Warren seem to think it’s the name that’s holding them back, and Karen agrees because she’s neither a Dunne nor anybody’s brother. After an argument, Billy says the six of them could never come to an agreement, and that’s when the name ‘the six’ is born. Yes, the band has only five members, but Camila is as much a part of them as any of the members!

On the other side, Simone gets Daisy a gig. She mesmerizes the crowd and grabs the attention of Teddy Price (the same one that the six wanted to sign with). Teddy tells Daisy he sees potential in her, but she needs some ‘shaping’ to reach the level that she could possibly reach. Daisy says she’s not interested in changing anything and walks away from him. At a grocery store, Billy and Graham just happened to bump into Teddy. Billy barely manages to convince him to listen to their music, and they finally have their grand shot. Billy is excited, but it suddenly dawns on him that none of their songs are good enough for Teddy. As he gets more stressed, he drinks more. He then sings a new song they’re working on, and Camila tells him that’s the one. Teddy was blown away instantly. Teddy definitely put the band through the grinder, but finally, the time had arrived for them to make an album! In the meantime, Teddy also tries to convince Daisy that he’s what she needs to make it big in the scene. She tells him honestly that most people who come to her don’t come for the music, but Teddy assures her that he’s not here for anything else.


All of a sudden, things were moving super fast for the Six. They recorded their album in six days, and they had to be on tour for two weeks. But, in the middle of all this, another matter was about to surface for Billy. Camila was pregnant. They had never discussed such a thing. Billy’s career was just taking off, and this would be a huge responsibility, but Billy decided they should get married. 

‘Daisy Jones And The Six’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – How Did The Six’s First Tour Go?

Not so great, if you can imagine. Things seemed to be great until the band realized that Billy was getting way out of hand with his drinking habit. Clearly, his father’s trauma was stuck in Billy’s head, and so he was unable to deal with having a kid of his own—that, too, unplanned. With his excessive drinking, the performances started to become unpleasant. He stopped calling or picking up Camila’s calls, so she decided to surprise him. Upon arriving, to her shock, Billy had completely changed. She found him in a compromising position with other women in their van. Camila was terribly angry, but she knew what she wanted from Billy. It didn’t matter what he had done, but she wouldn’t let him ruin her or the baby’s life just like that.


As a wake-up call and warning, she told him that he needed to show up for her and the baby when it arrived. He could do anything he wanted until then. Billy thought his habits would change and that he would become a better man, but with the performances getting worse, Teddy finally had to intervene. Although at first, Teddy’s arrival was for the music alone, he ended up showing up when Camila had the baby. Teddy had become like a father figure for Billy. He really liked the boy and wanted to save him from whatever he had gotten himself into. Teddy took Billy from the stage to meet Camila and the baby directly. Billy couldn’t get out then, and Teddy decided he had to take charge. Elsewhere, Daisy records a song to give us a sample to Teddy and leaves it at his door. The episode ends with Teddy telling Billy that there is somewhere else they need to go. Where will Teddy take Billy? If you’ve read the book, you know, but we will not give out spoilers for those who haven’t.

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